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Identical Twins
Share A Bond
Though has yet
To be proven

A fascinating subset
Of the population
We study them like mice

So much to learn!
Especially when special

They did to me...

They never spent
A single night in
A straight

Not one single night
They tried

To exorcise me
In a hospital
In SLC, Utah at


Twins can be
But I

Think there was
An unfair
You are It!
Ha ha funny poem
Do you believe in magic?
I love beef
I love chicken
I love fish

I love
We call

But you called it

And now every
So often I

Sometimes while

Sometimes while

I see it smiling and

I still eat meat
Just not the same

I do it with hope
I'll be strong enough
One day

To emotionally

No More
Aspiring Vegan
Marcella Faye Apr 2019
Seems to be
Burning down
And swallowed
By the night.

Within your head
And spins
With inceptions
Of grey.

Webbing them
Together in
Such grace,
But in a mass
Of lies.

It digs you up
From the inside
And exploding
Into the surface
That's left behind.
Aybidee Apr 2019
I would love
I would live
I wouldn't cry
just to get a grade out of my mind
I wouldn't hide
just to protect my last peace of mind
I would go
I would "hangout"
I wouldn't fade
into reality for a split second
I wouldn't confess
keeping the gene helps
I would...
I would...
wouldn't i?
If I did
Vii HunniD Nov 2018
The 7th dream was already in limbo.
It takes a thought to make up an idea.
While in the subconscious world of,
Persevering an idea through the means of thoughts
That was passed on in a dream (Inception)...
the titanium sun
never ceases to rise

in the realm were
everything is
but your eyes

and when you
seem to fail and falter

in a static realm
reality can alter
and in here
you're never
the wiser
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
I’m definitely Matrixed in,
feel like every girlfriend is a program,
feel like every experience is a dream,
feel like I don’t feel anything at all now,

maybe I’m a machine,
maybe I’m not a human being,
maybe I’m more cyborg than Sapien,
maybe I’m more electron than neuron,

and maybe none of this matters,

maybe we’re cogs in the vehicle,
maybe we’re abnormal cyborgs,
more flamboyant than incog,
more insignificant and important,

and maybe I’m special,
and maybe I do stand out more than most,
but at the end of the day I don’t think it matters,
because when it’s all said and done everything is just dust,

no justice,
it’s justice,
feeling a bit awkward and bazaar,
suspecting that they spiked the fruit punch,

and I don’t know for sure that none of this is real,
but I do have a pretty strong hunch,

want fresh squeezed not pre-made,
want a spontaneous feeling not an automated response,
want to stay here with you for as long as I can,
but I think that might be impossible because I’m probably already gone,

so please say something real or say nothing at all,
constantly trying to find ways to reaffirm our existence,
that’s why I still go out socialize and initiate relationships,
even though every time I do it all feels sterile cliche and pre-rehearsed,  

but maybe that’s because we’re living in a Matrix,

I’m definitely Matrixed in,
feel like every girlfriend is a program,
feel like every experience is a dream,
feel like I don’t feel anything at all now…

∆ LaLux ∆
nawke Jun 2018
What does the good heart ask
Who are still remain to compete
When a disease remains un defeat
Where on deathbed at the feet
Will I waste my last words so sweet
Why  "Do you see, I won? "
Arnauld Jarvis Jun 2017
Let's have some coffee, shall not we?
Are you hungry?
No, why?
You have a playful deluge to propagate, do not you?
Your eyes blaze vividly like sky
And? The whole street's quivering by luxurious lights
The clouds strive to squeeze amongst each other
What's recrudescing?
Get up! thunders doodle  the sands
I got bored of coffee
With such clouds amidst the sun'll be discombobulated
Are my eyes still blazing?
Oh, stop chuckling
It's not me! listen! the wind blubbers and woes don't you wonder why,?
A blizzard's ambulating?
Observe those odd bolts!
Want to race?
You think you'll be rejuvenated?
By the inception sunshine, wasn't we to bloom blows?
How bizarre now! you forgot the cup of yours
I'll imbibe love without you! will you please, catch me?
If I don't want to scratch me!
Your kiss mangles me delicately
Look.. I believe I cannot inhale
The billows of zest, touchy how you are!
The sea becomes boring to behold
It's whether we play or hunt
Dull, warm lasting not night
Hold my hand
What? we'll in such transcendence, dance?
Let's demonstrate our demons
You are drunk bliss
Some coffee?
It's a pulchritudinous oblivion! no
You utilise love as toy
I just connect the tiles
It was not  only the sun who was discombobulated.Thanks for perusing it.
Viji Suresh Sep 2016
Dreams keep me awake;
When my eyes slowly shut...
You stole your way in,
Swimming the tears,                
Holding the eye ridge,
You peeped in to your reflection...
Your reflection, peeped in to its,
Another you,  another reflection,                               Another you,  another reflection,
Another you,  another reflection,
You stole your way in...  
As my eye lashes shut down..
You were trapped a thousand times..
Dreams after dreams,
And now....
A thousand dream keeps us awake...
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