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Aiden Gaberiel Oct 2018
Why don't they
We just need to medicate
      From our hurt
     And all this hate
      Its just a plant
  We always tell them
      But they *****
    Away to jail we go
   Make the people pay
   To keep us confined
Yet pharmaceutical companies
Make new pills on the regular
Creating more people to get addicted
     They don't care though
     I'm going to live my life
       Everyone should
To make the plant legal nationally
      And to live in peace
As a recovering addict of narcotics who battled with addiction for eleven years not once did I abuse **** it's been proven many times to be a great help id rather smoke it than be on all my mental health pills but that's just my opinion which I'm entitled too.
They say I'm crazy
I say, I became
exactly what I was fed with
They call me a criminal
I call myself
A merchant!
They say I'm impassable
I say they are ignorant
and I forgive them
That Struggle
I willingly take
is not
in vain
that they over time
will forgive
maybe even praise
the pounding I took
for us...
I Am A living, breathing human being.
not a firm!
I apply to natural law only.
RW Dennen Aug 2014
I wish I was in Colorado.
Where  puffers stand in line
to have a good-old-time.

I wish you were in Colorado
and puff away your blues,
and have a restful snooze.

Where people laugh
out loud and make their puffers' cloud.

And people stop and stare
into thought provoking air,
and talk about the deeper things
in life.

Sensuous summer fills
my mind
between my munchies
all the time.
My tastebuds shout in glee
with popcorn near my reach
and soda made of peach.

Colorado, Colorado,
I hear you callin' me
forget about that tree
of good and evil be.
And smoke away-at times-
those nasty nursery rhymes
cramped between
folders made of black.

I wish I was in Colorado
to get a mountain high.
Where puffers' stand in line
to have a good-old-time...

Since not allowed to light
we're allowed to write:
"Let the **** reign forever"
Simon Forsythe Aug 2014
When Daniel said
"Russian Roulette"

"Russian Roulette"
Is exactly what Daniel meant

If only somebody had have warned all of us

In memory of an unfortunate young man whom I never got the privilege of meeting. He was one of countless people suffering from depersonalization disorder, and he lived in my area. Not too long ago, he went off the road while driving. I am not sure if it was on purpose or not, and I will probably never know.

There are reasons why marijuana should not be a legal substance. People seem to believe that the herb is harmless. While it is true that it is (mostly) physically harmless (actually, it can physically alter the structure of your brain), the emotional/psychological impact that marijuana threatens people with is extremely harmful.

In a Youtube video, Daniel describes smoking **** as "Russian Roulette," and states that it is not worth it.

Please note that I am okay with people smoking ****. What I am not okay with is that children are being told that **** is not dangerous. This glamorization is my reason for hoping that marijuana does not become legal in Canada.

Those who have not heard of depersonalization/derealization should do some research. Thanks for reading.

— The End —