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Counting stars to all
    the ways
you broke my heart
There's a lunatic in my mirror.
abstract endings assaulting

     pedestrian beginnings,

save yourself before

    you're too late

    for your own game,

choking on bourgeois

  mind-control  interludes

under a spell of

    plebeian sugarcoated reality

  whitewashed with

   iridescent rainbow colors

     and unicorn attitudes,

come out, come out

  wherever you are

    from behind

    those glossed over walls

     and blush-fogged glasses,

jack and jill weren't

   fetching at all,

he royally ******* her

   on the way down,

there's a world beyond

   blanched veneers

      and vanilla excuses

    concealed in resolute

       conventional facade's

           of vindication
He's that guy that slays you,
    always charming, ready &
       eager to lend a helping hand,
  a garish smile tucked in his hip pocket  --
    he's your friendly next door neighbor,
         the quintessential serial killer
Ink staining blank pages,
sentiments caught fire

blurb in the moment,
a notion for the ages

simple inspiration's  nectar,
provocation's bedevilment

mockingbird of emotions
all that is sacred and trivial

tempting a blind ear to hear
invoking silent eyes to see

tainted lips to sing for eternity
asunder notes of parchment

one's own big blast of creation
*poetry in the making
They say the grass is greener
On the other side
Which makes me wonder what color grass they see
When they look at mine

People are never satisfied
with their token hue,
gardens perceive many views 'neath blue moons
yet still seek to plant their own rose colored seeds

But with the hand of seed comes a heart in need
To plant where they will thrive
And when we look at our lives deep
We see a parched land much too dry

Upgrading new playgrounds 'tween picket transplants
only proves to drain emotional fence posts,
there's no satisfaction in elevation's turf ventures
proof grows amuck the dark sod of every plot perused
His belly full up

    of castigation,

she could finally

      shed her tears

'neath thundering


'til the giant was

       once again roused,

    to commence forthwith


          another imperfect storm
Cure me within the seize
     of artistic rapture
capturing human spirit in
      boundless creativity,
lay 'pon my ******* a sonata
    written of affection's simpatico,
whisper me a sonnet
        scripted 'neath my skin,
  soar me to limitless grandeur
     elevated beyond cloud vapors,
beckoning rhythmical renditions of
    abstract layers in love, splendor & art,
amidst the harmony and lavish
            poetry of a soulful heart
And the bell tolled in
  ascertained moments,
    as the moon
      rounded gold dust,
             ashes to infinity*

there are no last chances
       in surmised sunrises
The passionate propensity
   of waxing moons' passages,
I crave your poetry
    as the air I breathe,
vital spirit aches within intention
    hungering the  blissed taste
       of essential Neruda -
midst the significance of
  rose and topaz
    arrows of wildflowers,
whence your own  scripted
   inclinations unfurl
     searing 'neath my flesh,
   rendering me speechless
      'tween ***** sighs
   I surrender in the exhale
      of a thousand blazing suns
Lugging overstuffed baggage,
          packed away midst
       unwritten poetry's carry on
inspired by Soulsuvivor's frozen rose
You're the perfection
     of thunder & lightning
like Bogart & Bacall,
    Marilyn & DiMaggio
a breathless view of Monet's allure ,
     midst abstract Picasso's wonder
Beethoven's 5th and silly love tunes,
    complexity in contradictions
    simplicity of minimalism,
         apples and oranges
  cuppa tea with honey
     spiked with something toxic,
nice with the just the right amount of naughty
you're the poetry in my endearment,
   harmony playing my affection's song
       thrumming in satiated indulgences
She is essence of la bella donna,
    herein lies the paradigm mid
       ***** pearls & nightshade's poison,
exhales echoes of dark crescent moons &
        sandalwood's perfumed incense
burning sentience of duality's seasonings
   'tween contradiction 'neath her own breath,
  born to gypsy souls 'twixt a solar eclipse
    she worried naught what society thought,
her poetry was incalculably beyond measure
     neither less than or more than incurable,
   rendered nuances as a badge of significant honor
      gaily whirling beyond distinctive contrasts,
            'neath importance of individuality's calling
      amidst her own unique indulgent nature,
                  dazzling sensuality's intrinsic whimsy
La Bella Donna is 'the beautiful woman' in Italian. Belladonna is also
a drug prepared from the leaves and root of deadly nightshade plants.
Poet took a grandiose leap of faith,
   amid a big swig of moonbeams
   dabbling toes beyond starry galaxies
Milky Way spun in translations
    Pluto still looked perplexed,
Big Dipper gave a smart **** grimace
    wondering what the hell was
   going on 'neath the stratosphere
   when human beings can't keep
       their heads above ambiguous clouds
            feet  firmly planted on ground,
delving lofty heaven's bliss
     escaping the wrath of hell's fire,
  aggrandizing endless poesy that
absorbs sparks of a universal desire
        never phasing sun's obstinance,
   but, if you believe in poetry
      there's no telling where
        boundless skies will surrender**

...and the man in the moon tilted on his axis in a
    backward's spiral and unabashedly winked
A lecherous
demeanor burnt
the tongue,
like cheesy solicitations in
antagonistic ruminations of
ventured conjecture, churning
sputtered calculations,
a tactile exercise
    in the biting tang  of
eviscerating maceration
regurgitating bitter sediment,
unctuous residue
   slid down the throat,
the aftertaste remained
   long after it was digested
The healing powers of poetry

   cannot be overlooked, nor denied,

aspects of life's absurdities & wonder

unfurled in translatable surrender

juxtaposition of souls midst passages,

  written words of purged sentiments

sharing humanity's scripted similarities

        bled upon pages of deliverance
Eyes went blank
     in humanity's stare,
  blinded by the stark
        reality of blood
seeping from every
         pore of mankind
Secrets drowning in blood
         steeped depictions,
cunningly smothered
  of familial tied executions,
heredity oft an unkind
     sacramental entanglement,
deeply rooted in
   disparaging divisions,
disintegrated 'neath ashes
      of unresolved deliverance
The universe shifted,
barely anyone heeded
    reality's harsh course,
  'til the earth purged
every plastic contradiction
   bent upon shores' conflicts,
a tsunami of relevant citations
    and replenishing proportions
  clashed upon discordance of
    newly christened blood horizons
Blood kissed her lips
  'pon the bane of madness,
wary of world's
         sans conscience,
she conjured her own destiny    
   as silently admonished winds
      withered the existence
        of dawning creations,
    in the name of the father and
       turbulent humility,
          beyond reproached deliverance
Utterly enchanted 'neath
  mesmerizing constellations,
as an entranced blue moon
    swoons over sparkling
           celestial diamonds,
cello's were eloquently playing
  serenading starry stratospheres  
     within an endearing melody
           and milky ways of poetry,
simultaneously syncopating
   strumming pizzicato heartstrings,
tuning our harmonious passages
      of rhythm and rhyme 'pon
apricot mist sunset horizons &
   seraphic skies rendered of
          lapis lazuli sunrise grandeur
She was costly Bordeaux
  he was recycled biker leather,
her classic affluent beauty
  yearned for motorcycle thrills,
she lifted him up a grade
     he brought her down to street level,
  they fused at steamy rush hours
   under trafficked high ways,
    pursuant to reckless merging
                   reality's intersections accelerated            
   crashing expedited speed limits,
       would never again drive
  mid smoothly paved junctures
             at the standard rate of normal
Paused on the veranda
  for a poetic tête-à-tête,
we sipped vintage wine
  and spoke of days gone hither
      when we were much greener,
  tripping the nimbly light
   and guzzling cheap beer into
      the wee hours of night's obscurity,
wiser and older, yet still imagining
        one day we'll conquer the world,
resigned to this present moment
     we comfortably reminisce,
               midst the effervescent
                                bubbly of reality
Like the alarming abandon
          & disarray of Jackson Pollack,
    equally beguiling disciplined
       skills in the classical baroque
         airs of Antonio Vivaldi,
   midst the wonderment and
          wanderlust of a child,
      I'm awe inspired, unfurled betwixt
          your captivating demeanor
You know who you are...
Chambord recollections,
   exhaling smoky vapors,
wisps of  Madagascar aromatics
midst a French Château dream,
  dipped in honeysuckle reminisces
  of cardamom spice and the pungent
zest of once 'neath a midnight legend
A spirited moon
   'neath furtive glances,
      anguished of despair
looked upon hushed
  entangled constellations
      and heeded a warning,
for he knew well of lavishing
    recherché intricacies,
mattered naught how exquisite
  nothing lasting could come
    of liaisons's effusive grandeur,
       'tween clandestine stargazers
You may not recognize me
     'til you hear the music playing,
  capriccio of a mellifluous heart
      dancing upon destiny's moons,
  speechless neath euphonical clouds'
              yearning euphoric poetry
compelled 'pon parchment

amid lustful indulgences

of grandiloquent gusto,

neath combustible blood --

   lies the soul of a poet
Mutual destruction,
    ultimately assured
      by complicit lovers
   who pursue duplicity
A jaundiced adaptation
    of fillers raucous threats

attempts obsolete mimicking
   in a conspicuous pomposity
     of disfigured reckonings  

slipped us the tongue of your
    ostentatious audacity
mid judgmental manifestations

Disengaged, as our eyes grew dim
     ' neath the masquerade
            of multiplex duplicity

**who the ******* do you think you are?
Your garden was lush
   with poetic wildflowers
yet, darkness swayed its spirit
    'neath teeming salt tear hazes,
  tried to enrich the soil but
    ground cover was defensive,
hardened by winters' of
   contrary disconnectedness
For a good friend's special day...
Unload your vetted earnings
    in the collection baskets,
small price to pay 
    for holy water's kickback,
God thundered an indignant snort
    'pon gold filled prospered coffers      
within corporate excesses                 
   of enriched gaudy churches
wondering when HIS word
  had begotten misconstrued
     in clergy's interpretations
      of powers' self-aggrandizement
       and pontificating gratification;

whilst the huddled masses
    were starving midst the pews
Yes, I know this one is controversial. To each his/her own.
Crimson poppies shot through  
    deadened ****** soil
midst fields of deliverance,
    as every mother's tears rained
    upon sanguinary retribution
She wafted on the breezes
of mindless swaying treetops,
    her world was a sheltered oyster
      in ocean's iridescent indulgence
there was no breadth of sea's depth,
merely a curiosity's naiveté that rescued
      her spirit through many a dark eventide
Music written to
     the sound of rain,
patters of notes upon
    slick windowpanes                
mesmerizing a day
        of reminiscence,
when two hearts
    danced between drizzle
poetic fractured retractions
   gnashing night prayers,
scribbling braille,
     written sideways
 dipped amid holy water's retention,
compromising statements
     of disbelief's proclamation
spinning music the color
     of nakedly sick ******, yet
burnished souls keep on ticking
   half past total trade-offs
   in a spoonful of smoky reflections
         sans sugar's acid trip,
anointed of rose red
        ****** false pretenses
dancing off center
       in disillusioned
   pirouettes of pseudo redemption,
whirling out of control on
         staged tapestry's loftiness
surrendered ballet slippers
        in blistered half promises,
as twisted metaphors sprightly
       tuned out spun anomalies
below birds on a rusty wire tweeting
     admissions of blue's cobalt execution,
rendered inky alterations' inquisitions
        'pon pedaled pink fluff profundity,
exhaling paroxysms of engaged poetry
    in vehemently enraged deliverance,
naught one is ever as they seem
  through pigmented film 'neath
    figment's imagined looking glass
           of ingratiated grand delusions
Pondering on diffused starlight,
  dandelions caught rapid fire
     when a glimpse of wishes
       went up in smoky embers,
hence the skies opened up
   as it rained crystal clarity,
neath each cloud burst
  a message of compunction
      for the earth was uneasy,
  that no one cared enough
    to take good care of its bounty
       and the wonders that be,
    as puddling imperfections
          of liquefied vigilance
     within teardrops of deliverance,
            cleansed its wounds once again**

                           *in yet another chance
He thought her a protagonist
  she couldn't live up to his glory be,
  utter weariness of malcontent &
     disdain's ennui kept her
blood vines of once thriving
    poetic wildflowers depleted in
spaces between the tarnished lines,
    aptly blurred in the vastitude of gray
       skies' darkly reproached reality
death of a poet,
in retrospect
it starts out
ever so gradually,
ink dries up
without warning,
and veins purged
of blood, are now empty
chambers of depleted poetry
graduated *** laude
with a PhD in madness,
practitioner of your
  own philosophy as
    a harbinger of doom,
tales of darkness where
the deck is always stacked,
what's the sense of light
   to a harsh night
or spring's flourish
   to winter's brashness,
you don't need to be
      a rocket scientist
    to diagnose absurdity
There were shades of tranquility
    aching 'neath civilization's cry,
still blood was shed amid glorified
  borders of battlefield's convoluted calling,
each magnified footprint pooled crimson
   filled of ideologue's disenchantment
     midst revolutions of ill-chosen power,
       marching to the drumbeat of fool's gold
She meekly chased after
nonexistent moonbeams
  in rose fashioned pipe
       dreamt illusions,
as visual stimuli to
        rock her existence
of inklings' stark impressions
  inciting some exertion
       in her bland universe,
she was ever so ordinarily dull
even her reflection in the
    deepest sapphire seas,  
  appeared as drab dishwater
she lived in a world of her
   own fabricated deception
still, she wondered why every
   impaled consequence was an
   arranged shade of washed-out gray
I dissected your poetry,
  read between the lines
    different than mine,
perhaps our sentiments
  don't exactly jive
 nor rhyme in their profundity,
dissimilar perspectives
   in verbosity's distinction
    as fantasies are vastly unique,
our dichotomy mutually exclusive
yet, we bleed the same colors
   as our spaces blur into each other
On misty recalled mornings
  'pon a haze of vindication's wake
  you can still hear their whispers
    echoing through distressed treetops,
they were lovingly planted midst
         meadow's wildflower embrace
    gazing into the depths of surmise,
         planning their rendezvous to forever*

when her husband abruptly surprised them
      with a double blunderbuss shotgun blast,
            right between their cheating hearts

   ~ *if you listen intently, their spirits
               linger still amid bluff's bluster
When doves faltered

   and babies cried,

hence blood was shed

   in the name of the Father,

as every mother's breast

  was purged of her child

grown to a man, only to die

  defending his brother's religion,

and no human was spared

   the wrath of wartime communion

in contradictions of holy water's delusions
Estranged in summer rains'

       landscaped  dissolution

       evincing season's discontent

      neath sun's suffocating alienation;

used to rhyme with warmth

             and effulgent delectation,

   emotional realms fizzled in a

              heated  halfhearted sizzle

            of down-pour's restless manifestations
Blame it on the rain...
Fill my glass
  of vintage
  top it til the
bubbly overflows,
   as memoirs
    & recollections
     beyond lucid
   hungover midst
       an endless
         toasting of
Cheers, have a great weekend!
media holocaust dumbing down society
  matriculating detachment's spineless dump,
weapons of mass distraction's convergence  
assimilating adaptation's explored transmissions
   in conversions of auxiliary's pseudo-redemption
    anxiety cast in embittered expulsions of
ubiquitous foghorns flailing in numbing flat notes,
   off key in theatrical productions' translation
failure to cease & desist standby sub-humanity,
     close-captioned in radioactive hieroglyphics
                  on the walls of expectations' exasperation
Horizons faded amongst
dusky ether's premonitions,
landscapes pulverized - -
no longer distinguishable,
as dust settled into the crevices
of what used to be
Mother Nature's greatest gift
Let us run freely hand in hand
   in Elysian fields of resplendent grass,
where tranquil existence lies
      beyond skies of incertitude
         whence ambiguity doesn't rhyme,
and empathy's rapport  plays in the hearts
  of all those who cherish the melody of peace,
      swimming in rivers of abundant harmony
    and dance 'pon the ether of communion's serenity*

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field,
                                            I'll meet you there...."  Rumi
One of my favorite quotes.
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