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Squeeze gently like lemons and fruits
Sweet nectar juices produced

**** tongue close to core
Butterscotch like tapped sycamore

Perspiration seeps from peel
Porous citrus aromates near

Grown in sun among the wildflowers
Oh how I love her, even when she sours
8M Dec 2018
The gray arch stayed, broken
It could not survive the fall
Now it's here; in ruin
If only I could've saved it.

I've seen this arch a thousand times
Been here before I was born
Civilization loved the arch
But now, they're gone.

I did not know where they went
I hope it was somewhere nice.

Wildflowers grew near the arch
Yellow, orange and green
I picked them up; then dropped them
Now's not the time for flowers, I thought
Then walked away.

The fall was devastating
I did not know what happened, but
Destruction lay in its wake.

And desolation was born.
I am sorry if this made you sad.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
like wildflowers growing in the forest
Hunter Green Oct 2018
Drive away from here, there's another world,
Outside the bubble of the star killing light,
Lit instead by the milky way's night.
Skyscrapers covered in snow,
Windows covered by forests in alpine low,
Suburbs of wildflowers by dew softly pearled.
Lucius Furius Oct 2018
No garden flowers for me,
no gaudy, painted flowers
(hotel swimming pools beside the ocean).
Give me wildflowers --
ironweed and jewelweed,
chicory and Queens-Anne's-lace.
Hear Lucius/Jerry read the poem: .
nomiddlename Oct 2018
curling confetti
   litters like cleavers
      ‘neath ***-bound lungs
outgrowing his ribcage
     she shoots
                rambling t’ward
         a celandine sun
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