Krishnapriya Jun 9
They say
Don't be a seeker
Be a finder
What is there to find?
I am complete
In Thee
A tract can be coined a cake
and love of her biosphere but me
in Doeville shall rupture her mandrake
those herds of desert shores
with a torch will believe in me azores
when shy of antrorse
gypsies rebel there
as Jugendstil has accomplished Sezession
well eat lark in Catalonia
As assylum seeker Puigdemont
Fidget Spinner Sep 2017
22.5 million.
The growing number of recorded refugees in this world.

Refugees are like you and me,
All they want is to be free,
Freedom that can only be found through at the assistance of helping hand,
And not a shooting gun taking away land.

Dreams invaded,
Memories faded,
Children crying in their sleep,
Parents dying as they weep,

Running across a land,
Trying to find a place
That's safe and secure,
Where the air and the water and the people
Are pure,

A nation fallen to its knees,
As the elderly wheeze,
The unwell and sickened sneeze,
Parents utter the word please,
As they salvage all the food that they can seize.

A boat soars through the crashing grey waves,
As everyone prays.
This boat is the last spark of hope,
A single spark of hope left in the piles of fallen dark ashes.
The single star sparkling in the dark pit known as the sky.
My throat tangles in a knot,
The last bullet is fired,
I think of everyone that’s been shot,
this is the opposite of what I desired.

Don’t be so blind,
To not even care upon mankind.
When you eat others starve,
So empathise,
Open your eyes,
And realise
We are all allies,
When someones dies,
Don’t criticise
When someone cries,
Don’t Despise

Instead reach out and extend a helping hand,
Prove that humankind is still kind,
And not a myth made up in our mind.
Reach out and extend a helping hand.
this poem sucks
Silverflame Jul 2017
i scraped my knees in the
realms of time
i don't know where to hide
under the willow tree
to find and harvest
the new moon
a cracked ceiling blinks
with long lashes
my long lost friend is
still ice cold
it is not yet spring

greet my reflection if
i go too long
without smiling

a transparent person
it looks a lot like
I turn my weird dreams into weird poetry.
Gotta tight hold on god's colliander,
Looking, searching with love in my eyes.
History's lost in constellations,
Blowed out, breathed out in social sighs.
Are we just fish hung in the air for drowning?
Light rented for night-time skies?
She has her wings open
But it looks broken
She wanna fly so high
Up in the sky

Is something stopping her?
Is something bothering her?
Why can't she?
Why won't she?

Look into her heart
And you'll know what is her desire
True love she seeks
She sees it, but never sees.
Arcassin B Mar 2017
by Arcassin Burnham

Would you stay or would you flee?
Would you go as far as burying the love you've always seeked?
Gravitating towards the things that make you sane is the key,
so why do you speak to me?

Would you fall or be on your lonesome in a world full
of demons that'll see you lose some,
of your sanity and dignity, hell is not fun,
Seen some carnations of that'll make you scream and run then call
on the chosen one immediately after seeing the sun,
praising unfair guidelines instead of the man that made
us all,
Breaking laws is why the world ain't free that's why we fall,
Looking for a sanctuary that won't disappoint us,
He warned us.
JAC Feb 2017
If you seek adventure
You search for something
You never want to find
Because if you find adventure
You are no longer seeking it;
If you are lost,
You must stop searching
To be found.
Lady Ravenhill Feb 2017
The universe called.
Did you send the last upload?
Add your mind to ours.
©LadyofRavenhill 12/19/16
Haiku #12
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