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Leah Carr May 2
Look at me
What am I doing?
Agreeing to leave home
at age 14
Not part of a family anymore

Look at me
What am I doing?
Not trusted to make a single move
But trusts no-one
on the outside

Look at me
What am I doing?
Controlled and locked up
By a part of my own mind
I'm helpless
I can't fight you

Look at me
What am I doing?
Trying to figure out
Who I am
what I am
How long I have left...
Robin Bulmer Apr 21
Is this all really me or did I adopt this ideology.
Something comforting about my misery, my head ruled by corrupt democracy
Nothing ventured so nothing gained. Nothing tried so nothing strained.
Leah Carr Mar 26
You hate me
But you don't
But you do
Three of the same
But so vastly different

Which was the first?
Which is the last?
The questions reverberate around my head.
Can a circle have a beginning?

One friend, two abusers
One kind, two bitter
One forgiving, two vengeful

Does each of you know about the others?
Or do you exist in solitude and isolation?

I guess I'll never understand
Zack Ripley Feb 25
I don't know where I began.
I don't know where I'll end.
But I don't need to.
I know where I am right now.
I'm with friends. I'm with you.
And to me, that's a pretty
great place to be.
CJDaisy Feb 13
Who is this stranger,
that looks like me; only she's a bird that escaped,
because no one could cage her.

Who is this outlander?
Who walks the halls of a high school,
without caring
about their menacing laughter.

Who is this foreigner?
Surely, she isn't here to stay.
This tiny speck of potential,
chills my bones like winter.

I am not a shape-shifter,
I am not a life-changer.
Go away rifter,
go away stranger.
In the mirror, she stares at me like she knows me, but I can't return that gaze.
Leah Carr Feb 8
I'm drifting in a dream-like state
Feel like I'm floating off the ground
The bird song is distant, the light is dimmed
This surreal life goes on around
I take a deep breath in
But I don't feel the rush of air
Movement happens close by me
But still I'm left motionless here
Natalie Feb 4
I have to say - well
Would like to say
Something about it

Cause I keep thinking
I mean, it's sorta like if maybe
If maybe I slipped and never landed

Sort of like a back lot
Like out behind the city
Away from any eyes

Sort of like a crack
Like the tiniest dark gap
An eye that isn't

Sort of like I just can't
A million miles underneath the deepest charted cave
Just behind the clouds
Details I've already forgotten
Pictures I'll never finish remembering
An expanse; a smear; a nebula

A disconnect. Eyes to mind to
I need to talk to you
Kama Nov 2020
How is it to feel
like an almost dead fish
drying out under the sun
listening to the sand rolling by
watching with one eye
helplessly beside the ocean
but not inside of it
saturated with nothing
not dead
yet helpless
catsmeow Sep 2020
I didn't saw you in gold and silver sparkles
Glitters everywhere, in a slow motion type of stare
I didnt saw you in magical nights
In poetry lines, or lipsticks changing the lights
Like the spotlight's on you and I

I didn't saw you picking up the roses in the garden-filled butterflies
How the songs capture our eyes, in glimpse of heaven or disguise
I didn't saw you escaping at 12 am, enchanting spells in sacred room,
Where the color purple's only for you, but you can only see blue

I didn't saw you in fairytales
But I saw you in mine
In my little, mono-lid, honeyed eyes
Between the waking and the siesta time
I saw you in my photographs filmed in my mind
In counting hours before the class start
And haunting hours when end of school year just waved to us

I didn't saw you in someone else's portrayal of how you were painted in them
I saw you in vivid lines I wrote, in feelings I have known, fore years I won't let go.

I saw you, and I didn't want to
You saw me, I know you wanted to
But they belonged to 2018 version of my life
All the tragic had happened in 2020's
I've learned pretty much not to be fine when I'm fine.

still dont know how this site works **** just putting it here incase someone reads it :") lysm
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