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So sweet,
I continue to eat
I get so sugar high
I want to fly
I rise to my feet
dance to the beat
of roses dying
and children crying
Through the tears of the weak i find my meaning
And i just keep singing and i just keep eating
So hungry...
i found you
in the
darkest parts

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
I am always losing friends,
my love never meets their ends,
i never amount to what they wish,
i never serve them the right dish,
of care and love,
now i am just a dead dove,
i am suffocated in dying peace,
drowning in it as if it were grease,
please don't leave me in this despair,
i will lose my mind but they won't care,
the always leave,
i never receive,
the love i know i deserve,
to think they have enough nerve,
to take my everything,
and not one gift of love they bring,
i am done with friends for life,
they are nothing but sickness and strife.
s Willow Jan 8
The darkest place in the world is not a cave,
not a room with no windows,
nor even a real place.
The darkest place is my mind.

The darkest place sounds like a place with nothing,
no people,
no sound,
But there is always something going on.
Someone, something, a beast, a villain.
Talking to me.

Most don’t believe me that they’re real.
The ones that do believe don’t hear them.
Constantly in pain from the thoughts and never ending sounds.

The voices started off with just one,
then another one came, then more, and more.
Now everyday more come, more leave.
The ones that leave never come back.
The ones that come never stay.
They always leave.
Except the first one.

They say, not to name something you don’t want to get attached to but,
that’s what I did.
he’s loud, mean, annoying, but somehow I have come to like him.
Funny, helpful, reason and logic.
No one hears our conversations, only me and him.
The arguing and fighting with him brings me happiness.

The darkest place is not a real place, but our own minds.
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
How am i waiting
But at the same time
Am not
I check my phone every sec
Just looking for a text from you
But all am actually doing
Is looking for someone
To be here
No talking
No ****
Just stay with me
For a while
Until i get back on my feet again
That all i need when
Am falling
Into my darkest phases
R May 2018
Sometimes, you have to look back at your darkest past
to realize how bright your present is.
Yusof Asnan May 2018
He'd come in your
darkest hour.
Pull you out to
the light.
Cleaned you up.
Teach you who to
never fall again.
And by then, He
will release you
of your sorrows.

Damien Carmer Apr 2018
Whisper it, don't let them hear.
Be careful; it's them you should fear.
Follow them, do what they say,
And for your sake, don't run away.
Their hearts are as black as black can be.
Their souls chill you to the bone, don't you see?
They'll lure you into their arms and tear you apart.
Then they'll **** the blood out of your heart,
Leave you gasping for air that surrounds you.
I know it sounds unreal, like it's not true,
But don't look at them, don't ask who they are.
Their darkness surrounds us from afar.
Don't provoke them, don't make them mad,
For if you do, the outcome could be bad.
The demons will rise through the land.
The darkness will clasp your cold, icy hand.
You'll remember all your darkened power,
And the demons will rise in the night's darkest hour.
They'll lead you to a darker path,
And you'll be the one to unleash the demon's wrath.
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