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Susana 5d
Shorter! Shorter!
Please conclude
Make me happier
I will be beautiful then
Chris Neilson Apr 19
If your love was an Easter egg
I would hold its fragility to my lips
the sweet taste of desire the prize
without the calories on our hips

I would gently coax your halves apart
and delight in the treats therein
unwrapping chocolate drops of heaven
with no feeling of guilt or sin

The smooth curves of your outer shell
would tingle my fingers to the bone
cupping your bottom my pleasure
now I have you to myself all alone

I'm licking and ******* as you melt
you're dissolving on my probing tongue
as we slide to a final coming together
I wish it was Easter all year long
Enjoy your Easter weekend!
What's there left to say?
Rest the head on knee.
Finger weaving hair,
our eyes on T V.

What's there left to burn?
Cool the heart from heat.
Inhale deep dismay,
then exhale slowly.

Twilight, half lit dark.
Bare to share the beat.
Taste, taking turns,
highest high,
lowest low   ly.

Freckle you with light
brown skin fingertips.
Depart the anxious
rush to ***,
savor sole   ly

to put lip to skin,
to prolong the sin,
to enjoy to no end,
calm, and then
rising action,

****** and
the unwinding.
Destiny C Feb 4
More than Just *****. .
In fact,
I'm wet when I cry.
Tears stream down my face as I wish to die.
I can put you to bed like a sweet lullaby,
not with my body,
but the sweetness of my mind.
My essence does not lay between two thighs,
instead it beats-
sheltered in my chest.
My heart is made of gold,
pure and fine,
but hard and cold.
I'm not just a body,
but a mind too.
My beautiful thoughts are the deepest part of me,
once you open up,
they will grip you tight enough to make you dive in.
My warmth is all around me,
not just in between my thighs.
But you don't know that yet,
you think it's full of lies.
My heart grows colder as it waits to be touched,
but nobody ever gets close enough.

But once they do,
I'll bring them to ******,
with all my love poured down on them.
this she insisted
my tongue lashed, her legs quivered
but then, she farted
came as a bit of a shock,
if you know what I mean
Your nature is rather expressive
It creates dialogue in chirping happiness
Of birds climbing trees
But seemingly, doesn't lie in the height of apricot trees
In fallacies of piety
Like climbing from the apple flowers
To the suckling bees nestling in the flavor
Of the honey that comes from the *******
Of your breast that taste like apple and honey
As the petals of an aeolian wasp
Follow the areolar cusp
Hungering was part of the motivation
It was primal instinct of the ecstatic elation
So what about the leaves that turn brown
A Gilded crescent moon
Brings tawny owls in the night
Who can tread upon
But still see them leaves
Auric alchemy covering your ******
Like I can navigate your entire patina
Bodied with my left hand
Cupping your breast with the righteousness of writing
Now I'm ambidextrous
Teasing you with the tension
Of impressionism in my sensual seminar
Promising to pluck those flowers
I keep them in colored waters
So there's coruscating change
Within the cleft of the *******
Somehow I've found that to be trenchant theft
Of your virginity
There's more bliss in these pecks of mine
Except like woodpeckers pecking the bare-backs of fir trees
Inasmuch the resin falling
Keeping the Apollinaire's oil lamp of sin
Much alive
Earnestly timed
And the poetry reasonably alive
A thought of fire in a rustic cage
Like Pandora's box
In the Coming of Age, mysteriously
There's more bliss in these perks of mine
Unlike aphrodisiacs in the sea
The Cupid's bow keeps
The aquiline philtrums intertwined
In pilfering perfection
Even in the decorum of our moaning
In the face of the coitus and chorus
The suspicion of Venus
Doesn't keep out the ****
Of the allegory
That included symbolic Folly
But Folly was just a face
Realizing the purpose of her
Was just exploring pleasure
Emanating with your caressing climate
To leave no leaves unturned
When it came to my gruntled grunts
Then came the ******
Unoccluded and unencumbered
Of every language, pulchritude placid
"Love flows away
As life itself is slow"-Le Pont Mirabeau, Guillaume Apollinaire
I'll bring you closer
take you into me,
you perfect stranger.

With the lights down low
you can be anything,
that I want you to be.

You can be my lost lover
or the perfect person
I’ve always wanted.

Let's touch every part
of each other
and become mine for the night.
Take my mind somewhere else.

Be the clarity that I need and take my toxic thoughts.
Let’s release each other from our worries and
be free in an explosive ******,
that makes me lose my senses.

Bring me closer to the feeling
they call
Long title but like oh well haha.
If you have been keeping up with my notes my new summer romance failed miserably. The story of my life.
Ooolywoo Jul 2018
i starve myself for this moment
gifting you my delicate sensibility emptying my body for you
bearing my scars wide open
let you touch my vulnerabilities
you swim through my body back and forth
cut my skin layer, after layer, after layer
no corner is unknown to your touch
your firm hands exploring my every parts
you grab me, lift me, toss me
******* honesty and fears
fill my body from the tip of my hair to my toes
break the wall in me as you ******* my soul
pull the innocence from between my legs like silk
conjure beauty in me
make the bitterness in me disapear
you break me, brick, by brick, by brick, by brick
pull my hair, tilt my head
drain every muscle in me
we break walls that leads to others, that leads to trap doors, that leads to infinities
the past and the future merge into one to meet us in our present
we breathe as one, form a unity
one body, one soul, one purpose
we connect, interlock, intertwine
we levitate to an infinity of desire
reach the line between reality and transcendance
the moon and the sun both witnessing the beauty we're creating
we ****** and create an explosion of billions and trillions of blooming flowers
piece by piece, you build me back up
bit by bit, we emerge from the magic we made
from caterpillar to a butterfly
We are born again!
Inspired by Beyoncé Lemonade
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
I’m doing well
Can’t you tell?
It’s so steep inside
Can’t feel my white lies
Right there
That’s it
I’m gonna lie…
I’m gonna lie!
So close!
A sigh…
…I’m your tarnished lullaby
If you know me so well
Come here
And break my spell
So I can shoot my lies
All over your face
Lying is like ***. Do it just once, then you crave it.
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