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How many times will I wash my face to feel satisfied with the work Ive put in?
How many mirrors will I have to look in until I’m comfortable in my own skin?
Will the weight of the world be lifted off if I start at the gym?
Are all the troubles I face, a reflection of the **** that I am?
Or no, are they just here? a constant reminder that if I interfere, I’ll just be more tired, more full of what I will fear, if I lose control of stopping....
Cyril 2d
Self-loathing finally came to an end,
the stranger in the mirror is now my friend
round face, pale skin
my existence is a sin
dark eyes, light eyebrows
features that make me frown
thinning hair, small busts
i wish i can turn to dust
how is anyone going to love me
if i don't love myself?
I am unhappy
Most likely depressed
Could be suicidal

Revealing my mind
With whiskey

Empty knowledge
Corrupted genes
Ingrained endgame

Have I met
My own
Sufficient end
thispanman Feb 28
Don't look at me like that!
All the hate
All the time

Who are you to judge?
My hair
My attitude

What is it to you?
My choices
My life

Where did you come from?
From inside
From outside

When will you see?
I am strong
I am brave

Why do you do this?
The scars
The lies

If only that person
In that disguise
Wasn't me
I went through a time when I hated myself, so this is my poem to the voice that caused that.
When you set my body on fire
       it must be...
because every cell loathes you
       it must be...
because your rage is consuming
       it must be...
because hell lies between us
Elemenohp Aug 2019
Come out now, I beckon and coax.

Turmoil; twisted and tethered,
like tendrils on my subconscious.

They grip.

It's my only goal to make them slip, unclip, and submit.

I am to wash away all negativity and dismay, to make my world anew by light of day.

In my mind, my soul, my body, my whole; these things I will not let stay.

Hate, anger,
Contempt and loathing.
They're all building up,
I feel like exploding.

I have no release.
I have no relief.
The water is rising,
The tide is coming in.

Losing space,
Losing ground,
Losing face,
All around.

I can't explain.
I can't deny.
I can't confirm.

Copyright From A Poet's Heart
I stayed angry and hateful during the majority of my marriage to my ex husband. This is just another example. The poems i have posted so far are my earliest writings.
Alifmun Jul 2019
I saw a person
Said to him "eww"
Nobody likes you
You shouldn't exist
You antisocial freak
Try having some friends
I punch him
Only to see
Broken mirrors
Loath to self loath
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