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K-ROB May 16
I've been running so fast, and I need to slow down
Before my whole word comes crashing down!

I've already hit the ground, but I got back up
And I'm ready to go another round!

Found out today it's a miracle I'm here
Now everthing that was blurry, seems so clear!

I couldn't have asked for better family and friends,
And I can't believe I wanted to call it the END!

suicide attempt
The Desk
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

There is a child I used to know
who sat, perhaps, at this same desk
where you sit now, and made a mess
of things sometimes.
                                     I wonder how
he learned at all . . .

He saw T-Rexes down the hall
and dreamed of trains and cars and wrecks.
He dribbled phantom basketballs,
shot spitwads at his schoolmates’ necks.

He played with pasty Elmer’s glue
(and sometimes got the glue on you!).
He earned the nickname—“teacher’s PEST.”

His mother had to come to school
because he broke the golden rule.
He dreaded each and every test.

But something happened in the fall—
he grew up big and straight and tall,
and now his desk is far too small;
so you can have it.
                                  One thing, though—
one swirling autumn, one bright snow,
one gooey tube of Elmer’s glue . . .
and you’ll outgrow this old desk, too.

Published by: TALESetc, A Bouquet of Poems (for children of all ages), Better Than Starbucks. Keywords/Tags: desk, school, spitwads, glue, teacher’s, pest, broke, golden rule, failed, test
Laura Mar 29
"Stop" you said. Not a nice tone. Bossy and elitist straight down to your bone. Peppering your eggs to perfection, not a thank you in my direction. Who did you think you were? When you woke up next to me, did you know? That if you kept up the ******* I would go?"

" **and I went to this show" Oh cool, another punch and blow. Every time we hang out, I hear that name. Stabs sharper than a knife. I started to make a tally in my phone, to make myself feel less crazy. I'm starting to realize.

The day you asked me why I was smiling. We were out to breakfast and I was just happy to have this moment with you. Happy to see you. Happy to be with you. Was I not allowed to be happy?

Affectionately scratching your hair after your show. "What are you doing?" You were happy to show me off to your friends, saying I'm your "groupie". But not in private.
sept. 2018
I am myself Dec 2019
For three years I have worked towards a dream
now I am defeated
when you give your all
and it it’s the good enough
how can you keep trying

i no longer believe in fairness
or that working hard will help you to
achieve your “dreams”
that is *******
that corporations feed you to keep you

work hard! do better! be best!
no. that’s the koolaid you are drinking
the society that says you can achieve anything with hard work
It is all lies
You suddenly wake up

everything has been a lie
you have wasted all this time
your life is a lie
you have no hope
you are in a corporate nightmare
nothing you do matters
Bryce Nov 2019
The soul
Is seen beneath a face of glass
With eyes looking up
Beads of water from clouded skies
Dispersed across the pane.
b Nov 2019
i force my eyes open
only for them to meet the white ceiling
staring back, as the light from the soundless
tv changed the white to pink,
the pink to red,
and the red to black,
making my bedroom as dark as i felt inside.
i can’t bring myself to move a limb,
because i know that if i did,
it’d make it all real.
i’m still here.
maybe if i laid there long enough,
i’d sink into the endless slumber
that i was supposed to fall into to begin with.
the colors dancing on my ceiling
called me a failure
         ­                     and
again until i shut my eyes,
and the only thing staring
back at me were the words
‘failed attempt’
in bold, bright lettering.
just had to let this out.
Keebo Nov 2019
Lonely boy wanting to die
He acts on this feeling but survived
Now he lies awake at night
Questioning why? Why am I still alive?
His friends know that he is traumatized
They laugh and joke before turning a blind eye
His mum knows something isn't right
When she questions him, he bottles up then replies
''Everything is fine ma, focus on your life''
That same old line tears him apart every time
When he goes out a massive black cloud hangs around
When he stays in, the walls speak and scream at him
The lonely boy is just like you and I
He feels like a prisoner in his own mind
He lies awake at the middle of the night
Knowing full well there is nothing better than a failed suicide
But the spirit and feelings within the lonely boy died
I still love you
5 years and 6 failed relationships later.
3 man in a year that's how messed up my life trying to replace you.
Laokos Oct 2019
. . . and finally i
allow the sun to
set on another
failed love

two years too
late ?  or maybe
right on
time . . .

my shell and my
spear - this heart
of mine in its
place of power
again ,
but changed

as an emerald bird
of thunder
frees the water
from its cell
in the
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