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Reece Jul 2021
is this when we start loving ourselves?

when will the perfectly curated frames
of the most desirable parts of our lives
become true?
the emphasis of the adored versions of oneself
will continue our demise.
we strip back the layers of what is actually there,
only to find everything we’ve hated of others.
the projection of insecurity lay dormant,
until the antithesis of yourself appears at your nose.
forgive the body you inhabit
for you’ve robbed it of cognitive nutrition.

is this when we start loving others?

we must see others as we come.
understanding our differences and loving them just the same.
we must rip off the guise of status,
as it’s been blinding us since birth.
innately capturing every ounce of joy left in our bodies
while comparison crashes it’s deafening cymbals.
as we are all skin and bone. and bleed when cut.
we are all the same.
we will forgive others, for treating them as if they were any different from the same dust we came from.
for we’ve robbed them of peace.

is this when you start loving me?
and i to you?
B D Caissie Aug 2019
Look down on fear, not on people. We are all, each other’s equal.
Bohemian Mar 2019
The equation between us
If ever were coercioned to exist
It shall be shared with a binary operation
That says 'not equals to'
KHY Jan 2019
Sin is a real evidence keeper
Expose it to your equals
Or it will eat you
Some people see ages
Some see religions
Some see skin color
But can everyone stop to see people
Not ages
Not religions
Not colors


People who are equal
People who have rights
Who have family and friends
And feelings
And souls
Can we stop for a second to see that we are all the same


We are all people
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2018
You did not leave like I thought you would
Each hard time by my side you've stood
Truthfully, I owe you this;
An explanation for how it feels when we kiss
You were quick to believe I didn't care
You were not seeing what was really there
I did not fall for some other man
You say I gave up one day and ran
You do not know how hard it was to let you go
Fact is I was no longer helping you grow
Doesn't mean I wasn't still haunted by your face
I wished daily to feel your embrace
The most beautiful longing ever felt
Within body control began to melt
Stalked by memories of what we were
Hidden feelings started to stir
Realized I couldn't live that way
Without your touch brightening each day
Guess that brings me to where we are now
Standing before you and I don't know how
We arrived at this point but here we are
Close yet still so very far
Reaching out to grab your hand
Hoping we don't waste this one last chance

We always argued about who was more amazing
I believed it was you, you swore it was me
But now I see that perhaps we are equals
Two perfect halves truly meant to be
I wrote this not overthinking and trying to let the words flow. How did I do?
trf Nov 2018
i'm a yellow chill
a daffodil in the rain
thought i found my place
kinda heard to explain

sip each glass of wine
your palette needs a rest
taste his *******'s brine
along your lips

signing documents
you can't help hide your grin
sweat beading down your brow
my nervous penmanship

is this what they call peace
four hundred dollars an hour
the clock says nine past three
rounding up minutes they devour

caught you dead to rights
my son's new step father
when he sees your blight
harvest grapes turn sour

i feel constant dread
our son can't cope the truth
so far above his head
your soulless attribute

i'm a daffodil, more like a coward in the rain.
These troubadours, between truth and lies, corrupt lovers, women and husbands and keep saying that Love proceeds obliquely
A tenso (Old Occitan [tenˈsu, teⁿˈsu]) is a style of troubadour song. It takes the form of a debate in which each voice defends a position; common topics relate to love or ethics.
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