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Charlotte Ahern Jun 2020
our love was always the pink elephant in the room
everyone saw it
except us
once we realised, it was already over and done
‘Please **** me’
Laughing surrounds the supposed joke.
Little do they know,
It was less of a joke and more of a plea
stopdoopy Aug 2018
Standing here in the heat
talking upon asphalt
you're light and joking
a breeze in the stale summer's air
then suddenly
grey and rain
it's sad and hard, you don't need to be tough
retreat to the cave before it is too late
we take shelter here now
why are you apologizing?
don't worry mother, I made it rain last week too
nothing is wrong
you think we're safe
but we are already burnt
I got to see my friend's mother who is more like a second mom to me and it was great, we talked in a parking lot for like an hour and she cried about somethin and we just all carried on, but then I got home and now my shoulders are a nice reddish pink
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2018
Please tell me friend
What way I did wrong
Our fantastic friendship didn't
Last for very long

I am sorry I hurt you
With whatever I said or did
I apologize for not
Noticing what you hid

Can you forgive me?
Do not cry anymore
I hate to see your tears
And not know what they're for

Say you are joking
Do not ignore me today
Can't live without you
Alone I'm not okay
Venice Oaper May 2018
Walang forever sa taong bitter
Pero pano ka naman di ma bbitter
Kung yung ex mo kasi cheater

Sa una lang magaling
Susundin lahat ng hiling
Kala mo naman gwapo. FEELING!

Chos. Gwapo nga siya
Kaya nga lapitin ng disgrasya
Ubos ang pera sa’king alkansya

Ginagasta pang dota niya
Pati sa ibang babae. Walanghiya!
Susumbong ko siya kay kuya.

Minahal ko yun nang todo
Matalino ako pero naging bobo
Ang dali niya pala akong naloko

Siya pa nakipaghiwalay
Sa chat pa. Jusq dai!
Walang itlog ka bai.
Echos lang. Hindi hango sa totoong buhay.
PS Mar 2018
I text you.
As usual.
It’s jokey.
You say that top I’m wearing would look good on your floor.
Then you stop.
Correct yourself.
Our floor?
‘Us’, ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘me’.
You say you’ll take care of me and I tell you I won’t run away.
You joke about the pressure.
You want to see me again.
You want to kiss me a million times.
You say you’re my guy and I’m your girl.
Our floor, our lives, our one mind together.
You tell me in sleepy pillow talk a thousand miles away.
‘I’m wrapped around your finger.’
‘I’, ‘you’, ‘me’, ‘we’.
I have to google it.
Am I manipulative because of it?
Or do I have way too much power in this situation?
The internet tells me I should be happy.
You are already head over heels.
Am I head over heels?
Are ‘we’ head over heels?
We joke again.
If we were rich, where would we live.
‘New York, of course,’ I said.
‘Let’s get a place in the Caribbean too.’ He said.
An island built for two,
Just me and you.
An island un-alone,
We say it over the phone.
I wish I was permanently near,
Not far,
So that you and I, us,
Could become an ‘our’.
Two kids just falling in love.
Erin Nicole Feb 2017
Roses are red,
violets are blue
monkeys like you
belong in a zoo
but don't be afraid
I'll be there too
not in a cage
but laughing at you
Im only joking
im just bored
I just wanted to
say hello to you
So enjoy this poem
that I made for you
Hope it makes you smile
and helps you enjoy your day
Jason Thompson Dec 2015
It's the morning of Christmas and I awake to see.
No Christmas tree nor a Christmas present for me.
I sit down and I wonder what happened to Santa Claus.
All I could think was that he must of been stuck at one of the stores.
I made some breakfast and as I sat to ate.
I realized that I am the one that fell and broke my plate.
I'm thinking to myself that this just isn't my day.
No matter what I do there's not one person who cares what I say.
It's time for the family and I hope things get better.
If I didn't know for myself, I'd say that Santa is fatter and a lot more redder.
I can't wait to get home and just forget this whole day.
I guarantee if you were in my shoes that you'd be crying and trying to pray.
So be happy with what and where you are.
Take advantage of the moment and keep it trapped in a jar.
If you let it go then I'll feel bad.
Just knowing that you're on the path of the one that got me mad and sad and I will remember this all after I write it down in my brand new pad.
The one that Santa brought me in his big red sack.
If I seen the big red fat ******* I'd do more than give it back.
I'd tell him to shove it and shove it up his ***.
So good day and Merry Christmas to you all.
Make sure that you stay safe and don't drink and stumble and continue to fall.
** ** ** and a Merry Christmas.
That's not just from me but from all of us.
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