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I realized there's nothang behind hope but disappointment, rather go get. keep looking for ways, you gonna get one. Anywhich way no right way. Keep searching fortune. explorers  always discover. Go get. Love always tolerate, forgive.
He talks of Shiv Purana.
He talks of Adi Yogi (Shiva).
He talks of Saptarshi.
He talks of Adi Yogi
Disseminating divine knowledge
112 ways of enlightenment
To Saptarshi.
Did he live to see
The story for himself
And not believe anything?
Did he travel back in time?
Or does his enlightenment
Encompass everything at once
To know what's true
What's not true?
There is no point in counting plants on this planet if they're fully sprayed with poisonous gunk. But we don't want to notice, we don't want to know or even hear that we are consuming poison. 

No, keep it down! There is enough misery in this world already...

I often think that the way we treat these plants, is how we treat ourselves.
Meaning the tears I shed for this world, get wiped on to the ground by a cold breeze.
Warming my cheek like it does continuously with our seas.
Lord, you have me on my knees! Our plants these days, don't even look at bees, they now care more about fees and poisonous cheese!

The pain that my heart and head are fighting against. By what you have provided me with; compassion.
Other than the ones blinded due to a storm of sand; filled with dispassion.
My eyes can take it, defy every tear. Every single one is the water that the dry, oh-so-rough ground of this planet needs, to provide the opportunity for plants to live on,
to grow on, to go on.

It doesn't seem to interest our plants though.
For when we receive pollen from afar, is what we desire that those should blow back to their own greenhouses; which where bombed flat.
And as long as your peace has not returned. Healthy reasoning to you, is dead.

You want to be pollinated, so you ask the nearest butterfly, a distraction like the tikkeling of an ant.
That butterfly is a traveler, carried through the heavy wind by stories with the most beautiful colors and a wonderful scent.
As soon as the butterfly tells you how it got to your greenhouse - fled from a toad - your leaves let go and your branches feel stinged, as if it was a bee.
Only because that butterfly is a refugee.

It is looking for a greenhouse to survive catastrophe.
It is looking for a greenhouse to provide the earth with more green like you and me.
Increasing the oxygen level, so that you, I and the coming generations can enjoy living and growing on the soil that I had provided for you.

So that, we don't have to pant before catching a breath.
So that, those whose tears are turning rough ground into fertile soil, have a peaceful death.
That butterfly still works so hard, left everything behind, everyone.
Yes! You do the math!

Now if not dead, your arguments should be a lot more weaker.
Much more sleeker.
Yet, you're still telling me it's a fortune seeker.
Chad Young Sep 2020
I used to stay up all night in deep study,
but now my studying is slimmer because I've found more answers.

After an hour or two or rest there is a fresh
ground to plant myself in.

After two or three hours of gardening
in the fertile field, the crop is planted, and
the morning's work is done.

I now need to rest again for new fertile ground,
but also for the night
plants to sprout to cover my tracks.
Why do I sleep all day?
Abdul Qadir Jul 2020
The chair on the other side of the table
remains vacant,
And the cup of coffee on the desktop
Gets colder,
And I sit in front of the empty  seat,
Staring at the door,
In hope that it will open
And someone will appear and approach me,
But every time I get disappointment
And I have to drink coffee alone there.
Is someone free?
Mystic Ink Plus May 2020
We all are
The healers
On finding
The right sufferer

One day
We will realize
After all
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Appreciation
Zhavaed Haemaed Apr 2020
"Lie beneath the galaxy in a cathedral silence,
Stay up till the Sun dives behind arid eminence."

Out there in the seething cold sun,
The glint blinding all that I could see,
Light headed, drowsy for a lack of air,
Disconnected from all that to me dear,
And disconcerted of all that came prior,
Or was about to ensue..
I found myself ✓
First two lines credit to the original author. The rest is an original follow up to the same ..
Francesca Apr 2020
Jealousy should not be mistaken
As wanting attention
A pure loving heart
Would never
Make jealousy
A reason
To break ties
I have no clue on what you do to me
but this isn't what I'm meant to be
I want to do something good, even great
but you tell me it's not meant to be
well I say **** destiny, **** the Illuminati
speaking truth means a lot to me
and if I die
then I guess it was meant to be.
Created by me on October 31st, 2019
Cheers to all those with their eyes open.
Marcus Bandy Oct 2019
This is the last time,
How often have I said that?
Why do I crave what I detest?
So many I know can relate.

Evil boasts of many captives.
After feeling love and light,
Why do the lost flee?
Pursued and impounded by their ghost.

The sacrifice for truth is comfort.
Yet life is simple for people undeterred,
No vision but the material.
They scoff at the spiritual world

Rebirth awaits our soul,
Though some are bound to fall.
Not all light shines from the sky.
With angels working both sides,
Darkness seems illumined to the untrained eye..
Sleepless AM
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