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Zywa Jul 1
Drinking cool water

with you after a hot day --

The sun sinks slowly.
Collection "More"
Zack Ripley Jun 22
Just as yesterday became today,
today will become tomorrow.
And although these days
are connected by time, what happens isn't. Even though tomorrow's a mystery,
today, you can learn from yesterday.
Today, you can go your own way
Zywa Jun 12
Looking into the

mirror door, I don't see me –

but us as a group.
“Stadscocon” (“City Cocoon”, 2021, Florentijn Hofman)

Collection "Wean Di"
Zywa Apr 23
Where might they have gone?

Why haven't they returned home yet? –

I think anxiously.
General anxiety of parents about their children, and of children about their parents when they are not at home in the evening

Kindertodtenlied (Infant deaths song) “Oft denk' ich, sie sind nur ausgegangen” (“Often I think they just went out”, 1834, Friedrich Rückert)

Collection "VacantVoid"
Michael Apr 17
Sometimes bad jokes can make a big smile.
Sometimes the tears don't come for a while.
Some seek to find.  Some strive to give.
Some idly hide.  Some try to live.
As gravity pulls us down to the earth,
we're all connected in some way from birth.
Some of us find this to be beautiful.
We all lose our minds eventually, though.
Long while this world's problems are piled,
sometime's small things can make a big smile.
Zywa Apr 5
Where are you?
Witchfinger moss
shows you the way in the woods

I watch, I reach
my green hands
are leaking love

my head shakes seeds
into the world, friends
eat them

fairy tales will grow
from them, give them hugs
and tears, where are you?

I am the tree of your soul
that you can embrace
come with your cheek

put it against my belly, take
my belly in your lap
just come

and heal from the welts
of life, come
sing and jump

not only underground
I want to be
connected with you
Collection “Without reserve”
Same sticks  
same stones
same feathers
All had to tread through the lands and the weather
Shedding blood, wept tears
struggled or thrive through the years  
been the victim hero villain
Sacrifice we were willing
We gave up  
We gave in  
Spoke to win  
Spoke to sin
Breathe in love  
Breathe with kin  
Now in rhythm with the wind
Spared no one  
Shown mercy
Blessed the verses
That I’m cursing
Silent as the moment seems to worsen  Screaming in the darkness while no one listens
Sun shines and the heart likes to glisten Speak out and empower the voice of the children
Shine and fade the same as a fire does in a firmament
Last forever and endure the way change embodies permanence  
Cancel out Amplify
Counter, redirect and guide
Discern and live within the wise
Zywa Nov 2019
We turn around, .......around the sun
and what revolves.....around whatever
sure will become........nice round itself
My head is full, head is thin
the bed is large..........and we are small
though we are real, ....we quickly pass

We turn around, .........around the sun
the stars revolve.........around each other
a universe...................around the void
that just exists.............a little while
and then once everything
although it's old, still stays young

as we are too, .............throughout our lives
I'm satisfied.................because we're one
I do love you...............we turn around
high in the crown........of planet earth
together on..................the King-size bed
where love creates......and I exist
“Because” (1969, John Lennon)

Celtic symbolism: Fern (the Alder), who does not rot in the water and always holds out; the Alder should be guided by Bran (the blessed god of the spirit world) and the Fox (the symbol of diplomacy)

Collection “Lilith's Powers" #79
Zywa Feb 9
I am alive: moments
of which I know nothing
and cannot know anything

It's only a split second
after that I realize –
my mind divides it

into myself
into others and objects –
what altogether is not there

when I live, then I am
one with everything
without any

attention and senses
appearing to be involved
It just is and cannot be

any other way, sometimes
with an after-effect –
a Knowing Feeling
Tao (Laozi [604-507])

Monism: there is one being, neutral, no materialism and no idealism
(Baruch Spinoza [1632-1677], Parmenides [born c. 515 vC])

Collection "Lilith's Powers" #99
Zywa Feb 2020
Yóu have a head, with everything:
cheeks, chin, and ears, nose and
eyes that determine your position

That head of yours is full:
there is a tongue in it, with teeth
and a lot of brains, but

I don't have that myself

I am not that myself

When I think of the inside
of my skull, there is nothing:
a void

And when I concentrate on it
I just have no thoughts
as if I am completely at ease

not something, just space
an observing spirit
to whom the world appears
• "Headless" is an insight that Douglas Harding (Lowestoft 1909-2007) received in 1943
    • "On Having No Head. Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious" (1961, Douglas Harding)

Collection “Lilith's Powers" #108
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