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FC Azaele May 2021
I read your lips,
stained red from the wine you tasted and drank in one go,
The words you say
So captivating and smooth like water flow

Your eyes scan the crowd
My heart fleeting as it meets mine
It glimmers like a lighthouse amongst the loud noise;
Scintillating, I wouldn’t dare forget that shine
Heated, It guides my presence to be closer to yours —  Restraint.
I could barely keep my poise

O’ How I long to be the center of your gaze
as it captures another,
I long yearn, yet knowing I cannot, to be your lover
I, aloof as I am, shutter away
No longer having a reason to stay
“... Perhaps, I’ll be given another day.”
Kashish Lahrani Sep 2020
We spent hours witnessing the fall of leaves in autumn
The way they swayed away with the breeze
A bonfire in the moonlight and you by my side
I wish I would've wished for the time to freeze.
I never wanted to wave the final goodbye, you had me captivated
Instead, all I urged was us to lay on the ground, love and tease
And do nothing but gaze at the falling leaves
Feel the air in my hair and together breathe out all the grief.
colette alexia Mar 2020
You said that you were quiet
Because you were really tired
But I don't really buy it anymore

He told me that he's quiet
Captivated by my smile
I said baby now that's more like it
Poetic T Feb 2020
She was neve going to be in white,
              neutrality was never

going to be her hue.

She was telling the world a message..

Her gown, was onyx silk woven
                 like Cinderella had told the
arachnids  to create beauty in the night
            it fell entrapping on any who gazed

upon its woven radiance.

She walked down the isle and with each step,
                                at least five were captivated

in the webbing of her beauty,
                       walking beyond there view.

All entombed within the elegance
             that captured them.

She was the spider weaving a web of beauty
           that captured every eye.

And the man was her prey, he smiled
          lost in the moment of her captivation.

I do, I do,  and both were entangled
within the
                             eyes of each.

This moment was silk ropes tied to each others
         and now they'll weave them every step

                          they collect together.
Grey Dec 2019
Looking in your eyes
I know I'd do anything
just to make you smile~
Shannon Spivey Nov 2018
A parking spot is a location
A mug is just a cup
Why am I fixating
On things that don't mean that much
A shirt is not a statement
But these things are adding up
And I am captivated by
Someone who doesn't give a ****
I think I'm losing my mind
It's all up in the air
Our days were numbered from the start
And I don't know why I care
You're still driving me crazy
You insinuated things you wouldn't dare
You crossed every line I drew
Making me fall in love was never fair
MicMag Aug 2018
You completely captivate me
totally enamored of You
and so much more

Counting on You (3 of 10)
a countdown series - poems of decreasing length, each using You as the first and last word
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