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alex Nov 2018
My fingertips graze the softly lit sky, ripping through clouds made upon my arrival.
For I am a guest of most divinity, chosen by the one who will make me holy.
Wings spanning wide at the hips, keep me up through the pink dying backdrop of above.
The world below unseen to anyone, unwanted by anyone.
My halo is missing, I cannot find it, I cannot see the truth without it.
The sky draws dark now, illuminated with friendly regard now visit with intent to seek the unseen.
The pale glow from dusk now settles to a sheet of dark.
I am here, I am alone, I am holy.
"Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love."
Purcy Flaherty Oct 2018
Blood brothers,
equal in blood,
fathered by the music of love.
Each is perfect,
different in style,
all born from an act of love.
My three sons are so different, yet so similar in many, many ways.
Each has half my blood and genetic imprint and in that they are all three equal and united.
I pray that my sons love each other allways.
Christopher Oct 2018
Everyday I swear is a hassle to just get up,
but it never stopped you from getting the mountains.
I cry and whine but really I'm just walking my mile for the first time.

Though my shoes are already,
seems like my gear is always falling off.
Trying so hard to keep it steady
I look at your directions on what you did but can't seem to see how you did it.

I see you napping on the bench
Right where he used to let watch cars go by.
His bus finally picked him up
So you decided to take his place and take a break.

So while you rest and replan your task's
I'll be on the side calling out your name.
Cause you set an example and set a route for me.

I'll run my course and set it out right
Pass the torch and send the map
I will make this right so they can run their course with a guide.
She's sleeping on the couch and worn out from her race. I run mine so in time, my kin will know
Kaitlin Evers Aug 2018
Some things the soul does not share
In writings or with friend
Thought and emotion so bare
Held back from even the closest of kin
Kept secret for the soul itself
Sub rosa, collecting dust on a shelf
Karijinbba Aug 2018
"Chin chin chinny
Chinny is in love
in love
with whom?
one might ask!
In love with life it's plain to see
also in love with me!*
~unto forever"
across the miles time and space mind soul heart
belly, thighs
and in the midst
spirit breaths of life
yours and mine joined live.
~All rights reserved.~
~~Unbequieted lovers ~~
poets:P/C/ham &Anilegna S.Gbba
Juju Aug 2017
If you are family we have common kin.
If you are friend we have common acquittance.

Best friend, we have common friends.
Stranger, We have nothing in common.

So who do I turn to, with troubles in my circles.

For none who understand can truly keep my thoughts.
Darrel Weeks Mar 2017
This England rises an falls
It is the way of the reddest rose
To offer its unfortunate beauty
And whither and die
It's funeral is diarised
Voices raised in joy
Are tears against broken dreams
Are we laughing ?
Are you laughing ?
CR Franklin Feb 2014
-To ****'em with silence is to ****'em with words.
-The words that express the distress of blatant disrespect.
-A treachery, not against me, but the history his story tells.
-Under one crest, but I can't call family those without respect.
-However, these words concocted cannot come forth.
-For these few words actually feed the fire.
-A passion built on perseverance that's serves as precedence.
-This unseen fire my friend, is how you ****'em with silence.
Dwalker Nov 2016
Being an optimist after you've got everything you want doesn't count.
                               - Kin Hubbard
Diána Bósa Sep 2016
You are blood from my
blood, word from my word; my own
voicething creature-kin.
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