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With the sound of shuffling leaves
I gaze at the moon
With you on my mind
And I will you to glance up, too,
And I wonder if you will.
I wonder if we’ll ever find ourselves
Gazing up to the sky
Miles apart
And so connected
With the blue light
That shines in our eyes
As the strings to our hearts
Strengthen again.
Love me until the end
As I will love you.
Poetic T May 25
We are string connected
                      by time and motion
never being cut.

But knotted waiting to be
                                gently untwined.
So that we once again can meet
                                 in another moment.
Nina May 24
We were connected by strings
Tied around ourselves
Making us inseparable
But when you left
Those threads were cut off

I thought you'd be gone forever
But there's a string still holding onto you
Impossible to be cut off
Making me hang on to you
Making it impossible for me to move on
Matterhorn Apr 18
I dread the sunrise each morning.

Even darkness,
My oldest friend,
Abandons me each day
To fend for myself
In the world, naked, exposed,
Alone and unprepared.

They reach out to me,
A warm,
Welcoming embrace,
Tentacles licking at my stiff heart strings,
Striking up a tune
More melancholy than a funeral dirge.

I can't help but to fall into a trance;
They whirl me around
And I easily keep step
With their back-and-forth dance,
Slipping and sliding
On angry tears mixed with mucus.

Finally, I've had enough of the dance...
I push away the monsters,
Hurling sticks and stones
And laughing coldly, unfeelingly
As they hiss in surprised pain;
Tentacles recoil.

And I retreat back to my hole.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
Glory Apr 5
Don’t be misled, for it is not my intention
I may look blue but inside
I am a rushing torrent of hot dark red
Don’t mistake me for something shy
for I can destroy you if you hurt me
But don’t be confused
I will also fight with you
When you shout your anger and your fists fly
I will stand out and thump the heart with our very own battle cry
You will feel me pushing passion through your arms and legs
when you race to the finish line
And I will protect you until your last breath
Till we say goodbye
Nathalie Mar 26
You are in me
and I am in you
There is nothing
you do that doesn't
involve me and nothing
I do that doesn't involve
you as we are all part
of the same oneness.
We are not always
mindful of this
as we see each
other as seperate
But in the mind
of the universe
We are all joined
So everything that
you do, everything
that I do, everything
that you give or
receive and everything
I embrace of
reject has a ripple
effect as we are
all connected.

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