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Johnny walker Jun 28
I've probably travelled my deepest darkest days since my sweetheart passed away almost two years to  that dreadful
Sunk to my lowest I've ever been In my life I've been to Hell and back so many times through my sad loss
of my darling
Felt so many times like giving up on life couldn't see a way through life without my wife life seemed so
At times just wanted to lock my self away It  seemed to me no option did I have devastated by the loss of my dear
But some how I've found an inner strength to carry on through my loss has come my way  a will to keep on fighting to the
YusufKudsi Jun 12
In the middle of the desert lost and hopeless
I found my North star at my darkest moment
It gave me hope and showed me the way
I fell in love with a shining star
She was bright but faraway
Eric Apr 14
Rain ............ Freezing rain yet again
One of those days where the morning never ends.and tomorrow can't wait to begin . I think of myself as my own friend . I see myself often enough to pretend . I can't even kid around no matter how many letters I send . I keep dreaming a life like a tree where I climb to the top to see the end . Then it's on repeat where I fall back down again . I sit here and there in silence to mend . Before I stand back up an climb once more like I meant. On sunny days I put up my tent , because sometimes that energy , I don't get . I Kindle a fire so farfetched. That I would just love to forget. I'm not quite okay yet . Just me , my friend , and I , we've all met . and everytime the **** gets heavy , we jet. We run through forests and hills till we fall into a unforgettable pit . And we sit , in silence , and wait for how dark it can get .
Osiria Melody Mar 22
I. struggle
my apologies:
i'm sorry for letting you down
i'm sorry for soundly sleeping upset you
i'm sorry for interrupting your words,
but i'm tired of your manipulation.

II. tension
fishing line:
you take me out of the comforting waters
you make me breathe in the air of toxic
you lure me in with your bait of deception,
but i'm tired of believing your lies.

III. escape
just leave:
thank you for teaching me how to myself respect
thank you for pushing me to become stronger
thank you for orchestrating this circus in my
as the only performer, i've survived.

I'm happy that I overcame social anxiety over time. If you're struggling with any kind of mental illness, please know that I'm here for you.
I feel safe
telling you all o

BIGGEST worries,
d a r k e s t  memories.

Because I know that you
will love me
no matter what.
CROW Jan 29
Sweetest darkest darkness
Kindest loving shadow less
no light in the way of your weaving control
nothing to get in the way of us all,
Stumbling along where we can't see,
Continuing to blind us till we don't know where we're supposed to be.
~ The Worn Traveler
CROW Jan 17
So sweet,
I continue to eat
I get so sugar high
I want to fly
I rise to my feet
dance to the beat
of roses dying
and children crying
Through the tears of the weak i find my meaning
And i just keep singing and i just keep eating
So hungry...
CROW Jan 11
I am always losing friends,
my love never meets their ends,
i never amount to what they wish,
i never serve them the right dish,
of care and love,
now i am just a dead dove,
i am suffocated in dying peace,
drowning in it as if it were grease,
please don't leave me in this despair,
i will lose my mind but they won't care,
the always leave,
i never receive,
the love i know i deserve,
to think they have enough nerve,
to take my everything,
and not one gift of love they bring,
i am done with friends for life,
they are nothing but sickness and strife.
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