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KHY Mar 9
Tangling temperament fouls my mood
Whispers of paradise; illicit and ****
Conquers my femur, my patience-
I brood.

Lips kiss of magic, twisted with soot
Who comes to split me?
To carve me in twos...
Magnificent folly, cement me in glue.
The clock’s short arm
is two lines over midnight,
And the internet is a river
of nocturnal creatures,
My fishing rod is as plastic as
my phony profile picture’s nose,
A scripted act of deep affection
a tasty trapping virtual bait,
Singing mermaid ringing you in
There’s nowhere else to swim.

Successful the catfish-lady catching a fish-man.
I wonder if there any catfishes on HP using poetry to draw us in?
Georgia Kereopa Jul 2019
I am the liar that catfished hope
Stole from a random heart that couldn’t cope
Love leaps, faith jumps, joy follows
Suicide upon the maddened rocks below
Retitled for competition. Take stanza from existing poem and re-image/stand alone.
EmVidar Apr 2019
You say it's real
but he thinks
my face
goes with your heart

-em vidar
I wonder how you think this will end
Jayce Feb 2019
I checked my net
but all I got was catfish

Conversations opened, and suddenly
the sight of a notification from "Miah"
makes my heart race

Five days pass and I'm tempted to talk about her
but she doesn't exist in the
"real world"
so I twist my tongue inside my mouth
and hide the secret of her beneath it

I cannot jinx what isn't real, or tangible
because it's easy to believe in god but "Miah" is 400 miles away
I've only seen her face pixellated on a screen

The implication is planted that I should know more
Mythical creatures are hard to believe in
and then,
"Miah's" phone number is linked to "Mike's" smiling face at his graduation

I've put my heart online and the viruses ate at it
but here in the
"real world"
I'm just another fool with a net full of catfish
Luna Jay Jan 2019
Heathen cat,
Atop my Mac.
You’re feral
And losing teeth.
A fever from your scratch,
A heap of furry black.
Flicks his tail and tongue to greet me.
Meet me
In the chatroom.
A real cat-fish
I presume,
The squawk box amuses me.
Yellow eyes and painted ears,
He types away at all his fears.
I fell in love with a stranger;
A true online catfish he’d been
For years.
Alaska Oct 2016
I don't understand..
Why does the person
and the people who
helped them mess
with my mind...
get to be happy with
their significant other?
When is karma going
to get them?
Honestly, I'm just lucky
I have as much
patience as I do.
Alaska Mar 2016
I kid you not
when I tell
you that I
used to pray
that I would
see you.
Because what
we had,
I thought was
But little did
I know,
while I was
praying for you,
I was actually
praying for the
*****, that
pretended to be
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