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You enter the ball room,
whilst looking about in amaze
slowly starting to imagine that the disco ball in the center
resembles like the moon in the night skies
As you look around at the people, just like at midnight,
stars scattered around.
But out of all of those stars glowing,
only one seemed to glow the brightest,
attracting your eyes towards that direction.
As you walk amongst the darkness
there in your path a little star lits up
looking really glamorous.
You reach out your hand
for that tiny little star
but sadly only to be turned down.
But deep down in your heart, you know that you have atleast tried
and that she will always be the number one star in your heart....
Bigyan Rai Oct 6
Pain still lingers
Feels like I'm about to break
standing here aches
Not sure how much more I can fake
Put out my fire
Wipe my tears when they roll down my cheeks
Give me a handful of midol
Swallowing the handful of midol pills
Not sure if it's all in my head
My back is full of sharp objects
Even sitting down is excruciating
Just give me a break
I need some time alone
Just being alive is painful
Nobody to love
Even though I try hard enough
Nobody is willing to accept me
I' m always on my own
Never had someone
Just dead on the other end
All hopes has vanished into thin air...
What am i supposed to write now
Now that I'm too broken
Too sad to write about you
Even to hold a pen
Didn't think it'd matter that much
Didn't think I'd cry,
thought it was just a crush
And would just cause me to sigh
But i realize your 'no'
Was the worst sound to my ears
Had the ability to break me
And it is too much for me to bear
I know I'm very young
That i may change my mind
But right now it hurts like hell
And i can't get myself to be kind
But i really did expect
That i would get a 'yes'
The scene of you saying no
Was well beyond my guess
But it's your choice,  i understand
Shouldn't force you to say you like me
Cause i know you shouldn't say a thing
With which your mind disagrees
Maybe you don't even deserve me
As everyone has been saying
But i cant stop looking at you
I've got a habit of staring
Thinking how nice it would be
If i was a bit better
But i know I'm not the one to cry
I know I'm a go getter
Now I'd just try and forget you
Try and not hold a grudge
I'll be alright and forget this pain
Which felt like a million cuts
And now i feel like a total fool
Crying for a boy
The only thing i decided
That i would never try
Kaede Jul 4
Nothing's more creepier than a dream becoming real each passing day.

Three am and I woke up gasping for air to breathe while tears streaming down in my chubby cheeks. For the first time, I don't know what is real and what is fake, and what is wrongly perceived by my senses.

As I struggled to convince myself the idea of it that it did not happened, the more I was compelled to believe that it really did. The way I cried in the dream is the way I wailed tonight. Every plot of the dream turns to be more authentic than it ever did. The vivid details of my dream are coming like a kaleidoscope of horror movies I've watched as I continue to growl in agony.

And there is nothing I can do, but to continue watching myself.

Three am and I woke up gasping for air to breathe while tears streaming down in my chubby cheeks. For the first time, I don't know what is real and what is fake, and what is wrongly perceived by my senses.

Reality felt like a little less real.

From then on, I'm becoming less much in reality and I'm becoming more in my dreams. Everything I see around in this world looks faker and faker each breathe that I take.
Go on living or go on dying? Either way, just  be brave.
SomeOneElse Jun 23
Am I the creep everyone says
Or just misunderstood instead
Just what the hell is wrong with me
And why won't anyone date me
When I try always rejected
I'm so alone and dejected
It's been so long since I've been held
Instead I only get expelled
I'm tossed out like unwanted trash
Or just avoided like some rash
Just what exactly did I do
I'd love to know, I have no clue
I only know that I'm alone
In my emotional war zone
Am I the creep everyone says
Or just misunderstood instead?
Feeling lost rejected and dejexted
Zersrol May 8
She was very kind.
She even kindle the light,
To my eyes.
She brought me to my senses.
When I was broken.
When I couldn’t stand up,
She was there,
To help me up.
What could I do without her.

My depression seemed senseless.
My joyful attitude had risen.
And her beautiful eyes,
Really blossom the night.
What could I do,
But ask her tonight.

As I made my attempt,
Her smile was tempting my heart.
With the sudden warmth,
Of a relationship so appreciated.
Since love is so vague,
I appreciate her everyday.

Seeing her cry hurt more,
Than the reasons she did.
Watching her struggle,
Tighten my chains.
Not being able to care,
Really hurt my caring feelings.
I hold to her,
To shine the way for her,
Darkest days.

Oh how much I cared for her.
The way she writes,
Doesn’t need to be define.
I just need to see her smile,
When pen hits the paper.

I always wish her a beautiful day,
In my mind.
For she doesn’t feel pressured,
But when she finally answered.
It was too late...

My hesitation,
From my intimidation.
Really made me late,
To what I really tried,
But it’s pleasant.
She is still doing fine.
All I offered was a presence,
For she wouldn’t be alone.
At least she isn’t alone,
Despite me.....
At least I had guts, I’m back and I hope you guys enjoyed this return poem. I made it long since I had so much time to plan it. I really hope you appreciate this piece. If you’re wondering about the “Obsession with a car” it’s at 1.6k views and Im proud, so proud I submitted it to a contest and made 3rd place. I’m really happy. I hope all the best you all despite your tragedies ❤️
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