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Do you want to smell the Flowers

Be in the moments of each day

Receive beauty life offers

And experience your own bouquet

Where do you draw in such fragrance

In a World of many concerns

Simply search your heart My Friend

Look beyond the twists of fern

As the hedge that surrounds Your Sanctuary

Grows a little out of control

Then prune it back carefully

Your Flower needs to be on show

To other beautiful Flowers

That bloom all around

Grateful for Inspiration

In fertile ground!

(c) Debra Lea Ryan, 1st Draft:19/11/06

Edit- 05/03/09 & 05/04/09
Sarah Richardson Dec 2023
Nestled in his arms, I've found a quiet place,
A refuge for my weary soul to rest.
Within his gentle gaze, anxieties erased,
My racing mind is soothed, concerns addressed.
When self-doubt winds its tangled vines around,
And life's complexities leave me spent,
His strong embrace is the shelter I have found,
Where desolation’s grasp cannot extend.
Behind those eyes lies an eternal sea,
Of wisdom, truth, and purity so rare.
Each moment with him reveals more to me,
Of passion's tide we joyfully bear.
Through every twist of fate our lives have known,
Paths destined to meet, forever to have grown.
I’ve fallen in love
His love washes over me /
Pristinely /
Drenching me, deluging me /
In surging airborne streams /

A parcel of wind greets me /
& raises me to Him. /
In the Light of Dreams, of sweet reverie, /
There I find Him. /

Beside me he fulminates /
Making me adamantine, /
Diamonded /
Glistening resplendently. /

A place of concealment, a sanctuary, /
He drenches me in His Light, baptismal, /
Cascades me, /
In its torrential downpour. /

In stillness there is revelation, /
In stillness there is clarity, /
Though our hearts tremulous, may quake & tremble, /
He awakens us anew each morn. /
He unravels the hidden secrets with me, /
As though pristinely clear. /
He shows me that there, /
Exists no reason to quiver in darkness /

Rather, I must /
Grow, learn, flourish, effloresce, & burgeon /
In The Light of the Sun. /
He is my maker, He is my creator, He is my God, Jehovah. /
in this state ...
we follow the drum
dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum

it's a baseline from the numinous
rooted in the luminous
dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum

it's consciousness expanding
and selfishness unbounding
dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum

this thrombosis is cyclical
inspired spirals are psychical
dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum
Nicole Jan 2023
i asked for sanctuary,
the universe gave me you.
u make me feel safe, as if i could still trust u even if there's a gun in ur hand pointing at me.
Ready my therapist, ready the tissues
Suicidal jargon and self harm, tenth issue
My tears, the alien plants to my fragile
sanctuary, ******* all the water and smiles,
Are changing to healthy oak trees,
Odd, in Blue Season, trees shrink to weeds,
The rain queen has become a frivolous giver,
And I remember how the cactus use to quiver
because Blue Season meant the Sun’s burning rays,
Well, the cactus isn’t **** anymore! Back to wearing his spiky clothes always.
Industrial air to countryside,
My fauna and flora haven’t died,
Actually they have multiplied,
The poachers, the self harm, hasn’t ambushed,
No, no! They have been seen about
But they’re less and success is a doubt.

Momentary depression, the lethal poison to
my sanctuary, wreckage seems to be subdued.
There’s still challenges in my sanctuary. However, mostly from death being the only way to super sad just need some chocolate, family, friends, a good book vibes, I feel proud.
Red Robregado Nov 2021
Once upon a time, a traveler was carrying seven big bags of pain. He went to a sanctuary, and people welcomed him—one waved at him, another smiled at him. But nobody offered to help him with his bags.

The people in the sanctuary were carrying their little bags, too. Besides, they were busy studying and talking about accommodation and companionship, so they couldn’t afford to waste time.

The traveler has traveled for seven years with no rest. He was tired and thirsty.

So despite being a stranger in the place, he immediately asked, “Can somebody give me a drink? I’m so thirsty!”

The people looked at him but ignored his inquiry. Nobody offered him a drink because they were busy identifying the ingredients for the perfect refreshment for travelers. They couldn’t afford to waste time.

While being exhausted and thirsty still, the traveler kept on walking around the sanctuary until he finally saw a pantry. He was happy and excited to taste food since he fed on some junk for years.

So with all his remaining strength, he grabbed the menu and asked for roasted beef, but the caterers offered him a roasted chicken instead.

The traveler didn’t take it. The people thought he was being prideful and demanding; little did they know that he's allergic to chicken meat.

The traveler was mindful of people’s business and busyness, so he thought it would be best for him to just keep the pain, hunger, and thirst to himself. And so he did.

Several days after, the people in the sanctuary remembered the traveler. They were finally done with their conversations; the refreshments and roasted beef were already available, too, so they looked for him.

They looked and looked, but the traveler was no more.
Eloisa Jun 2021
She drowned herself
in the magical depths of silence.
finding her missing essence.
A much needed retreat to her sanctuary
to find herself!
Black Petal Mar 2021
Among the Cypress
Portal to an untouched world
Where life reigns Supreme
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