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SomeOneElse Dec 2021
I feel like I was just dumped
Weighed, measured & rejected
Unfriended & discarded
It was so unexpected
My heart's broken into pieces
My love has been deleted
Feels like I wasn't good enough
I'm completely defeated
I don't want to leave my room
Don't want to leave my bed
I simply cannot find the strength
I wish that I were dead
I had 4 months of happiness
And now it is all gone
How could something felt so right
Turn out to be so wrong
My heart's broken into pieces
My love has been deleted
Feels like I wasn't good enough
I'm completely defeated
She may not have but it sure feels like it
Are you sure?
It asks,  
so you can change your mind.
Yes, I say, frustrated, exasperated
and watch it move into the recycle bin.
Scripts, prose, ditties and lines
rejected, superfluous or just don’t seem fine
Thoughts, idioms, metaphors in disharmony
chucked into the gunny
to be dumped to clear space
or to be recycled as part of another dream.
If you get over the fear of rejection,
Youre unstoppable.
rejection in friendships, romantic relationships, at work or school or home. or literally ANYTHING. So many times, theres no reason to be afraid, but we're scared to be rejected. But whats so wrong with it anyways?
Zoe Mae Jul 2021
I try to write from different perspectives
Think outside of my box and be more objective
Give every style of writing a chance
Be open to learning an alien dance
I appreciate effort and creativity
Even if it's subjects that for me don't come easily
I try to write and read from different perspectives
But one thing remains constant
I feel rejected
Zack Ripley May 2021
I've been lost. I've been found.
I've been up, down, and around.
I've been here. I've been there.
It feels like I've been everywhere
Without going barely anywhere at all.
I've been accepted. Rejected.
Made fun of by my peers.
But i'm here to tell you if I've made it through,
There's hope for you too.
Just breathe,
and don't be embarrassed
If you shed a few tears
Man Jan 2021
there's no need to be alone
so long as someone wants you
no reason to be sad
so long as there's happiness to be had
not for you

not a need to be afraid
unless you live with your fears
one track one line, a straightaway
only left to shift the gears
not for you

this machine
this marvel of a beast
a prize itself
but not for you
I hate you for leaving. I hate me for believing.
pio son pie Nov 2020
existing in this land-sphere quite touch-and-go
when you stare for something that you hope to
when something expects to be with you
until you discern that you obtained neither

things are unreachable on your own limitation
useless is your own notion
to gain nothing is the best way out that you ever made
the excitement is just filled with none nothingness but the soreness
Sometimes it's okay to decide what may the worst of them may be the best for us. It is supposed to be our boundary of happiness to live in this unreliable world that isn't to them. Thinking of nothing is just one of the answers. Having our thought about how maybe concerned with our guilty may be living after is our decision, be wise to yourself and others at least.
Yana Kim Oct 2020
She faced the mirror
It said “pretty”
She faced the man
He said “beauty”
I faced the mirror
It said “empty”
I faced the man
He said “sorry”
When his opinion matters most.
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