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Glenn Currier Nov 13
Can't remember last time
I knelt down to dig in the dirt
but I do recall all us boys who'd climb
the sandy loam pile in the yard

to make castles, caves and highways
and let our fantasies reign -
oh what glorious days
when fun was simple and plain.

We cared not about smudges
holey pants or muddy feet
had not learned about grudges
nor become expert in deceit

hadn’t yet been betrayed
enough to live in hurt
and conjure all the ways
we could spite and spread dirt.

Maybe every now and again
I'd benefit from kneeling down
and digging deeper grain by grain
in earthy dirt - to find my being’s ground.
A M Ryder Oct 27
They say three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead

Secrets could be simple, if they weren't the type worth being spread

You can bury secrets, I'm sure you're shocked to hear it's true.

But dont dream you'll finish digging, until they first have buried you.
Madison Jul 2
with my shovel
i am digging
but i am not sure what for
i am not sure if i am digging my own grave
or digging for a beautiful garden to bloom
Dom Bobek Jan 31
Every time I feel
like I hit rock bottom,
life brings me something
that makes my smile blossom.

And with a smile on my lips,
I carry on with the digs.

And after that smile
turns back into a frown,
I look around and realize
I'm even further down !
Leah Oviedo Nov 2017
.Digging for my roots,
Through fragrant soil,
Rocks scrape my wrists,
Moving deeper,
Entangled in the maze,
Rich with the past,
My ancestors are lost in the dirt,
Their names forgotten, but they are there in my DNA,
Marking me with their gifts, their trauma, their choices,
I am not one,
I am many.

11/2017 by Leah Oviedo @ ImpowerYou.org
Alex Mar 2017
Go someplace, anyplace outdoors.
Dig, dig into the ground until you find something.
Something pure and true, covered in rust,
As antique as the day you were born.
Feel it, turn it in your palms.
Inspect it.
Discover all its little secrets and remember
Remember the past life, the one this came from,
Rejoice in the happy memories as well as the sorrowful.
But don't forget
Find, Rust, and Remember.
Your fingers were digging for gold
Right between my legs
My eyes were looking for a feeling
Right upon your face
But I didn't need your to tell me
I knew I was already a gold mine
And you an emotionless digger
TheseRoots Jul 2016
With the birds still singing
and the grass still green
I'm gonna put our problems behind me
With my heart still beating
and my brain still thinking
I'm gonna wash your face from my memory
With our kids still forgetting
and the money still coming
I'm gonna keep you away from the rest of my life
With the diggers still digging
and my children still weeping
I'm gonna get ready to join you
We will wait together
and watch our children,
I dig
You dig
We dig
He dig
She dig
They did
I know its not a very beautiful poem
But its quite deep
I think I fell
Into the hole I'd dug
Trying to fill the one I'd just
**Climbed out of...
Hand in hand we climbed out of the hold we'd dug ourselves, relished in the sunlight as it beamed onto us, brighter, purer.
To fill one hole I'd dug me another, simple misplacement of movement and I find myself head first right into another one
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