Lucky 5d

Going a day without that face.
The mirror hates me, such a reflective disgrace.
I am scum so shameful and selfish.
Put me in the sea, let my lungs fill and sink to the shellfish.

Keep walking back to me, never mind tomorrow.
You got your whole life to live.
I'll be in my box while the world and your eyes look down in sorrow.

The coward I've become is the dirt that needs to become weeds.
Bury that fuck, let the water fill his void and the Daisy's get to feed.

Kemba Mark Sep 11

Seeking to belong
But intimidated by peers
Alone was in my world
The walls were my best friend
And in the paintings do I find solace
For I am rejected
And treated like an outlaw
Even in my mother's home


I lay sleepless... waked
You're love he comes again
I lie asleep but broken
You'll forget my heart you'd stolen

Forget not what I am
For you, I, "the Summer of Sam"
Ponder you thoughts will lose
Memoirs of me you choose

My gazers light as sky.
My portrait pale as I die.
My love lost to a him
My life again but a dim

Worry not of me
My face you'll never again see
I will walk this road
And life itself... I loathe

A sick rose I am, for
never I'd love a soul more
Live long and be free
Never worry of me.

I'll lay here asleep
Your love, him, has come
I'll lie here forever broken
For my heart, by you, it was stolen.

huda Jun 30

love has always accepted me
but once i consume it
it rejects me

Mrs Robota May 22

On a wooden table nested between purple flowers
A little cup of coffee sits
By a window perched on a bar stool
Fiddling with the cup, in the palms of her hands, sits a girl

She woke up this morning in a hurry to meet you
Took 3 buses to get to you
Because you made plans weeks ago, but you never showed up
And now this girl is left hopelessly thinking
“What’s the rush to being rejected?”

The barista came by, asked her if she was waiting on someone
No one important
because waiting on you is like reading the same paragraph three times
And never understanding a single word

They asked her if she’d like another cup, anything to eat
She can see the pity in their eyes
They can see past her faux smile
She doesn’t have an appetite, but accepts another cup

They filled it to the brim
Maybe its warmth will fill the cold inside her chest

LilmizzXO Feb 13

I feel like a burden of dread
I feel like a burden in people's lives
I feel like people are forced to care because I am alive.
I feel like a fuckin' burden
Unwanted and no ones best friend
Jealousy to my friends whom are oh so close.
Times have changed, I'm not at close to them as I used to be.
The people I want to care, don't really care at all.
I feel left out and rejected.
I feel like a burden of pain
Unmotivated and no will for anything.
My dark mind races through thoughts and I feel them all pour into me at once.
I feel like a burden
A burden of dread

Ileana Bendo Dec 2016

“Hindi kita iiwan, pangako yan”
Ito ang mga huling salitang binitawan
Binabalik-balikan ng aking isipan
Hindi na alam kung alin ang imahinasyon sa totoo
Pero ito pala ang totoo
Nagmahal ako ng todo at nadurog ako
Nadurog na tila isang salaming
Tinitignan mo lang para ipaalala sa sarili mong gwapo ka
Matapos nito ay babalewalain

Maniwala ka sa’kin nagsimula kami sa magandang istorya
Isa akong prinsesang noon ay napaniwala ng tadhana
Nahulog sa matatamis niyang ngiti
Nahulog sa malalambing niyang mensahe
Nahulog sa kaniyang malamig na tinig
Nahulog ng walang sumasalo
Nadurog sa pagbitaw mo

At dahil na-ikwento ko na rin naman ang mga ito
Lubos kong ikasasaya kung mauunawaan mo ako
Sana maintindihan mong mahirap ang makalimot
Sana maintindihan mong sariwa pa ang sugat
Sana maintindihan mong hindi mabilis ang paghilom
Lalo na kung sa puso ang tama nito
Sana maintindihan mong ayoko nang mahulog
Dahil basag na basag na ako
Sana maintindihan mong hindi ko pa kayang
Muling magmahal

Sa takot na muling masaktan
Sa takot na hindi masklian ang labis kong pagmamahal
Sa takot na muling ipagpali sa iba
Sa takot na maiwan mag-isa
Naiintindihan ko namang handa kang maghintay
Na sa akin ka nakabatay
Pero tigilan na natin ‘to
Tigilan na natin ang kalokohang ito
Dahil hindi ko na kayang magpanggap
Na kaya ko na
hindi ko na kayang magpanggap
Na wala akong nararamdaman
Dahil hanggang ngayon nasasaktan pa din ako
Ang sakit sakit pa din
Kaya tigil-tigilan mo na ang pag-asang yan
Dahil minsan na akong nilamon ng sistemang yan
Minsan na din akong tumambay
Sa lugar na tinatawag nilang ere
Ngayon pa lang sasabihin ko nang
Wala kang pag-asa

Siguro dahil hindi pa talaga ito ang panahon
At hindi ikaw ang inilaan ng panginoon
Siguro kailangan mo munang ayusin ang sarili mo
Dahil kahi anong pili mo
Hindi nauutusan itong puso ko

for those who tried to flirt but--
Johnny Scarlotti Sep 2016

I used to watch her a lot

In pe class one day
She was running
And she jumped right next to me
And there must have been a draft
maybe it had to do with my breathing
but her baggy shirt flew up
and she wasn't wearing a bra
Only half the girls were at this point  
And I saw her nipple
She rejected my advances
Later in the year
But she couldn’t make me unsee what I saw,
you know?

Dark Delusion Nov 2016

When you’re about to break down.
And your heart is scattered.
The tears won’t even come out.
And feel too lonely to even care anymore.

It was too late to change.
All the little time we shared.
I regret everything and every single detail.
I hate you, but that’s not my true feelings.

It was your mistake.
But also mine, because I let you in my life.
It’s my fault for not seeing your true side.
It ended up hurting me.

I won’t ever look at your disgusting face.
But I want to see your smile that would fix everything.
Thinking about everything.
I can’t stop wanting to see you, I need you

When you can't even speak normally like always.
You need to look away and change the subject.
I was shy, but maybe too open minded.
But my feelings has now broken down.

It’s time to part ways and look forward.
Maybe we’ll see eachother again, as strangers.
And not thinking back on the past.
Still I wish we hadn't met at all.

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