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Piyush Sharma Jan 21
I felt every bit of you
Your pain, your love
Everything you were going through...
Gave you everything;
Some tears, some smiles
Protecting you through lies...
Still failed to you, failed in love
Everything now sounds bluff
You cried & I broke down
All this love... made me drown
Zywa Jul 2019
Play the waiting game,

scan each other silently:

brainstorming session?
"Grand Hotel Europa" (2018, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer)

Collection "On the fly"
Mary Frances Aug 2018
That's the funny thing about falling in love though.
It's like playing poker.
The lesser you show emotions,
the more effective your bluff will be.
And the bet?
D Holden Jul 2017
He pretends.
The essence of this game is knowledge.
Capability knowingly imitated through bluff,
a sleight of hand and a nodding mask.

Nouse is the paint on the mask he wears,
yet the paint fades quickly.
A Psalmist Jun 2016
There once was a lingering Almost
That followed you like a ghost.
She's haunted your past
Leaves you downcast
and both lifeless and comatose

She decided to stay for a while
So long that she had a child
His name is Regret
who will make you forget
Exactly how to reconcile

But one day you decide you've had enough
And demand that they pack up their stuff
They were so close to leaving
And almost believing
Until they called your bluff.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Sifting through the ashes of my life
Trying hard to find something thats went right
I search and look, **** and poke
It's begaining to look like my life was a joke

How could this be
I tried so hard just to be me
I look back on my time line
On me was committed many a crime
It changed me to a sad little being
But I still managed to keep on singing

But it didn't seem to be enough
Now life is calling my bluff
I'm sitting here with so much rust
Feeling mighty hollow, nothing but crust
So I'm just gonna sit right down
And in the ashes of my life I'll just drown
On misty recalled mornings
  'pon a haze of vindication's wake
  you can still hear their whispers
    echoing through distressed treetops,
they were lovingly planted midst
         meadow's wildflower embrace
    gazing into the depths of surmise,
         planning their rendezvous to forever*

when her husband abruptly surprised them
      with a double blunderbuss shotgun blast,
            right between their cheating hearts

   ~ *if you listen intently, their spirits
               linger still amid bluff's bluster
blythe Mar 2015
In this world run by lies
Learn to be wise;
Some may look nice
But they may be otherwise.
Sounds innocent when they speak
But it may just be all part of the trick;
Dare not to believe
Coz their inner motive is to deceive.
Mark Lecuona Jan 2015
You're playing a hand
But I never dealt myself in
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