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Laokos 1d
to fall
once more
the pen
of a failed

do your
knees shake?

does your
spine tingle
think of me?

                                         . . . do you think of me?

   -  ha!
I'm still running
groove deeper
into the ground

it only works
if you want
it too

(it's only
ever been
me that
wanted it)

when you
get drunk
and get
all the attention
all those
room temperature
do you ever
me back
into the night?

do you ever
think, " I ****** up, he was unlike
                     any man i've ever known, he really cared
                           about me."


you don't

I think
it for you

for me

to feel
better about

and you?

you're not alone

busy not
writing poetry
about me
Mark Wanless Jul 8
the battle was
and yes i saw
a tempest

to tell to all
not a victor here
nor a conquered
just a soul not dead

Zeus was called upon
   and failed
the Titans were called upon
   and failed

men fought unaided
   as always
Lisa Jun 16
I tried to sleep away the pain that didn't work
I tried to cry my pain away that didn't work
I tried to over dose my pain away that didn't work
I tried to ignore my pain and pretend to be happy that didn't work
I haven't wrote a poem in a minute so here y'all go!
aL May 18
Sa aking inang bayan,
Pag asang iyo nga ba'y nasaan?
Kung ang tanging nakahawak sa binhi mo'y mga kawatan.
Ilang ulit nang iyong mga anak ika'y nasaktan

Ano nga ba ang iyong hahantungan?
Inang bayan,
Kung kaming tunay na mangiibig sa iyo'y nagkulang sa paglaban
Para lamang sana sa iyong nasa malayong kalayaan
Upang sa kabila ng aming bigat na iyong pasan
Makapamalas kami sa iyo ng kaunting katamisan
Para lamang sa iyo, harinawa, inang bayan.
Made this while taking a dump

Kanishka May 7
I got lured by the match you had,
I let you break down my walls.
Instead of illuminating my dark corners,
You burned me into an ash doll.
Can't figure out how to live again.
genia Apr 7
You’re 17.
Sunday mass at Church.
Eyes bright. Heart open.
Sign of peace.
A meeting of warm hands across the pew.
Heart aflutter, eyes lowered.
You think, God brought us together.

Sundays are quickly
becoming your favourite day of the week.
Eyes meeting, cheeks blushing
In between the homily.
Weekly meetings turn into bi-weekly dates into marriage.

You’re 24.
You say, God I can’t do this anymore.
Eyes bitter. Hearts closed.
Night-shifts. Poker weekends. Empty houses.
Wordless, soulless, meaningless co-existence.
You think, God brought us together?
No amount of hail marys
Can save us.

That Saturday
Night shift at the Hospital.
Hand sneaking under scrubs.
A breakdown of marriage
Heart pounding. Eyes open.
Your saviour.
God’s answer?
(dedicated to Steph)

I dont condone cheating, but what this poem doesnt say is that the other party cheated first. I wanted to explore the idea of God and blessings in various forms.
Johnny walker Mar 21
It's sad but the very first time we set foot on this Earth as human beings was the beginning of the end
or at least will be If we don't make dramatic changes to how
For global warming have caused through progress to fast without a thought for the environment and of the damage we've
Destroyed our ozone layer
through overuse of aerosols, we have no protection from the suns harmful
plastic bag and ******* we dump In the sea destroying our marine life almost with attitude what we don't see doesn't
but It's becoming visible floating around In our seas for all to see oh what have we done to our world we were given this
to look after and we've failed miserably only hope for sake of future generation
we can save some of what we have
A poem for our disappearing environment caused by our own hands just hope Its not to late to save what Is left of this world
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