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aesthenne Mar 26
the day came
when i thought
that Love
wouldn't come
on my door.

i opened it,
my knight
in shining armour,
but all i saw
was a mirror
and a goddess
holding it up
to me.

she was smiling,
even if
my flaws
were brought
to light.

and here.

she said,
what a beautiful
being i am.

shining her
upon the shadows,
all i saw
was a hurt child,
wanting to be
and feel loved.

she embraced me
as i embraced

She changed me.
Thank you, Freyja ❤
My Dear Poet May 2022
You can take
every part
of my heart
the truth
and the lies
every page
from the start
but please
give me
your eyes

You can steal
my will
every seal
of my soul
every piece
of the whole
take my breath
and my sighs
but please
give me
your eyes

You can take
every chapter
for free
every part
you can see
what lives
and what dies
but leave
me your eyes

take all
you can find
from the lines
of my mind
to every piece
you can break
leave nothing
so may I
for my sake
make your eyes
I need you to see
every part of me
you take
Lev Rosario Nov 2021
My Lord transform my failures,
Transform my disappointments.
Turn it into a flowery perfume
That can please you alone
Let your greatness shine
Through poetry
Let love be my motto
From now on.

I have made a mistake
An overspending on risk
I shall throw them into the fire
Let it's scent be as sweet as wine
And if others are not pleased
I shall offer it to you, Lord
I shall offer it to you

I don't want to be a prisoner of the other
Not even of my own family
I want to be free like Superman
And follow the path that leads to you
I shall use the books I bought
As a map towards your glory
And I shall make new maps
To guide others to you
Caro Aug 2020
Bless the earth underfoot
the breeze on my neck
the still dawn
the open sky
the feather fall
the beetle climb
the crow call
the swift fly
the cloud drift
the rising sun
the golden field
the river run
the grass seed
the ripe plum

Bless this breath
this body
this good earth
this new day
.       let
                                  me in
        sacred spaces
                                                         i can

             let me be your offering
Jessi Apr 2019
a bumble bee
does not deny
taking great care of
the flowers
that provide her with
sweet nectar

do not hide their
beautiful faces
from the
curious sun

a stream
will always run
swiftly away
from a mountain and
into the loving arms
of a valley

the tide
works tirelessly
to touch
mother moon

throw themselves
to the ground
just to be close to

i sacrifice
to keep
missing you.
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