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KHY Mar 2022
I’m not so thoughtful
When it comes to plastic bags

Wrapping around lampposts,
Sneering through the leaves

Thoughtless as a buckled leaflet;
Advertised for kin

I kick it in a circus of payouts,
Reflecting all my dues

One day it will return,
Latent and breaking.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
What would you do?
If you are
In the journey
To nowhere

But nowhere
Had been your home
And nothing
Still means

Genre: Abstract
Theme: Expectation
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
People only saw her tamed self...

The self which wears a discipline of the ages... Smile of the seasons... And dreams of the sky...!

How they heard her deny everything of anything pertaining to the wild and savage...

Yet her silence was what went unheard...unfelt and untouched by the world...

Cause when the world slept at night... She would wake up to her latent forces...

Causing her to go crazy in the thoughts of love and howl like the wolves to proclaim her hidden wilderness...

Her untamed self was an aqua regia that could melt even gold and her love was like the big bang that could create another universe...

But  her wild self was so beautiful that she can never afford to lose it in the opinion of others...

She had always known that
People ruin beautiful things...!
Thanks for reading this ❣
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Picture yours, put it out
to your kaleidoscope.
Like the day at the full-blown noon
or the night on the cheek of the moon
a flame burning on the underlying dark
a dawn switches on the first light
a sun comes out of the night.
Visualise your latent one
put it on before your mirror!

Princely give the eyeballs a designer treat.
Paint your masterpiece at the day’s peep.
Hook the browsers at their first click.

— The End —