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Nicole Oct 2021
Tiny screens hide big feelings.
Tell me you love me so I can breathe.
Sweet words wrap around my heart.
Constricting until I'm high
And can't feel the fear anymore.
I need to know what's real.
I know it isn't all lies,
But I can't find the line.
Blinded by electric energy,
Coursing through my limbs.
I love this and I hate this.
Convenient and damning.
The warmth of emotion permeates,
But it can't reach my core.
The anxiety and pain are rampant there.
I don't want to feel them.
I don't feel safe.
But I can't bring others down with me.
I need to face myself empty handed.
Let the emotions burn through me.
I know that I am fire proof.
So when the flames flicker to nothingness,
And I'm alone with the darkness,
I will be most simply
And most purely
cleo Dec 2020
your skin on mine;
we lie here

with fingers interlaced
and our eyes locked
then with legs intertwined
and my head cocked
in the crook of your neck

here is where i feel safest;
my skin on yours
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Genuine polite and humble men are often misunderstood and tagged as flirty.May be because they are rarest of all the species , I guess.
Jenna Mar 2019
I rather be a single, petite daisy,
compared to a bouquet of thorny,
seductive dripped red roses
who get all the bees attention
while I get a beautiful, delicate butterfly
On the day we met,
you hooked me with your laugh
and hilarious demeanor.

On the day we met,
all it took was my name being
said from your lips for you to catch me.

On the day we met,
you laughed at my blondness
and still give me crap for it.

On the day we met,
nothing else mattered
as we travelled across the universe.

On the day we met,
you didn't have to say anything
for me to know exactly what you were thinking.

On the day we met,
the message I received was innocent
until you heard me speak.

On the day we met,
you said you were surprised
by my voice and quiet nature.


On the day we met,
I had you hooked
with my easy-going disposition.

On the day we met,
nothing could stop us
being flirty with each other.

On the day we met,
I entrapped you
with my words.

On the day we met,
we became friends
and warmth was born.

On the day we met,
I made you jealous
by playing with your friends.

On the day we met,
those feelings
became so much more.

On the day we met,
I was told of your affection
and spoke my own.
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2018
Feeling alive lying here
delicious thoughts spinning
around , dancing wildly about
If you could read my mind
I wonder what you'd say
How'd you look at me
Oh come on it'd be fun
Laughing out loud
just at the thought

©Jennifer L DeLong 4/18
Hidden Glace Feb 2018
I love your smile
all quiet, and cute
but flirty, [****?]

I'm not good with words, I guess
but you know, you make me smile
and that's just one reason that

I love you
and all of your fragile pieces
it doesn't count, by the way
Jennifer DeLong Jan 2018
Make a wish
I'm your genie
One or Two
I'll show you

Magic is in me
Dare me to come out
and Grant for you
A wish or two

There is
Just one thing
Careful what you wish
Cause you just
may like this genie
and what she grants
For you

I am feeling nice
got a feeling
This wish you have
May just make me
Unleash my magic
As you see
Look into me
Rub my bottle
Wish is granted © Jennifer L Dlg
Cné Dec 2017
From below
Desire climbs
Up the channels
Of my mind
Shot of whiskey
Glass of wine
Now the ladies
Are looking fine
From the top
Going down
Love strikes fast
When I'm around

From within
My idle mind
Sparks a flame
Of desire design
A shot of whiskey
A glass of wine
Now all the men
Are lookin fine
A little flirt
A little smile
I think I’ll stay
A little while

Traveler Tim
& Cné
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