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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

Cherubic laugh; sly, impish grin;
Angelic face; wild chimp within.

It does not matter; sleep awhile
As soft mirth tickles forth a smile.

Gray moths will hum a lullaby
Of feathery wings, then you and I

Will wake together, by and by.


Life’s not long; those days are best
Spent snuggled to a loving breast.

The earth will wait; a sun-filled sky
Will bronze lean muscle, by and by.

Soon you will sing, and I will sigh,
But sleep here, now, for you and I

Know nothing but this lullaby.

Keywords/Tags: lullaby, child, cherubic, angelic, imp, chimp, mirth, sleep, snuggle, snuggled
EmperorMoth Nov 2019
Imp boy
What big brown eyes you have
How I wonder what they've seen
What they have passed
So small, so somber
Your aura, I ponder
You simmer in silence
You observe your table
I see that tension, cumber
Built behind your gable
Am I concerned
I'm just in awe
I'm a snow moth attracted
To a dark imp boy, of all...
Arkapravo Aug 2019
Past the narrow sea, where lands the king,
Squabbles for an ugly throne, havoc it brings,
The blizzard, the chill, not the warmth of the summery spring,
Here comes the walkers, with skulls on a string,
Will the dragons spit fire? or the night’s watch sing?
… Martin will get to **** more, Castamere a sting?

I watch with eagerness, this fantasy has me glued,
… times, I have smile back at the dwarf, and said, “DUUUUDDEEE” !!!
The mother of dragons had me on one knee, but alas! nothing ensued,
Bankers and black magic at Braavos, both were rude,
Quarth, Mereen and Astapour, far from the royal feud,
The sand snakes and the mountain, not much to conclude

As it goes, “All men must die”!
Martin plays his flute, not much to my cry,
The TV remote, pepsi and potato fries,
Predictions are hopeless, did you say Asshai?
Seven kingdoms, give peace a try,
Give me hope, even if its a lie!
I wrote this poem on 3 April 2017, prior to the start of Season 7 of Game Of Thrones at HBO. Also published at my blog,
Kellin Apr 2018
When forever wears a watch,
Even time can grow impatient,
With the ticks and tocks of what hope could potentially
Jade Feb 2016
Come and play in the land of the lost
They who stay will come
They will host
They will charm

Take a stroll along the beach
Moonlight high in the sky
Trail the bank that lines the lake
Boatman glides and ripples the shine

The breeze blow across the land
Whispering trees with bent branches plan
The revelry in secret groves
In corners lost and never known

Fairies shimmer among the leaves
Imps grinning and hanging from the trees
Laughs that ****** light and low
Send me shivers across the land and though

Sleeping children are far away
Tucked tight in their beds
Their dreams hold sway
On their minds when they open sleepy eyes the next day

Again at night they hear the laughs
From a land beyond
That reality has lost
She's an imp of a troublemaker fairy
they call her Heather Featherwand
she lives midst ancient ruins
    'pon Saturn's ringlets
          of ethereal ice & dust
you might get a peek at her
  neath a summertide night's dream,
she wears lavender and tangerine
  to blend in with the blazing cosmos,
 her pale peachy butterfly wings
    make sounds like katydids
     singing in the treetops and
         cicadas come to life at night
  further adding to her mysterious flight,
she took off one day, they say
    with the man in the moon
  and they've been starstruck ever after
Supposedly my fairy name is Heather Featherwand, long story,  just having a little fun with it!

— The End —