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There’s a coffin buried inside of me,
Boxing the bones of a child.
Whispering a temptation to me,
Killing every part of me.
Creeping behind like a shadow,
That no longer belongs to me.
There is something here controlling me,
I am not alone in my own body.

Drop down a ******,
for me to climb into.
Open up my old womb,
And breathe life into the new.
Let me eat your human sacrifice,
So I can gain a new life.
Wash this evil beneath my skin,
So I can start all over again.

I am dying everyday
Slowly slipping away.
Sinking lower than low,
This is my new low.
Submerged under heavy clouds of corruption and lies exhaled like smoke, I'm coughing

Shying away from their latching vine-like limbs and tongues dripping sugar coated temptation, I'm coping

Clutching my head, a twisting mess through the cyclone of falsehood they injected in me

Trying to evade a mind that is no longer mine but theirs, the prison I'm caught in

But with a last flittering thought

All struggle vain and bravado washed away

With nothing but their mocking smiles hovering upon me

I let them lower me to an everlasting oblivion, my humanity's coffin
Ray Dunn Apr 3
I can’t bear to watch
your coffin kiss the ground.  
I’m begging you, ring the bell—
please just make a sound
Some old timey allusions to when they had bells in coffins lol I’m very tired I don’t know if this makes any sense
Myrrdin Mar 24
I paint daisy chains
On sharp edges
Roses in my hollows
Starvation in full bloom
Is lovelier than death
So I'll throw bouquets
On my own casket
And dig shallow graves
In my tummy
Bury yesterdays love
Resurrect today's doubt
At least skeletons
Are not afraid to die
Manasvi Garg Feb 17
like the color of his hair
when he left home at twenty
like the darkest of nights
he spent counting the grey of the stars
as if stroking the grey
on his mother’s head
b l a c k
like the dress he bought for his daughter
for when he’ll get to see her again
like the gun that adorned his hand
while his body bled
b l a c k
like the lines on his sister’s face
when the kohl raced with her tears
that spilled out of her eyes
while life spilled out of him
like the son his grandmother got to see-
her flesh and blood
in flesh and in blood
burnt, buried, dead
just ash
b l a c k
like the broken bangles on his wife’s wrist
as she tried to piece his broken body back together
her heart crumbling with grief
while he crumbled away from life
b l a c k
like what once had been red
and colorful
is nothing but just plain dark
veiling the stars in the casket grey
the sky rests
like the tiny dancers of gold and honor
on his shoulders
confined within a coffin
cuffed in tricolor
but underneath it all
it’s all just plain
Here's to the soldiers who dangle between life and death, day after day, just to keep us civilians safe. Here's to our armies. Here's to their families. Here's to wanting peace, because retaliating with violence only brings more of it.
myrrh Dec 2018
Mother only had a father figure until '75
Only up to a few days before her first candle was he alive
A singular heart attack to cause multiple heartbreaks
Widowing a woman with four kids...they need to strive
Despite being born in '98, I only had a father since '12
Fourteen years of searching for a father figure; i'd delve
Chapters worth of excuses for disappearing, the nth book to shelve

Get in the bed like you get in the coffin
Supposed to have the last breath, but he's still coughing
Breath in, exhale. An accordion
Sign the accord, have the wealth be accorded too
But according to accusations, his health has been recorded too
Can't run, born acaudal. Bit tipsy off the caudle
Birthed with ton weights to the ankles
Non-progressive like he's earthed
Moral state, oral debate, heart rate
More slate, foresee hate, i'll wait
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
one day sleep in a coffin
one day lie on the bottom
drink ***** eat pump
will go to far countries

sleep in the stuffy where air zero
sleep in solid and solid ground
spaces where clouds of dust live
go where I'm dead again

ah coffin cute coffin i see yours
your skeletons I see your smiles dancing
I see your zeros and see your heat
created by stuffiness due to the cold of the dead

Becca Dec 2018
scratch at the ceiling
tear the seams
cry for help
go back to sleep
i remember the fifth day of the sixth month,
when i kissed your cold body,
it lay in that ebony black coffin,
and i kept quiet, despite knowing you loathed the color black.

back to the day i saw you helpless for the first time,
you fell while walking, you drooled, and you forgot faces.
but you always said, "the day i forget you, you is time"
i brushed the hair out of your face, and held back a tear.

when they said "few weeks more", i cupped your hands in mine.
i looked at them, they were frail and cold and soft,
twisted from the adversities you've faced.
this time, you tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

2 weeks later when i sat beside you, praying,
you asked who i was and why i was watching you sleep.
i ran out of the room, and screamed into a pillow.
it was time.

it was time; to let go of my muse
                                     of my home
                                      of my solace
it was time for the hardest part - goodbye.

today, as i stand near your grave, i smile
i place daisies and share a meal with your ethos.
you were an enigma of a women,
hallelujah, i say.
for my beloved grandmother, who i miss a lot.
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