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Faces covered with
All shades of

Yet, her sweaty face after the dance was the most radiant.
In the realm of my mind
Fears and grieves they collide
Within a deafening storm

Never have I faced an eath demon
The faces that come alive
The roads that go burn in fire
The curses that never come to an end

I get collapsed when the shards hit the hearts
When the nights turn their back on the wars
When lonesome minds are burnt to death
I'm ****** off, in memory of a lost cause
In death of my mind...
IncholPoem Jan 10
Here  you  are  not

Trees  and  it's  night
******    moon  light
should    included
me  with   your
face's  brightness.

  On  your  tuition  -going
path  was  not
covered  by
devils  of  drastic

Desires   of   nothingness  and
wanting  of   everything
were   dominating   you

Of  course  these  are
But  believe  me
it  was my  sub-conscious
mind  state.
IncholPoem Jan 10
At  yesterday    evening
  i  saw   my
dream  fat  girlfriend.

  Her  bicycle addicted
brother and  her  other
male  boy class  and  tuition
mates  were  with
evening's  gossip

­My  eyes  were
             trying  to  search
           on  him.

Her  father and  guess
i  think  one  of  other
girlfriends   was  inside
the  cyber  cafe.

Recently   full  moon
    was  seen  on
his  faces!
I build a spiderweb of
faces and get tangled
in the names
my mind is a library
of dusty shelves and one
visitor who lives
but never leaves
please don’t ask me
if I have your social security number too
I don’t and it’s not
very funny to me
to be locked in a cage
of everything
that the world forgets
I’m not stalking you
I am simply being observant
because sometimes if you stop talking
you can listen to the
world around you
I am the one who listens
in a loud and overbearing world
and this web of names
keeps spinning
obscuring it all
until you forget me
even faster than you forgot me
A poem written about my mind’s affinity for names, written on a post-it in a time of great procrastination.
Scott G Dec 2018
Eyes and Faces always reflect a message
Of this I’m terribly sure
Those taken much to early, before their time
Convey a sullen story, “how did I die?”

Some go stiff right away
Others lay mouth barely open
Eyes having lost tension
Partially split, Men, women and children

If you look very deeply in their eyes it’s said
The image of killers’ face embed
Of course, I wish that tale were true
Elastic gloves, I pushed them down as we do

The eyes go soft, there is no breath
A certain stare accompanies every death
Devoid of answers, they don’t see
Finding the answers was up to me

Their face go dim and muscles relax
What was wrinkly, is now mostly flat
I see those eyes and faces as I dream
Most I never knew, waxey faces never blue

A couple times the faces were my friends
A murderous way they met their end
I begged my boss to pass me by
Alas, no, I was sent to search out why

Families cried
They were horrified
Begging to bring them back
Those that had died moved on

Numb to it I became
My partners all became the same
We looked at the cases
As if solving a game

Some we could not avoid
Tragic feelings, a girl or a boy
Eyes and faces that have been seen
They visit quite often from their places in eternity
Nylee Dec 2018
Truth is relative
it shows too many faces
one for each one.

The truth is,
truth lies to some
and lies are true to some
Solaces Dec 2018
For a moment for a second I saw a shadow face in the sky..
Its eyes were made of pale light and false shine..
They were watching us..
One of us one of the same..
They created it all..
They ran everything..
Deep underneath..
And high above..
Their eyes could see us all in single moments of our own..
Each of them would have an equal to us all..
I was once part of them..
But then I fell asleep..
I have now awoken in the hills of forgotten eyes..
A place where their shadow shine eyes could not see..
They are called "The Hyperion."
They map out all of our lives..
Earth is just a chess board..
For all of us to die..
A chess board where we are all of the pawns..
While they are the kings and the queens..
But one **** has made it to the otherside..
Unseen by them..
I will take them from the inside..
Just me as one..
Just me as everyone..
A very starnge dream I had..
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