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DMallow Oct 10
Hungover on the bus home
Dropping in and out
of a pleasant nap
A faded smile on my face
Sweet memories of last night
Natalie Feb 16

this time
you can take
the heat.

probably not,
prepare for
J Michael Apr 13
Makes the crawl
Long before the body
The light haze that lifted
Is now a dense, heavy fog

Gently I
Swim down the hall
In awe,
How still the morning,
And still more
Submerged in slumber

Sleep cradles
But soon, a release
Into the thousand pound mist
And crawl
They will crawl
Searching for the day
With her open arms
Roselyn Jan 25
imagine laying on the woven spread of your lovers bed

head pounding from one too many shots, the morning sun shining just a bit too bright

your mind is fuzzy and you can't remember when their eyes blinked open

corners of lips stained red quirk up

they whisper good morning, leaning in

the world fades and your soul is on fire

electricity shooting through veins, washing away any lingering fatigue

arms envelop you, heads tucked under chins, feet intertwined as you realize that

this is what it all was for
ashley lingy Feb 14
i got out of his car
hopped on my bike
dashing through the neighborhoods
streaking down a bike path
squinting in the face
of an angry early morning sun

i stop

stumble off my bike

try to be discreet
***** into a bush

pick up my bike
wave to a jogger
force a smile

i head home
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
Loving you was like being drunk.
Not love drunk.
A navy sailor forgetting his own name kinda drunk.

Maybe I be a navy sailor, my submarine has surfaced.
Battered ****** from a war you raged.
I can see the sun above the lapping water.

I feel your entitlement crumble away from me.
The sun was never 'yours', neither was i.
This vast ocean was trying to drown you first.

If I would have known, I'd of kicked you off this ship.
Made you walk the creaking of plank lies you made.
My body is a vessel you can not sail! Can not command, Pilot!

My sober head aches, the *** leaches away and gifts me clarity.
I've been drunk this entire time!
My heart is not broken, just hungover!
Erik McKee Oct 2018
Faces blur
Like radio tower lights fuzzily blinking on the horizon
Flashes of red, orange and green
Fading to the chocolate brown of the night, her eyes in the dimming light.

The words, "I love you" drifting through the swirling dimness,
Her hair playing upon the milky moons of her cheeks
Her eyes flicker and become closer, closer.
Again, closer

My nose taps hers, the cheap wine making me sway to and fro,
The wonderful scent washes over me: Mint and lavender,
Wine on the breath, the tinge of bitter sweetness.
     "I love you"
     "I love you, too"  

Her tied hair falls, like the cherry brown leaves of winter
Onto her freckled neck, her moony face outlined
In the dark chocolate of her hair.  
     "I love you"

I feel the surge of want building in my chest
I sway forward, steadying myself on the soft carpeted floor  
My heart's drumming
A shock of static, when flesh meets flesh

I shudder, as I'm carried into the Fall rain
The frigid cold bites at my nose and lips, numbing them
Her face, blinking merrily, becoming further and further out on the horizon
I fall into bed

The birds are chirping and my head hurts
Cristina Oct 2018
liquid courage
Burning throats
The smokey taste of cigarettes on our tounges
This summer fling has obviously flung
Drunk and filled with love
Your heart fits mine like a glove
But with your hangover tomorrow
You will start to weep with sorrow
I was a drunk mistake
And my stone cold heart that was warmed starts to break
Nyx Mar 2018

You were hungover and drunk one day
And were forced to go to school
I remember sitting beside you
During our Physical science class
I was gently drawing circles on your palm
Before the teacher decided to asked
What occurs when you fire a gun?
Would you care to explain?
You being quite out of it
Couldn't find the right words to say
Sitting up straight in your chair
A glazed look coating your eyes
You raised your hand up in the air
as you began to explain
You fire the gun like this
Throwing your body across the desk
And then it comes back and hits you like this
Hitting yourself in your chest
Holding back my laughter
You looked dead in my eyes
Giving me your classic grin
As you leaned against me again
And what is that action called?
she edged you on again
You were already half way gone
So I whispered it in your ear
you shouted out
Before she moved on with her class
You may of been my best friend
But hell you were a pain in the ***
Cana Mar 2018
Cotton filled mouth
Cotton filled head
Lids drooping South
Eyes filled with lead

Coffee’s too sweet
Lights are too bright
My sleeps incomplete
My head’s dynamite

I’ll sip and I’ll stare
Between here and there.
And pull on my smoke
Coz it’s just one big joke
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