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Kora Sani Feb 2019
my anxiety
is talking
raising its voice
louder than ever before
sending a message
my body
i claw at the skin
my bones
there is nothing there
but i am listening to you,
trying to tell me
something is wrong
but you must be mistaken
nothing is wrong,
only nothing is right
so please contain yourself,
these internal scars
are enough
i hear you,
but i need silence,
KHY Jan 2019
Unraveling the mystery in her spine
Knots all throughout time
I break it in;
I cave my mark,
I show her how I like to start
Just Maria Jul 2018
I itch and itch everyday
I scratch and scratch but it won't go away
What causes it I'm not so sure
I just wish there was a cure

It could be the bugs in my bed
Or maybe it's all in my head
I tried pills I tried lotions
I've even tried homemade potions

All the doctors say that I'm insane
All they want to do is study my brain
I went home and started to cry
I guess I'll itch till the day I die
I posted this poem at another site where Itching was the subject.
stopdoopy Sep 2018
A Fix


It's either euphoric or revolting,
what some would call love.
wrote this back in june, now it reminds me of some friends (lookin at you Cait-Cait and Trix)
Cori MacNaughton Oct 2015
Fleas, ticks and chiggers
the bane of a rural life
animals suffer
The fourth of four Haiku written about 3AM on 15 October before I went to sleep.
Ready and itching
Everything is too far out of reach
Struggling to get further
Telling them all I want out
Losing my ******* mind
Everyone infuriates me
Struggling to get anywhere
Aditya Shankar Jul 2014
It begins innocently, just a twitching
Behind the tip of my nose
I absently rub it away
Still present in our conversation.

The sensation grows into a relentless itching
Unleashed upon the roof of my mouth.
I chastise the insolent itch with my tongue
And return to our earlier discussion.

A sudden complete blank, I can only anticipate in futility
Waiting at the edge of my breath, i wonder
'Is this it?', as I wait for it to take over
But it subsides just as quick, leaving me gasping for air.

Tears come to my eyes, I feel it return again
And the unholy violence held in that second
Makes me heave and convulse momentarily
As my body betrays me to a more primal instinct.

Its over, I look up to see
A grimace and my sneeze plastered across your face
"Excuse me", I mumble shamefully
"Bless you", you mutter behind your tissue.
After a particularly unproductive day, largely spent sneezing, I just had to write a piece on it :P
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