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Election is not an Exam
Where you either Pass or Fail

Election is simply a Game
Where you either Win or Lose

Everything may not be fair in Love
But it's fair in War and Elections

So Go Ahead, Do Some Homework
Work Hard, Harder, Hardest

Make Promises, Sell Dreams
Shout Aloud and Scream

Spread Communalism
Spread Hatred

Invoke Violence
Spread Fake News

Lure the Voters
Buy their Votes

Manage the Media
Hide the truth

Distribute Guns
Have some Fun

Game of Election has a Rule
It States "Follow No Rule"

Divide Divide and Divide
Until it becomes Zero

By Hook or the Crook
Win, Win and Win

If you win then Boast
You were "Born to Rule"
Election is Not an Exam. What do you Say??
Peter Balkus Oct 2018
Detesting each other,
no love for each other,
but hate.

Yes, money divide us,
but Time will unite us
one day.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Building a wall could be
The only choice

Whoever built
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Wall doesn't just stand tall, it is made to that height for a reason. First line of defence
Gale L Mccoy Aug 2018
Purple at the edges of the sky
Bleeding into strands of tide
Moves to where your eyes abide
When lips divide
In essence of the line
...Cool beans
A drunk improvised collab between
Luna Fae & Gale Mccoy
To what degree of mildness does this life revolves?
How do you feel something that is not?
Empty and bare that share of your care.
How consuming, this world of heathen decree.
Free from all grasp of truth.
And what that soothes, you imagined.

Crying in distress, this dress, an unrest.
For all you know comes from that end
Where you see no sea nor sand.
Lies that flies now comes to decide
What is true.
Your existence of deceit.

What of the world you helped grow?
Some adjusted in sorrow.
While others try to overthrow.
Come stand with me you called
When asleep was the world.

The sum of all the falseness.
Gave us a world of divide.
Where is He in all of these?
Why all the silence?
Is He a practice, an imagined?
Delia Darling Jul 2018
Underneath my composure
I cringe
I fold
I lose all sense of control

Time forces me past this dividend
But I still yearn between two ends

To find
To know
To somehow let it go
Or run
Or hide
Or burn it all inside
Gabriel burnS Apr 2018
My look perched on its medicine,
Twin hazel pills approaching slowly
Going down even slower,
My look took the dose that I tried to convince the doctor, is insufficient
I was told I couldn’t get another prescription
I’d have to adjust and make do, and cope, and adapt…
My doctor says it’s for my own good
And in time I’d feel more appreciative, less trapped
But I don’t really have time… it’s the other way around
And time has Me instead… And I refuse to be a resource to be had
I just want those caramel pills
I just want to feel the sun spill into my heart…
With an unending kiss that bears your name...
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