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******* of suckling cheeks
taste of wine gone vinegar
left out too long exposed
to sunlight

twice ways between nowhere
we drank a bottle or four
before resigning ourselves
to defeat

we woke so many mornings
in drawn shade sunlight
with our heads split twain
by buzzing

we'd never known what it
was to taste hurt or defeat
until we likened our arguments
to chemistry
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, so grateful for all this overwhelming support--this motivates me to write even more--never thought people would even indulge what I write--thank you all so much <:<:<:<:<:

again you haunt again you prey

target my dreams on hopes of disarray

you know what that I like

seem to shield my tears from nights

drunk on a hell I feel I pleasurably delight

but what I don't

that biting hungover on the following bright

Anna Mink Jan 2021
Become hungover
And there is a strange hunger.
Sin is calories.

Drink clementine juice.
It's filling a hole in me
Like a new partner.

I'm made to forget.
Winter sun blinding my eyes.
We say goodnight now.

~ A.M, F.H.
Written & Published 19th of January 2021.
Andrew Crawford Dec 2016
Diaphragm expanded
like the cigarette burns on the empty wood floor
from when I left the mattress there and didnt care anymore,
started laying down beside the beaten, weathered boards;
these decades in the grains of timber grew towards-
I lie inert, my bones the weeping willow's withered roots now stretched forward
to sunlight creeping in the windows through daybreak's drunken disorder.
Dehydrated, tormented, and long tortured;
regurgitations reemerged, restless, pushed shoreward-
dysphoric dreams; no rest beneath intoxicated border.
Kvothe Apr 2020
Delirious morn
Scornful of the rising sun
Someone, water, please
Flaws don't absolve us of responsibility, yet they erode our agency
by compromising one's decision-making ability.
Sometimes I don't even know how I'm alive, but I promise I'll try
to do right by myself and live to my potential.
neth jones Oct 2019
genial words like ‘Trickle’
and butter words like ‘****’
cussing out a flow

walk with a tremble
the street is charged
a fear-ish plush ug
the top of your spine
and the back of throat
feel awful and close
...but it’s just a feeling
and ‘words’ are simply ‘words’
DMallow Oct 2019
Hungover on the bus home
Dropping in and out
of a pleasant nap
A faded smile on my face
Sweet memories of last night
np Feb 2019

this time
you can take
the heat.

probably not,
prepare for
J Michael Apr 2019
Makes the crawl
Long before the body
The light haze that lifted
Is now a dense, heavy fog

Gently I
Swim down the hall
In awe,
How still the morning,
And still more
Submerged in slumber

Sleep cradles
But soon, a release
Into the thousand pound mist
And crawl
They will crawl
Searching for the day
With her open arms
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