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Call me ****, call me dumb
Say I’m boring and no fun.
You can say that I’m a mess,
You don’t have to be impressed.
Just tell me that I’m lazy,
You can even say I’m crazy,
‘Cause it may be somewhat true.
But please, whatever you do
Don’t tell me I’m too sweet,
That my company’s a treat.
Don’t say that I’m too nice a guy
That’s not a real reason why.
If you’re not interested that’s fine,
Rather stay friends? Well, I don’t mind.
You could let me down easy,
Or you can say I make you queasy,
Just give me a reason, even blame it on fate
Just don’t blame it on one of my positive traits.
We’re all deeply flawed, you can take your pick
Just don’t choose something I don’t need to fix.

Tiara I S Mar 12
You dont want me
He didnt want me
They wont want me
I've never wanted me
For I am too introverted for hookups yet I desire intimacy no one I know wants from me regularly
I'd do anything to help you
But you'd do anything to hurt me
Trying to move on from rejection
Is like a drug addict attempting to come clean
In your mind you think you can do it
It will be easy and won't take too long
But moving on is a great struggle
Removing yourself from the chemical that pleases you
Doesn't seem to make any sense
You ask, "why can't I just stay with it? It makes me happy?"
A real, physical pain lingers in your body for the first few days
They say to take it one day at a time
But seeing your object of affection drives you mad
You want it so much even though it's wrong
The pleasure that comes with it will make everything better
The consequences afterwards don't matter
For it is outweighed by the few minutes of peace
Lovers aren't thought to be blamed personally
They didn't choose love
Drug addicts, on the other hand, are blamed for their choices
Their pain was caused by their actions
Both are not to be blamed
They are the same
Lovers and drug addicts suffer the same pain
Being in love only helps you
It painfully punishes me
You stole my heart
And threw it away as if it were nothing
i come home
around 10pm
after musical

i come home to
a silent and empty

its like im
being rejected
from my own
Faith Feb 15
Ah, February
It is the month of love, and
Total rejection
Xallan Feb 13
Life is suffering, from the tip of my tongue!
From the tongue to the corneas, blinded
To the shoulder, flimsy; to the hips, stretched
To the wrist, bent; to the spine, twisted.
Where does it hurt? Use your
locator beam, Use the satellite, Use the laser
Point to where it hurts, they say, so you point to
your elbow, to your head, to your stomach:
But this, this is deeper, internal, pervasive
it is not imaginary at all, either.
No: no: no more sauce
Rejection after rejection of enjoyment, til
lastly we reject life- but no one ever enjoyed
living this way any way.
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