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sol Nov 2020
like the bubbles of a bath
coalescing together
the sky is one great sea
i’m sinking clean in
rivulets of cosmetic colour
where the glitter are stars
i’m sinking in this night
as clouds clot to one another
cheetah print hover
i’m sinking in my footprints
headlights break the silence
playlist play a song to break
my vision sinking
senses swimming in
play me some 80s synth pop
until i fade into abstract image
am i a stain on the universe
or am i some profound detail?
play me like an unrendered
record player, nonexistence
parallel to my existence
the vibrations tuning into
my sinking frequency
i’m falling up into the horizon
what impression does my
splash make in the ocean
of this sky?
H A Vitatoe Aug 2019
This is true
Being that
It can-not be
Nor co-pied
The imprint
That was
For me
Star BG Dec 2018
He smiled and I felt
it instantly in gently breeze.
He hugged and it lasted for hours.
He whispered in my ears,
and I heard a symphony.
He  gazed into my eyes and it left
an imprint on my heart.
Dedicated to Curtis my soul mate on the other side. Inspired by Shadow Puppet -Thanks
Poetic T Sep 2018
I'm a wondering soul,
      That has no footsteps
To call my own.  

All you step is on imprints
                           Of the past,
Showing  you the right steps to take...
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
No No No
It’s not too far

Beside those walls
Even you don’t know
Where you ultimately belong

You resides
Inside my head
From there, you
Travel in my thought
Change the state of the mind
Transcend the past
Reset the tempo

Sync with the curve of
Every word
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Too far, yet too close
Poetic T Apr 2018
We leave etches, imprints within those
                 when we relinquish
                                 our mortal form.
For every breath we took
               is still carried on the wind.
       Every word is still voiced,
                 echoes of our time
                 brush against your face.

But even though we are just a breeze
                                            in the wind.
We can still touch upon
                     that imprint.
Showing that even though
         were no longer here.
         you breath in our memory.
Andreas Simic Mar 2018

Each footstep heard as though it is the only human imprint
On a land left unmarked by our presence
The stillness in the air as if wind did not exist
I gaze upon a frozen lake far and wide with nothing but ice
A white dusting like that of icing sugar on a cake for a topping
Covering imperfections caused by occasional crags bursting forth
Mother Nature showing she has been here
Birds wisp before me, displaying her colorful art
A robin and its orange belly, a red cardinal, a blue jay
Birds chirping to a rhythmic tune interrupted by
The hoot of an owl or a woodpecker hard at work
Amidst this display footprints leave a puzzle to be solved
Deer and wild turkey presence is easily identified
But what of those others, may they be fox, wolf or coyote
Are they nearby watching or on a distant foray
Moving between trees eyes ahead the cracking of branches
A signal to all ahead of my progress
An invader to be respected
Each step forward deeper into an array of trees
Maples, oaks, cedar, poplar, elm, pine, spruce
A cornucopia of height, width and breadth
Deeper into the forest I move alone-ness envelopes me
Yet this is where I find serenity
Amongst those not of my species
Alone but not lonely

Andreas Simic©
Druzzayne Rika Jan 2018
This is where it all began,
                     This will never go away.
The imprint sticks through,
                      for those who still care.
The reflection of the wrong sides,
                     which reminds the reason.
it was what it was ticking,
                     the weather of this season.

There are those you meet
You've never laid eyes on them before
But you feel that  you've always
Been listening to their song
Their banter
Hearts that split you open
And throw you off your own
And you start to wonder
If from now on
This ink is permanent
And when you start
To fall into their eyes
You feel like you could
Trust your life to them
You don't know why
It's not logical
And your mind starts;

"This isn't real
They're just like everyone else"

Still you feel their feet tapping
Inside your skin
And their hands brushing away
Your issues
And your tissues tingle
And don't give a ****
Because it's such a perfect
Where the air is thin
And cool and sharp
And cuts like a laser
Right to where there's
Nothing but this
And you find yourself
Wanting to be everything
That they are
Whilst at the same time
Knowing you already are
And you can't decide
Which is more beautiful
Their bone structure
Their quirky knee-hopping
And you know for now
It's a perfect, transparent
Irreplaceable moment
When you want for nothing more.
The guileless feeling of innocent heart space......the frequency of human beings when they resonate, the limitless variations of love in all it's magical forms...The freedom of unconditional love
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