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Casey Sep 17
that's what she told me.

But without it, who I am?
I don't think I would recognize myself.
essentially another form of "get over it".
Quinn Adaire Aug 27
What are you feeling?
Why is that?
I don’t know.

Of course you know!
There’s a reason for everything.
What’s that reason?
I still don’t know.

Come on think hard, you aren’t stupid,
What is that reason you’re hiding from me?
I. Don’t. Know.

Who is backwards?
Me or them?
Should I know?
Is it ok that I don’t?
A conversation with people who try to help. It didn’t work.
KHY Jul 17
I'm on my way but I don't know
I'm slinging sacks over everyone I know
I'm on my way but I don't know
They all go in different directions I'm left alone
I'm on my way but I don't know
Why I gave anything to anyone
The feeling remains
Thorns Apr 3
idk it's wen. day my dudes...




"Sometimes you just wanna be an eboy, you feels?"

"Gang, gang uwu."

"Well, stupid as in evil."

"Your. Eyeliner. You look like a raccoon on crack!"
Manasvi Garg Mar 15
i don't know how they do it-
write about how the twinkle in your eye
sparkles more than the stars at night
how your blue orbs
make a sea seem shallow,
when you and i both know-
it's just plain lies.
your eyes are not deeper than oceans
nor do they showcase a storm
or a peaceful beach wave
or the soothing sky
they're just your eyes
and they're blue.
like... a copper sulphate solution.
you don’t have a smile
as bright as the sun
although, i can’t seem to understand
why you’d like it to be compared
with something people prefer
to not look directly at.
your laugh is not as vivid as
the first blossom of spring
or your face like that of a winter spent
in some hill station-
you are not a landscape
or a place that can be mapped
with beauty
and serenity
you are a person
living and breathing mass of
bones and flesh
muscles and blood-
then how
how and why
must you be treasured with comparisons
and parallels with
the stars
the sun
the sea
the seasons-
anything but you.
i do not know how they do it
or what words make a rhyme
what stanzas string together a poem
what plot comprises a good story
but i do know my stars
the way they rhyme in their constellations
how their twinkle makes up a good poem
and where their stories began to end
and unlike most poets
(not that i consider myself one)
instead of your eyes
or voice or laugh
instead of 11:11 wishes
or the perfect date ideas
when i look at the stars
i see ***** of fire
and gas
and work that still needs to be researched upon-
while you
you are my person
the one who’s there after a bad day at work
who tells me (every day) that
the next experiment i try
is definitely going to be a success, unlike the ones before
the one who keeps this science freak
grounded to the earth
(even though i insist that it’s gravity bu-)
the one who i won’t mind writing a poem about
even if it’s filled with unrelated references to the stars and moon
even if it compromises everything i’ve ever known
i could still write about you
(i think i’m doing a great job)
even if don’t know how to.
-from a scientist, to the woman he loves
writerReader Dec 2018
I guess I’m trying to write a poem
But I don’t know what to say

What is my life?
I don’t even know
How to be and live and know what I’m doing

What am I doing
I don’t know.
Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
Come to
Think of it,
You know,
I don't know
What to write
About. I've have
Written quite a bit
About you.
I guess I find it
Difficult to find
Other things that
Pains me. Everything
Else is usually easily solved.
Now it is more of an issue
Because everything
Else isn't you.
You were my
Gracie Nov 2018
i've always had this fascination
with the way the waves move in the great big ocean.
and i've always wanted a close relation
with someone who shares my love and devotion.

because there's something about my affection
towards the sea and its attraction.
and it might just be my imagination
but are we in this situation?

where we both have this love for the ocean
and it might be the symbol of our devotion
and I guess we both have the option
to give the sea our source of attraction.

but I don't care, it's our notion.
that our love is not a fiction
and that everything we do is down to our relation
and not just because of our ****** attraction.
i don't really know where i was going with this honestly.
etrealouest Sep 2018
It’s already 3 in the morning
My eyes are still wide open
I’m not even yawning
I’m not even doing anything

Staring on the ceiling
Right there I saw my world crashing
Right there I saw myself drowning
Right there all I want is sleeping
Sleeping and never waking.

Sadness lingering around my body paired with the emptiness that wasn’t evident if you saw me,
It’s here, right inside this **** mediocre body.

I beat myself every night,
Thinking is tomorrow really worth to survive?
My day goes by “yes I’m fine” when it’s actually “help me, I’m dying inside”

All I could ever think is to die
Dying fascinates and scares me at the time
Questions began to arise,
“It wouldn’t hurt that much if I leave everything in this world behind, right?”

It’s so unusual that one day you feel nothing,
And then the next couple day suprise, you feel everything
And when I think everything’s okay
There someone somewhere saying “something’s wrong today”

You think this is the day you can justify you’re definitely happy
Only to realize that later at night in the four corners of your room you’re incredibly lonely and empty.

And to be honest I don’t know why I feel this way,
One thing I know for sure there was missing inside me,
I couldn’t possibly pin point what could it be,
So I’m trying to fill it with thousands of possibility,
I ask myself “Am I going to be like this day by day?”

I never understood myself then,
Was there something wrong with me?
Was I over reacting?
Or this is really the real me slowly unraveling?

I couldn’t tell anyone what I feel
putting my feelings into words is so much to deal

But then I tried,
I tried telling them I’m dead tired.
And only to get “It’s all in your mind.”

They would say be positive
Or look on the bright side
I hope it’s that easy,
But it’s not, right now my mind is way way messy.

And how I wish I could control what I think,
And when a toxic negative thought felt like coming,
I could let it go away in just a blink.
But it’s not.
It doesn’t go that way.

I’m crying each night, crippling my own heart.
To the situations I am trying to brush away so hard.

I’m maybe the one to blame.
For the thoughts that hardly keep me sane.

And then one day I get used to feeling not okay.
I get used to the hole living inside
To the devil that’s speaking in my mind.
And lastly, I get used to telling people I’m wonderfully fine.

But I couldn’t help but to hope
Hope that one day
All of these ******* would go away,

hope to go back to the old me,
Positive, spontaneous, happy and carefree.
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