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43.6k · Jul 2015
Flirty Sun
Sun flickered 'pon your eyes
    scintillating as the seas,
dappled with the chemistry
   of a thousand swooning moons
She's like deliquescent caramel,

the cool side of a pillow

        to lay your weary head,

subtleties of springtime &

          warmth in wintertide,

whispering hope upon lush  

        Zephyrus pipe dreams,  

    mellifluous nymph with wings

                 of a butterfly warrior,

softly determined,

    unfailingly true-hearted,

       whilst relentlessly ferocious

  Wise, yet sometimes struts

        blindly in the light,

       as dulcet tones of a cello's

           melodious marmalade

            in sentiment's tender fancy,

she's beauty, charm,

         knowledge, poetry,

               utter strength,

               & humane weaknesses,

she's twisted and ethereal,

           her aura sublimely captivating

     you may covet her body,

            you'll never possess her soul
9.6k · Jul 2015
Stardust Wanderlust
T'was a diamond
    amidst stardust
  struck of gypsy's
    celestial adoration,
  crashed and sizzled
 'neath earthly intentions,
ultimate shimmers
     escalated upon
       fiercely impetuous seas,
each dappling
    luminescent wave
saturated of
splendiferous galaxies,
   bathed in heavens'
      stellar effulgence,
mesmerizing wanderlust's
    magnificent indulgences
9.4k · Jun 2015
Preposterous Politics
Trump's next speech - -

**We the people,
aside of me
believe in order
to convince
a perfect union
only the rich
deserve to survive,
will give each and
every citizen
fifty bucks if they
don't let Latinos in
6.6k · Jun 2015
Love like skydiving
Your love is like skydiving,
   an unnerving thought,
breathless & intoxicating
  elevations beyond exhilarating,
  as it transforms life's panorama
    nothing seemed ever the same,
         after the thrill of the fall
6.2k · Jun 2015
Essence (10W)
Her perfumed essence
  still fragrances the air
         in her absence
5.9k · Jul 2015
Tranquility's Awed Hush
stars silently
     turbulent seas,
gingerly dappling
   each current,
whence the tides
   were stilled
'til they ebbed
    'tween streams
        of serene
            spring waters,
      rushing its
          banks in
             cascades of
                     awed hushes
5.8k · Aug 2015
Shadowed Wildflower
Wildflower 'neath a
     giant weeping willow,
         comforted by the shade
  her fragrance wafting darkly
      whispered into the wind ~
   she'd been 'betrayed by the sun',
frail tendrils blistered
     of indiscretion below
            burning discrimination,
   fallen neath the cracks
        suffocating a delicate essence,
she could no longer bear the
   deep-rooted superficiality  
         of seeds buried within *****
                    little implanted secrets
5.5k · Aug 2015
Voracious Thirst
Devoured by the intensity,
  words that quench the soul
an enchanting intoxication - -
    like a spirited ******
      whetting a voracious thirst,  
plunging in for another swallow
   of adoration's satiated ******
4.3k · Jul 2015
Realm of illusioned seas
Elusive moon beckons dark currents,
     sand's sparkling pageantry  
             drifts out midst frothing tide,
submerging lover's imprints 'neath
     the realm of alluring seascape illusions
4.3k · Jun 2015
Downpour's Discontent
Estranged in summer rains'

       landscaped  dissolution

       evincing season's discontent

      neath sun's suffocating alienation;

used to rhyme with warmth

             and effulgent delectation,

   emotional realms fizzled in a

              heated  halfhearted sizzle

            of down-pour's restless manifestations
Blame it on the rain...
4.3k · Jul 2015
Bordeaux & Leather
She was costly Bordeaux
  he was recycled biker leather,
her classic affluent beauty
  yearned for motorcycle thrills,
she lifted him up a grade
     he brought her down to street level,
  they fused at steamy rush hours
   under trafficked high ways,
    pursuant to reckless merging
                   reality's intersections accelerated            
   crashing expedited speed limits,
       would never again drive
  mid smoothly paved junctures
             at the standard rate of normal
4.1k · Jul 2015
Je te veux (sensual)
Hungered for a taste
  of your elixir's essence,
drunken inhalations
   of your poetry
a splendiferous whirl
 of time & space 'tween
darkly scented moons
    and sun's adoration,
blithe starry nights
amidst meditative new
dawn's effervesce,
 spirited of the heart,
gleaned in the soul,
yearnings of another
  chapter's paradise
universal experiences
etched of hourglass sand,
 written upon endlessly
    chimerical verses
wildflower gardens drenched
    of dandelion's plum wine
swooning under a
hypnotic scripted spell,
intoxicating power
of unchained symphonies
dancing amongst skies'
released euphoria
 resonating in a song's
   reprised melodies,
breathlessness of delirium's
  celestial pauses
  in vaporous breezes'
  unfurling undulation,
captivated by rhythmic
  destiny reverberating in
     *****' pleasurable calling
  quenched of sacred
     offering's quell
transcending earthly
   persuasions' rhyme,
let me lick the nectar from
   your  poesy's  insatiable  lips,
sweet mercy's healing
   captured in rapturous
   surrender's reawakening ~

Je veux que vous tous,

tu me manques*

Ce que vous manquez de moi?
Je te veux - I want you
tu me manques - I miss you
4.0k · Jun 2015
Drunken pleasures
Fill my glass
  of vintage
  top it til the
bubbly overflows,
   as memoirs
    & recollections
     beyond lucid
   hungover midst
       an endless
         toasting of
Cheers, have a great weekend!
4.0k · Jul 2015
Clandestine Stargazing
A spirited moon
   'neath furtive glances,
      anguished of despair
looked upon hushed
  entangled constellations
      and heeded a warning,
for he knew well of lavishing
    recherché intricacies,
mattered naught how exquisite
  nothing lasting could come
    of liaisons's effusive grandeur,
       'tween clandestine stargazers
3.5k · Jun 2015
Heather Featherwand
She's an imp of a troublemaker fairy
they call her Heather Featherwand
she lives midst ancient ruins
    'pon Saturn's ringlets
          of ethereal ice & dust
you might get a peek at her
  neath a summertide night's dream,
she wears lavender and tangerine
  to blend in with the blazing cosmos,
 her pale peachy butterfly wings
    make sounds like katydids
     singing in the treetops and
         cicadas come to life at night
  further adding to her mysterious flight,
she took off one day, they say
    with the man in the moon
  and they've been starstruck ever after
Supposedly my fairy name is Heather Featherwand, long story,  just having a little fun with it!
3.3k · Jul 2015
Captivating demeanor
Like the alarming abandon
          & disarray of Jackson Pollack,
    equally beguiling disciplined
       skills in the classical baroque
         airs of Antonio Vivaldi,
   midst the wonderment and
          wanderlust of a child,
      I'm awe inspired, unfurled betwixt
          your captivating demeanor
You know who you are...
3.2k · Jul 2015
Contrary Disconnect
Your garden was lush
   with poetic wildflowers
yet, darkness swayed its spirit
    'neath teeming salt tear hazes,
  tried to enrich the soil but
    ground cover was defensive,
hardened by winters' of
   contrary disconnectedness
For a good friend's special day...
3.0k · Jul 2015
Slumber's passion
I loved you 'tween the rushes of love
          and downpours of ecstasy,
    midst windswept rapture for the ages,
'til the storm ravaged our destiny
    left behind crumpled passages in its wake
still, I hold those love letters to my breast
  whence those dreams of passion
       wake amid dormant slumber
3.0k · Jul 2015
Spider met its match
Ensnared in
the crystallization
   of  web's
intimidating deception,
superficial spider
met its
duplicitous match,
whence the improvised
contortionist morphed
         forth from its chrysalis,
              spun midst grandeur
               in triumphant
                            survival of flight's
                                       sheer inception
2.7k · Jul 2015
Bitter indigestion
A lecherous
demeanor burnt
the tongue,
like cheesy solicitations in
antagonistic ruminations of
ventured conjecture, churning
sputtered calculations,
a tactile exercise
    in the biting tang  of
eviscerating maceration
regurgitating bitter sediment,
unctuous residue
   slid down the throat,
the aftertaste remained
   long after it was digested
2.7k · Jul 2015
Fickle Cloudbursts
Tell yourself to breathe
as the stratosphere is falling,
imagining verses tumbling
midst downpours' dissension,
sans sentimentality's
         loquacious language,
and the land is left barren
    as verbosity disintegrates
and emotions wholly perish
    'neath fickle cloudbursts
               of poetry's extinction
She is essence of la bella donna,
    herein lies the paradigm mid
       ***** pearls & nightshade's poison,
exhales echoes of dark crescent moons &
        sandalwood's perfumed incense
burning sentience of duality's seasonings
   'tween contradiction 'neath her own breath,
  born to gypsy souls 'twixt a solar eclipse
    she worried naught what society thought,
her poetry was incalculably beyond measure
     neither less than or more than incurable,
   rendered nuances as a badge of significant honor
      gaily whirling beyond distinctive contrasts,
            'neath importance of individuality's calling
      amidst her own unique indulgent nature,
                  dazzling sensuality's intrinsic whimsy
La Bella Donna is 'the beautiful woman' in Italian. Belladonna is also
a drug prepared from the leaves and root of deadly nightshade plants.
2.6k · Jun 2015
Poetic eradication
Unprecedented poetry,
   newfangled conception in
      idiosyncratic transparency
perceived by the hierarchy
    to be the garb of peons,
thine command accepts nothing
 less than the likes of sonnets
   penned deliberately archaic
        in Old English tradition,
figurative language
  of the huddled masses
      is strictly forbidden,
           and possible grounds
               for poetic eradication
2.6k · Jul 2015
Swallowed the Sun
Swallowed the sun
  in attempts to
       feel the fire,
dimly lit universe
   eclipsed neath
    inescapable moons,
horizons were hued of
  brackish tea's
   indifferent sympathy,
as solar systems' fate
      lost in darkly orbits,
  relinquished their balance
2.5k · Jul 2015
A taste of Neruda
The passionate propensity
   of waxing moons' passages,
I crave your poetry
    as the air I breathe,
vital spirit aches within intention
    hungering the  blissed taste
       of essential Neruda -
midst the significance of
  rose and topaz
    arrows of wildflowers,
whence your own  scripted
   inclinations unfurl
     searing 'neath my flesh,
   rendering me speechless
      'tween ***** sighs
   I surrender in the exhale
      of a thousand blazing suns
2.4k · Jun 2015
Inordinately Exclusive
Creatively enticing,
   profoundly sensual
  boundlessly experienced,
cryptically presumptive
inordinately exclusive
 effusively lavished,
anesthetized or blatant
allusive beyond ethereal,
metaphorically inferred
criminal insanity

disquiet midst agitation,
peaceably surrendered
illustriously polished
or indubitably raw
    fruitful to a fault - -
in reciprocity's glory be

   quenches thirst,
     satiates a hunger
flourished midst ink's
designed grandeur,
poetry never fails to thrive,
   tripping the light fantastic  
    in its exuberant offering*

Seize the power
2.3k · Aug 2015
Written words decay
Rose petals devoured

   of inky promises

blush off garden passages

  of amaranthine radiance,

written words decayed

  on  bruised vines

   of intertwining madness,

as poetry climbed the

    walls of befallen sunlight
2.3k · Jul 2015
Diagnosed absurdity
graduated *** laude
with a PhD in madness,
practitioner of your
  own philosophy as
    a harbinger of doom,
tales of darkness where
the deck is always stacked,
what's the sense of light
   to a harsh night
or spring's flourish
   to winter's brashness,
you don't need to be
      a rocket scientist
    to diagnose absurdity
2.3k · Jul 2015
Artistic Rapture
Cure me within the seize
     of artistic rapture
capturing human spirit in
      boundless creativity,
lay 'pon my ******* a sonata
    written of affection's simpatico,
whisper me a sonnet
        scripted 'neath my skin,
  soar me to limitless grandeur
     elevated beyond cloud vapors,
beckoning rhythmical renditions of
    abstract layers in love, splendor & art,
amidst the harmony and lavish
            poetry of a soulful heart
2.3k · Jun 2015
Play it backwards
Conjugated amid liberated duality,
     surreptitious catharsis of
        poetic revelations' flip side,
          the underbelly of sentience
  potentially validating perceptions'
          indefinitely extended,
figuratively speaking beyond
      literally unleashed metaphors
             play it backwards, if you dare
daed si luaP  ;)
They say it's darkest before dawn,
    dusky gloom met its match in your shadow
          unreality swears by your delusions,
       compounded in fear of disclosure
              that light at the end of oblivion
                  took revolution's number nine train
Happy Birthday Paul!  June 18, 1942 (age 73 years young)

*The number 9 train had its final day -
went to subway heaven May 27 , 2005*
2.2k · Aug 2015
Labyrinths of Baggage
Baggage within
      trappings of illusions,
love packed away
  in neat little compartments
gathering cobwebs at
     makeshift improvisations,
dusting intermittently
      if by chance a light
           should shine,
never wholly untangling
    the snare
mid a labyrinth of
      transparent entrapment,  
as violin strings continue
      to unlatch the same old key
2.1k · Jul 2015
You have to love Leonard
I have an illustrious dream,
     want to be Leonard
          Cohen's gypsy wife,
he's kissing my lips on
    Boogie Street,
impetuously we dance
    to the end of love
       'til closing time
       midst his secret life,
he serenades me with
     I'm your man
         when we take Manhattan,
bewildered by his poetic beauty there
     waiting for the miracle to happen,
a sip of wine, a cigarette
         in love we disappear,
   here it is, you got me singing
        be that dog in heat,
I'll take this waltz and
   another please, cause
             everybody knows
     I hunger for your touch,
  his famous blue raincoat
         and the dew on my thigh
goes a thousand kisses deep
   in the cave at the tip of the lily
  with its very own breath of brandy,
slipping into the masterpiece
             where Lenny is eternal
If you don't love Leonard Cohen's poetry and music, it probably won't make much sense.
2.1k · Jun 2015
Fell in love with a poet
Fell heal over heads
          in love with a poet,
  he's mostly a rhyme schemer
       likes Poe and his dark Raven,
  in actuality,  I'd fancy him more if
    he were like Pablo Neruda, but I digress
I'm much accurately fashioned after Emily Dickinson
        chasing heaven's June bugs toing and froing,
we'd meet at a perfectly superfluous coffee shop
    he'll be murmuring elegiac pentameter
I'm simply looking to devour precious words,
    we'd argue about abstract destinations,  
            straight forward persuasions and
               premonitions of wayward ink allusions,
some days I want to claw mine own eyes out
               amid all that nonsensical alliteration
  others, I want to rip out embellishments
                   of his black heart's magnification,
he mutters tumult under his breath,
     states he's abundantly sickly tired of all my
         fanatical froufroutant  flourished fantasies,
albeit, we're mild mannered artistes
         of overstatement and simplification
               thus, we continue laying it on thickly
I, with my hyperbolic cuppa tea and honey,
       he's all brass tacks, no nonsense black coffee
ultimately, we reservedly seek gratification,
      envisioning who functionally makes it first
to a finished line of manifestations's publication,
           in eternity's poetic intentions and beyond
For my good friend 'J', yes of course its been spiffed up & embellished!
2.1k · Jun 2015
Stacked pretty maiden games
the damage
has already
    been done
by the time
  brass tacks
rise to
  the surface,
and all the pretty
maidens are stacked
   like Russian wooden
       nesting dolls,*
in an insatiable
  hunger, yearning
   to possess
     the most toys
2.1k · Jul 2015
Spirit of Lady Lazarus
She was a fiery seashell,
  lost 'neath convoluted oceans
     amongst opuses of pure poetry,
artistically outspoken
   'tween invertebrate reality
secretly devouring mankind,
  beware Herr Lucifer,  
she rose from the gaseous chamber
   to live amidst ashes of immortality
         & renowned marital infamy,
      the eternal burning spirit of Lady Lazarus

Out of the ash
I rise with my red hair  
And I eat men like air.

                 - Sylvia Plath
Ode to the one and only illustrious Sylvia
2.1k · Jun 2015
Unqualified existence
I adore you as if
    you were divinity,
   midst shadow's darkness
      and wildflowers' flourish,
cherish your dignified sensibility
       in all spaces without pride,
breathe your complexities and
          simple nature's composure,
where affection prevails 'tween
    sun and moons' compelling power,
savoring your enraptured essence in
           the realm of my own being
   hence, consummating  
             an unqualified existence
You spoke adamantly of gentle courage
     and sharing spring's flourished nectar,
the swooning rhythm of swaying trees
   and the easeful breezes that flow
     'tween endearment's sensibilities,
misty moonbows 'neath dusk's stormy skies
     lavender sunsets midst rosy horizons,
affectation surging amid life's turmoils
     wallowing in self indulgence &
the harmony of olive branch surrender
    and thrumming heart strings of patience,
it was then I comprehended, darkness doesn't
   last a lifetime when lit by love's fortitude
2.0k · Jul 2015
Blue moon swooning
Utterly enchanted 'neath
  mesmerizing constellations,
as an entranced blue moon
    swoons over sparkling
           celestial diamonds,
cello's were eloquently playing
  serenading starry stratospheres  
     within an endearing melody
           and milky ways of poetry,
simultaneously syncopating
   strumming pizzicato heartstrings,
tuning our harmonious passages
      of rhythm and rhyme 'pon
apricot mist sunset horizons &
   seraphic skies rendered of
          lapis lazuli sunrise grandeur
1.9k · Jul 2015
Scent of Betrayal
Her perfume smelled of cheap Musk,
      tobacco and passion flowers,
the scent of betrayal lingered
         long after she had retreated
Inhale deeply of the seas

  whilst your days are youthful

   and lips blush with dawn,

surrender your passion

to enchantment 'pon  the

      ***** of wildflowers' bloom,

dance within winds' touched beyond

     fiery kisses of sensuality's desire,

allow your affections to waft midst

   heartfelt poetry & lustful love songs,

feel the earth between your toes,

   before sensibility denies passage

   and your eyes become a vintage flush

     'tween life's unkind shades of blue,

& what was once unveiled amid moonbows

     on hot summers' reminiscent twilights
1.8k · Jun 2015
Chambord recollections
Chambord recollections,
   exhaling smoky vapors,
wisps of  Madagascar aromatics
midst a French Château dream,
  dipped in honeysuckle reminisces
  of cardamom spice and the pungent
zest of once 'neath a midnight legend
She was gooey like maple syrup

     & marshmallow s'mores,

stronger than  a mountain lion

    protecting her cubs,

wore prescription rose-tinted

     sunglasses with GPS,

she'd been around long enough

   to see through most of the

         flimflam and negativity,

was agile enough to laugh at

      her own cheeky caricature,

wouldn't put up with the travesty

   'neath debauchery's cunning

still, she wondered as most do,

  what was to become of a world

so engrossed in the overthrow

    & disparaging mockery of others

she bade her time waiting to grow

    older and wiser in hopes

she'd be around long enough

      to experience a sunrise view

            in universal accordance

      before her own last sunset

                  ultimately bit the dust,  

         burning in all-inclusive ashes
1.8k · Jul 2015
Conspicuous pomposity
A jaundiced adaptation
    of fillers raucous threats

attempts obsolete mimicking
   in a conspicuous pomposity
     of disfigured reckonings  

slipped us the tongue of your
    ostentatious audacity
mid judgmental manifestations

Disengaged, as our eyes grew dim
     ' neath the masquerade
            of multiplex duplicity

**who the ******* do you think you are?
1.8k · Jun 2015
It's Raining Mad Dogs
Men are mad dogs,
 women, finessed felines
we'd no sooner claw
    your eyes out
than admit you're right,
we'll undoubtedly,
without hesitation - -
use our feminine wiles,
to get our own way,
and you bloodhounds
   best get used to it
or no ***** for you
    tonight, or any given day

We've got the upper paw...MEow

And, if you're a bird dog
   well, that's a whole other story,
no telling what could happen

Okay men, don't get your boxers in a flurry, it's all in fun! ;)

My inspiration...see, it was hardly my fault!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." -Robert A. Heinlein
1.7k · Jun 2015
Double blunderbuss shot
On misty recalled mornings
  'pon a haze of vindication's wake
  you can still hear their whispers
    echoing through distressed treetops,
they were lovingly planted midst
         meadow's wildflower embrace
    gazing into the depths of surmise,
         planning their rendezvous to forever*

when her husband abruptly surprised them
      with a double blunderbuss shotgun blast,
            right between their cheating hearts

   ~ *if you listen intently, their spirits
               linger still amid bluff's bluster
1.7k · Jun 2015
pretense behind closed eyes
Felt the pretense behind closed eyes,
  composed vibrations of rhetoric              
   freelancing in executing ignis fatuus

drank the kool-aid of your own grandeur
   a punch drunk conviction's onus
   in false pretenses of a  mislead head trip

a study in contradiction's convulsions
    simmered of half past lucid judgement,
   junctures of reality submersed
      in cloudy formations
        impervious to reasoning*

...a saga written upon piqued skies of indifference
1.7k · Aug 2015
Love's final chapter
Still hunger for your skin,
  thirsting the lips that
   once melded into mine
one last blissful night together
  flowing of wine and passion,
never suspecting you were
   letting me down easy,
our hearts were in sync -
      or so I was led to believe
   veiled in ecstasy,
    a cruelty worse than death
      in the least, dying has a final chapter
1.7k · Jun 2015
Evermore eyes
evermore eyes so bright
they could pierce starlight,
a twinkling wonderment
     of an infectious smile,
the ultimate sentiment
   'pon a captivated heart
  in a tender child's
    earnest devotion of
       unyielding adoration
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