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catsmeow Sep 5
I didn't saw you in gold and silver sparkles
Glitters everywhere, in a slow motion type of stare
I didnt saw you in magical nights
In poetry lines, or lipsticks changing the lights
Like the spotlight's on you and I

I didn't saw you picking up the roses in the garden-filled butterflies
How the songs capture our eyes, in glimpse of heaven or disguise
I didn't saw you escaping at 12 am, enchanting spells in sacred room,
Where the color purple's only for you, but you can only see blue

I didn't saw you in fairytales
But I saw you in mine
In my little, mono-lid, honeyed eyes
Between the waking and the siesta time
I saw you in my photographs filmed in my mind
In counting hours before the class start
And haunting hours when end of school year just waved to us

I didn't saw you in someone else's portrayal of how you were painted in them
I saw you in vivid lines I wrote, in feelings I have known, fore years I won't let go.

I saw you, and I didn't want to
You saw me, I know you wanted to
But they belonged to 2018 version of my life
All the tragic had happened in 2020's
I've learned pretty much not to be fine when I'm fine.

still dont know how this site works **** just putting it here incase someone reads it :") lysm
Kyle Jul 5
If you'd ask me who am I;
Then my answer would be "I don't know".
If you'd ask me what do I like;
Then my answer would be "I don't know".
If you'd ask me why do I don't know;
Then my answer would be the same.
Lyss May 20
Do I love love ? Or do I hate love ?
Love makes everything feel like it’s on steroids. It’s makes the highs sooo incredible and happy, while it makes the lows deathly dark and scary.
It can make you feel so inspired and motivated and outgoing and light,
while at the same time it has the abilities to be completely debilitating.
Completely detrimental.
It can make you so cold and heartless.
So uncaring and rude.
But at different points I feel both extremes.
HeyitsAngel May 6
I sit here
Why can't I feel anything
Why do I feel so afraid
Like I can't trust anyone
I wish we could see the colors of someone
Right away
Like do they just want to take advantage of me
I wish I knew
Like  that's what happens
When your heart gets messed with so much
I don't know
I give up honestly
I am sick of trying to figure out who is good
And who is bad
I think being alone is great sometimes
Because even while trying to read people
I will still be happy
Because I will know
That even in my loneliness
I don't need to rely on others for my happiness
Writing is my focus
Family is my focus
Meeting other writers is my focus
Getting into a good college
But I think from now on
My writing will have how I feel
So whoever reads my work will know
I am telling a story
Because it's okay
To not know
And at this point in my life
I don't know
I don't care to know
Seeking happiness within writing
I understand what it means to hurt.
I understand the feeling of blood dripping,
until you don't feel the pain of life.
Yet, I don't understand what I should do.
What am I to do,
when I see scars on my friend's arm?
What am I to do,
when I see someone else swerve the car?
What am I to do,
when I feel like I'm the only person,
still trying to love?
I'm trying to write,
but it's not coming out...
I'm trying to deal,
but nothing seem...
I'm trying all of these things,
yet all I seem to keep doing,
is dream.
I'll figure it out eventually i guess
writerReader Mar 26
What the **** is going on?
I really don’t know anymore...
Zack Ripley Jan 10
"what do you want?"
"I don't know."
"Yes you do. listen to your heart."
"how do I do that?"
"close your eyes and breathe. you'll hear voices. that's your heart talking. what does it say?"
"I don't understand. It says get better. feel better. but i'm not sick."
"what makes you so sure it's talking about you? listen closer. concentrate."
"it says it wants YOU to feel better. it wants you to stop blaming yourself. to feel happy. to be proud."
Jean Sharlot Mar 9
In this life,

I wish I am invisible right now
For people not to see these tears
For them not know I'm in pain
For them to realize I am happy.

But then,

I can’t hold it in
I really wanted to burst it
I am too sad to smile
And I don’t know what to do.

And if I quit,

I will lose everything
I work so hard to be on this
But if you don't want me anymore
Maybe you were right,

Let’s just end this.

(but then I can't.)
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