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Bhill 3d
Yesterday is yesterday, do you understand what that means
Take today, start out fresh, and create a whole new scene

Sometimes it's hard, to do just that, as yesterday made you so mad
Yesterday is in the past and today is a chance to be glad

Take some time and plan your days so they all turn out just right
If you do this once and then do it again, your days might not be uptight...

See the beauty, that life can bring, enjoy the days ahead
You'll have more fun, you'll get more done and want to get out of bed.....

Brian Hill -2019#125
Inspired by wanting to share a great way to see life...
Love sharing how to have a great day...
Please, have a great day everyone!
Bummer May 5
I wish you kissed others to make me mad,
not to make yourself glad.
Empire Apr 12
I don't want to cry today
I don't want to hurt myself today
I don't want to live in darkness today
I don't want to hate myself today
I don't want to hate others today

I don't know why,
But I know

I want to smile today
I want to be kind to myself today
I want to bask in the light today
I want to love being myself today
I want to love others today

I don't know why today is different
But I'm so glad it is
May this be a record to remind myself on the bad days that good days do come
Amanda Apr 3
I am so glad you were born
So happy you're alive
Today is the day
You turn twenty-five!
For one of my best friends in the whole world Jessica for her birthday card. Short and sweet.
Jenna Mar 4
Nothing can stop me now
not even this brick wall
that was filled with selfish emotions
of everyone that told me
that I couldn't do it
no one can break something this tall
however solidified it is
not even heaven and earth
can stop me now
as I trudge through
with heavy stomps toward
my goal that will keep me alive
in this uninspiring world
filled with vexatious people

I will do what I want
to achieve the highest standing
of emotional wellness
and pursuit of a thing called
Don't let others stop you from achieving your happiness and tell them to stop comparing it with theirs
In the night is when I know he loves me
Because without being asked he rolls over and hugs me
And with his gentle hands he tugs at me
And although his body is flaming
I find his presence quite taming
I think the feeling I’m having trouble explaining is the one above all else
It’s love for others above thyself
The more time I spend with him the more I see his flaws
But the more I fall in love with him the more I must take pause
I know he is not perfect
But a happy life, he deserves it
I love my boy most of all
He is the only one to catch me when I fall
Mida Burtons Dec 2018
i don't really ever feel like this
but i'm here and i feel present
and i'm glad
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