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Nolan Willett Jun 2019
The door has been opened, the curtains lifted
That which is unseen now I see
And though through my life I have drifted
In woeful ignorance of its majesty
It’s beauty unknown to me
My soul is now uplifted
KHY Jan 2019
My lovely precious bee,
The hive isn’t for you
It’s for us;
But we’re dead together ?
So its dust
I have a broom
Mary Frances Sep 2018
The grey clouds cover
my clear blue Sky
as the Storm  threatens
the calmness of my Sea.
Still, I dared to open my eyes
to gaze upon the horizon
hoping that the grey clouds
will be soon lifted
and my heart be put at ease.
Abigail Hobbs Sep 2018
My awakening broke the dawn
And my eyes lifted the sun
And the moon lowered to the dirt
in a sorrow of goodbyes
And up lifted my spirits
in anticipation of dawn breaking into common daylight
And all is even on the horizon
Karisa Brown Jul 2018
Your lips open
To speak the unknown
Swallow the broken
Pieces of earth
Channel higher callings
Make light of the Universe
Shawn B Jan 2018
notice the little wave shape of the word edges. Can you walk on water? Any Canadian can we do it all the time, it's called ice! Haven't tryed walking on thawed ice yet though. Diving yes, walking no, falling yes, thrown in yes. Faith, always... fake it till you make it! :P :)
Josh Overson Dec 2017
Why do I assume the worst from the best of people.
But the best from the worst of people.

You've only lifted me
When I've wanted to sink.
We can't let eachother drown again
And that's how I understand us.
I adore her entirety
But if I get any closer,
I'll become one with the motion,
Getting caught as the leader
In this is reckless dance.
And a colossal love
Born by our massive passion for each other
We could wipe the sky and cover the ocean...
It's exactly what I want
It's beautiful and bright.
But we have to wait...
*why isn't it enough that I want you more
We have something be jealous of.
I'm jealous of it.
Majid Oct 2017
Slam the door with silence, no friction
Your deathbed awaits by the sun
Facing it, with your right hand tickling the moon
Left one carrying a gun

“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
Whispers, as I wait for the sun
“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
At the galaxy’s edge, I stump

Where a dress made in heaven
Specially for her November
For her special mirror she wore
My chest shivers, as she carries me

My chest shivers, as she opens the door
Take me to the galaxy’s edge
Wear me upon your hazel hair
To let go of my old one

From a nameless stone fix me
Into living bones fix me
I sink into your mind
When it turns to be a black hole

Endless, with sensational blares
Echoing at the endless core
Take me to the sun
My only one, my only home

My mind convulses into spasms!
While I nap over her ocean
Where light wins every fight
Where darkness’s fading, I live

For a new life I live
For a new shadow of mine
Lifted by her soul
Lifted unbroken
When I fell
Nobody thought I did
Because I picked something
On my way up
do you
pull me
In as a
and push
with the
of your
do I
end up
lifting my
to fly
back to
your storm?
I ask questions
only my heart
knows the
answer to
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