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Bellissima Jul 18
They say that the eyes
are windows to the soul,
crystal clues of truth,

but in yours they're black holes,
pensively deep, sweet
gravitational pulls

and I am core shaken,
captivated and nulled.
A parking spot is a location
A mug is just a cup
Why am I fixating
On things that don't mean that much
A shirt is not a statement
But these things are adding up
And I am captivated by
Someone who doesn't give a ****
I think I'm losing my mind
It's all up in the air
Our days were numbered from the start
And I don't know why I care
You're still driving me crazy
You insinuated things you wouldn't dare
You crossed every line I drew
Making me fall in love was never fair
MicMag Aug 2018
You completely captivate me
totally enamored of You
and so much more

Counting on You (3 of 10)
a countdown series - poems of decreasing length, each using You as the first and last word
Amanda Jun 2018
I am captivated by your beauty
Help me clear my clouded eyes
Forgive me for thinking my sight must be foggy
It's just that you're perfect, you must be sent from the skies.
Did it hurt?
Ron May 2018
I'm hooked
I'll admit it
The way your eyes light up the room
It makes everything else diminish
I can't look away
I'm captivated
CA Smith Apr 2018
My thoughts,
you take hold of them.
I replay every moment we spend in my head.
In my mind you become that film from childhood,
filled with nostalgia and comfort.

My words,
if only I could find them,
I would save the sweetest for you.

My soul,
flowing like a brook in the summer,
you dip your toes in the stream.
I feel your presence,
and it fills me with vigor.

My feelings
They are now free,
free to run,
free to fly away,
to find new pastures,
Yet instead they lie next to you,
slumbering, entranced in your peace.

My past,
a torn apart ship drowned in the ocean,
suddenly becomes forgotten.
Ancient hurts and ancient pains,
the wounds become fresh again,
and they become healed.

My doubts,
tearing, fighting, screaming at me.
They demand my attention.
Now their voice is lost.
Yours I hear instead,
and it calls me,
reminding me of a future,
cemented in trust.

It's a feeling,
a thought,
an emotion,
untarnished and true.
And now, at last,
I've found it in you.
An intimate poem for someone very close to me. I don't always share poetry that I write like this, but a friend of mine encouraged me to make it public, so I hope you enjoy it.
Cassidy Jackson Aug 2017
you pulse through my skin

you spill out of my eyes

you grow inside my lungs

you strain my movements

you lock yourself against my chest
Michael Lechner Mar 2017
You inspired me
to write this poem

You were the one
who captivated my heart
with your beauty
and your charm

So if I prattle on
about love and life
and laughter 
don't blame me

It's all your fault
you see?

For it was you who
inspired me

© Michael Lechner
Kerli Tulva Feb 2017
You walk on the edge
of the world
you smile and jest
without realising
how dangerously close
you are to be captivated
and forever confined
in the devilish melancholy,
sweetly savoured uncertain life.
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