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Lana Oct 11
liquid courage
Burning throats
The smokey taste of cigarettes on our tounges
This summer fling has obviously flung
Drunk and filled with love
Your heart fits mine like a glove
But with your hangover tomorrow
You will start to weep with sorrow
I was a drunk mistake
And my stone cold heart that was warmed starts to break
Nyx Mar 12

You were hungover and drunk one day
And were forced to go to school
I remember sitting beside you
During our Physical science class
I was gently drawing circles on your palm
Before the teacher decided to asked
What occurs when you fire a gun?
Would you care to explain?
You being quite out of it
Couldn't find the right words to say
Sitting up straight in your chair
A glazed look coating your eyes
You raised your hand up in the air
as you began to explain
You fire the gun like this
Throwing your body across the desk
And then it comes back and hits you like this
Hitting yourself in your chest
Holding back my laughter
You looked dead in my eyes
Giving me your classic grin
As you leaned against me again
And what is that action called?
she edged you on again
You were already half way gone
So I whispered it in your ear
you shouted out
Before she moved on with her class
You may of been my best friend
But **** you were a pain in the ***
Cana Mar 6
Cotton filled mouth
Cotton filled head
Lids drooping South
Eyes filled with lead

Coffee’s too sweet
Lights are too bright
My sleeps incomplete
My head’s dynamite

I’ll sip and I’ll stare
Between here and there.
And pull on my smoke
Coz it’s just one big joke
mjad Jan 15
I'd rather stay in
than pass out drunk with a guy you refer to as "him"
because you were too tipsy to ask his name,
and now are sleeping in his puke with a migraine.
Temporal Fugue Jun 2017
I didn't ask for it
well, maybe I did
The pounding in my brain and eyes
not all day, please ***, forbid
Wine and spirits chasing me
and in the morning woke
Dry mouth and throbbing head
reaching for a stubbed out smoke
The night was full of revelry
happiness and better times
I just overran my tab and limit
and now, I'm paying for these crimes
And as the phone rings
sounding like the fire alarm
Scrambling to pick it up
I go and burn my arm
Cursing loud, I answer
It's only my best bud
Lets do it all again tonight!
as I laugh, like Elmer Fudd
hehehehhe, Crazy rabbit :D
A friend is in dire straits this morn, and all I can think of is Elmer Fudd laughing at Bugs in the cartoons LOL
Andrew Fahey Feb 2017
Sounds swim constantly
Through the aches behind my unopened eyes.
The latest slumber trek is at an end.

The pace of my brain
Akin to a shortsighted grasshopper:
No focus,
Leaping all over the pace.

My inert body
Resolutely immoveable.

Just 5 more minutes.
Wolftrax May 2016
I sit here in my apartment, on a Sunday morning
Completely hung over, without a **** warning
Last night was brutal and harsh, it wasn’t kind
Things went to ****, I was drunk out of my mind
Lost my girlfriend of 15 years, that evil *****
Cheating with my best friend, he’s not even rich

I never saw it coming, I’ve been so busy as of late
Working to pay the bills, it’s getting old at this rate
The social life is something I try to make time for
I feel like here lately, the battle is a never-ending war
My friends want me to go out, every Friday night
But I’m sick of them starting a ******* fight

I need to break from the pack, start finding new friends
Looking at the last few years, I need to make a cleanse
As I sit here and try to make sense of every **** thing
It’s a struggle, it’s nothing but stale beer and nicotine
The pain has sent me into this spiral, I’m freaking out
Not really sure if I can go on, I really have my doubts
Tab Apr 2016
getting drunk on the thought of you on a friday night
simple, yet lovely
twirling around my room
a vision of you, spread out in the dazzling sunlight
filters through my mind
i can almost touch you, almost hold you in my arms
you are so beautiful
don't leave
saturday morning, hungover but still thinking of you
Brent Kincaid Apr 2016
I’m wondering and worrying
Am I blundering or wallowing
Do I swallow all my fears
And forget about the years
That came before today
And hope they go away
And never bother me again?
When does that start, when?

Grumbling and mumbling
Stumbling and bumbling
I learn to stifle my tears
And through catatonic years
I forgot how to play
And locked myself away
From the fellowship of friends.
I hope to survive until it ends.

Itching and *******, I switch
To calling people a sunsabitch
Because they don’t guess
Why I’m a big freaking mess
And help me to recover
Maybe come be my lover
Because I don’t know how.
Let that part start right now.

Smoking and toking every day
Won’t make the blues go away.
Huffing and binge drinking
Means I’m not really thinking
And too often these days
That is what I have prayed;
To be blissfully unaware
That I am going nowhere.
The illustration is Outlived II by Pat Perry.
Nick Strong Nov 2015
Dulled senses, aching
Haunted by last night’s fumes
Dark eyes darker, despite
Shades reflecting daylight
Red eyes in the morning
Drunkards warning to a
Dawn tinged with regret
Been there once too often
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