Alone  is being alone  with one's self.
It's a feeling of emptiness among crowds.
Being amongest humans but not feeling a part of that conversation
or company
Alone with you.
Doing things you enjoy with you.
Is not the same as couples
Groups ..
I  never  want to be alone.
But I know a different kind
Of loneliness within a marriage ..
And that can be the worst feeling ever.

It could last long
My love
I've come back
Not from the dead
But, indeed
From the graveyard
Where once you burried me
When you said
You don't want to see me
But, I knew
You couldn't hold
Any longer

I'll be there, always for you and for the love you lost in the desert of your craziness.
Harry Roberts Jul 11

I'm feeling the night,
The stars are shielded,
Behind blind like clouds.

Foxes covered in cloud like shrouds,
Barks muffled in mist
And lost to the wind.

The night and I, our tryst,
Our plight, without fear or fright.
We sing songs to the moon and rejoice in the light.

Sing songs of love - present and lost,
Bare the truth and shoulder the cost,
Live and let live (.) Live and let love (.) Live and let loss.

I am the night,
Stars shielded,
Behind blind like clouds.

I am the night,
Comfort of mystery
And threshold illusion.

Just a little poem I wrote :)
(.) micro pause

You've been up,
you've been down,
you've been left and you've been right.
So familiar are you with the outside world,
but how much time have you spent inside?
To be aware of the world around you, from within let the waters flow.
For what is it to breathe if you don't feel alive from your head down to your toes?
Staying aware of even the subtle things, of which the eyes tend to miss but the mind always reads; the signs and symbols that speak louder than any word off the tongues of men.
You think you can't train it but you can, and if you don't someone else will always be in control,
separating you further from mother earth, dimming the light of your soul.
So wherever you are right now, close your eyes and breathe,
and imagine you're the wind blowing through the trees, flowing in and out as you remain mindful of how you're connected to everything.

flying high
swooping fast
pulling gravity

lost among the clouds
you among the clouds
where exactly

approximately close
relatively distant
far beyond earshot
and visual

no wings
just me
no dreams
just you
all the way

are you moving
knowing if you stopped
you'd fall
and that
would be the end of us

I am keeping my momentum
incessantly in motion
feeling if I stopped
I'd drop
like a stone,
the impact, our extinction

I was a planet explorer
Long before they explored
The planets

Then I was a farmer
Long before they toiled the soil
With their hapless endless rows

I was the black man, the red man
The white man and the yellow one too
Long before there was any separation

I was a cowpoke
Long before there
Were any herds

I was your cabin boy
Long before you ever planned
That well deserved vacation

I was a pioneer
Building my home of mud
Long before there were any houses

I was a stream
Before there were any streams
For I filled each one of them

With my own silvery pearls

Ever heard the term "Cry Me a River" - well when anyone says that to me - this is how I respond to them. Touche'
sarah s Jun 2

the violets in the window box are pungent
sitting on this old wooden floor
ankle over ankle
eyes closed
intertwined with consciousness
i press my tongue to the back of my mouth
create a vibration
nung nung nung
the amethyst vacillation
it pulses from the root of my skullcap
i am united
with everything around me

the sahasrana chakra, or crown chakra is the chakra of inner-connectedness. this poem is to describe the setting and feel of crown chakra meditation. vacillation is just another fancy word for vibration. i will be doing more poems on the chakras starting from the seventh to the sixth, fifth and so forth.

Oh my lover, oh my lover!
We are two bodies with connected lives,
We are the desires of the same heart.
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

I surrendered my body & soul to you,
Nothing remains that I call mine.
The love I hope to get from you,
Even God can't fulfill this hope of mine.
Since the day we belong to each other,
We know nothing about the world over.
We are the desires of the same heart,
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

They narrate that in the world of love,
Two hearts are seldom compatible.
If they are compatible somewhere,
Even shadows of others don't enter there,
Even shadows of others don't enter there.
What situation now meets our lives,
Lest I name it or just remain amazed.
We are the desires of the same heart,
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

My lover, our this union,
Is as if is Ganga-Yamuna's union.
The truth has come to fore,
The dream has passed before,
The dream has passed before.
This land belongs to humans,
We are nothing else but humans,
We are the desires of the same heart,
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

Oh my lover, oh my lover!
We are two bodies with connected lives,
We are the desires of the same heart.
Oh my lover, oh my lover!


My HP Poem #1532
©Atul Kaushal
Gabriel burnS Apr 16

As I lose my way
in an endless ocean
made of flowing knowledge,
my head feels like an anchor,
towing down my heart
below the waves of facts,
to the depths of information
as I drown I do attract
insatiable predators,
all the while,
above the surface
all is doomed to fall
beneath the rising tide,
slowly crawling up
to eat the howling sky

... from about a half a year ago...
rinnette Apr 14

The bell at the door went off
As she entered the cafe
The music that was playing
Was a gentle classic

She waited in line
But there seemed to be a problem at the counter
She watched
As the man scratched his head in panic and embarrassment

"Is everything okay?" she asked
So there was a language barrier
She helped in the translation between two
And he offered her a treat as gratitude

The bell at the door went off
Countless times through the day
While they sat there in conversation
And multiple cups of coffee
Like they just have too much to say

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