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Someone told me "be kind to yourself".
But what if being kind to yourself is being unkind to others?
what if a little care to yourself is too much selfishness to them?
I know, I know you'll tell me to not care...but how can I not?
when the whole world is just too human. It confuses me.

I use to not care at all, and be the free spirited person I was.
That changed when I tried to be less human. I told myself...
"being less human is making mankind better than it is".
For humans are no different from disasters... you don't know how much it'll cost, you just hope for a less aggravate outcome.

But for now, I am still far from being less human...
because I care, I care about who's who and what will.

No worries, I'll get there... "the ones who cannot abandoned the past won't be able to make a difference" yes I heard you...
Maybe I watched to much movies and series about the world, or did I? or maybe I heard too much today and tried making sense out of it. We had a seminar today about coping up with online class, and here am I...creating something that will cope myself up:>>>

from me to everyone, enjoy the world while it last.  well, even titans had their time, us humans should enjoy and be grateful. HAHA sorry, things just got in mind with too much series HAHAHA but thank you... *smile*
Lured us to the forest floor
No stone left unturned
With hollow throats we yearned
Yet no critter, no creature stirred
Extinction thus had the final word
The Earth is losing animal species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate, and as many as 30 to 50 percent of the planet's species may be extinct by 2050, the Center for Biological Diversity describes. The natural rate is around one to five species lost each year.
Aadil Aug 22
The clocks are ringing twelve,
Prissy people comin' through,
Doddering in the darkness,
Diggin' out them graves,ahaa!

The moon is fading out,
Bobbydazzlers showin' up,
Cadavers burning out,
Subhumans stroamin' around.

Some robbing vagabonds,
Regicides in the throne,
Snary proposals,
And prankin' psychopaths.

The kingdom fade away,
Plausible lies arise,
Credence in subjection,
Its time for extinction!
Oh! Its time for extinction.
Its the end of an era; the end of a race. And for sure the judgement will occur...
Nigdaw Jul 15
in the killing jar
made object
made art
preserved perverse pleasure
displayed as though
some great master
to prove the beauty of nature
pushed one more step
into extinction
pretty colours are there
for camouflage
from idiots/predators
to keep the bounty of nature
for everyone
to enjoy
Tony Tweedy Jul 3
Why is it do you suppose that as a species we have been given the senses to perceive, be curious of and bear witness to fourteen billion years of the wonders of the Universe.... yet we have not the common-sense to know or be assured of our own tomorrow?

Somewhere out there it is quite possible that intelligent life exists... but it certainly isn't us.
We pave the way to our own extinction and go on oblivious to the road we take. Who will find our bones as fossils when the next dominant species evolves?
Will the Universe even allow us to be remembered thus?
Äŧül Jun 26
People are dropping dead.

People are dropping dead,
Not many in my town
But in big cities,
They are dying en masse
And the silence is scaring me.

Yet again.

Yet again,
I can hear my own blood
Gushing through my ears,
Silly me, I am scared,
More for my loved ones,
And less for myself.

Will we?

Will we all die soon?
Or shall I survive this?
I hope that if my loved ones die,
I do too.
Because I'm afraid of loneliness,
I have a serious kind of autophobia.


Humanity can't go extinct!
Humanity won't go extinct.
It will soon be alright.
Just wait and watch,
How Vishnu takes care of us,
How Shiva takes out the evil,
How the world will turn for good.
My HP Poem #1861
©Atul Kaushal
The trail of destruction,
The silence of screams,
All of humanity,
Forgotten to dreams.

The silence of life,
That has become no more,
Haunts only the rocks,
And the broken sea floor.

The storms that once ravished,
Humanity’s home,
Now carry fire,
Melting even their stone.

The ground is all scarred,
Where the meadows once grew,
Just a crack in the surface,
Where rivers once drew.

Night and day,
No longer opposed,
The contrast of weather,
No longer imposed.

The passing of time,
Is no longer consistent,
The bonds of its measure,
No longer resistant.

The world is all quiet,
There is nothing to hear it,
Existence is lost,
While nothing can live it.
Read slowly
Carlo C Gomez Apr 10
Rumor has it Sir Walter Raleigh
Is on the chase once more
An expedition of sinking ships
Braziers burning fast upon the shore

Chumming with time's blood
Panning for fool's gold
Wave after wave of repercussion
The future so willfully sold

For one bowl of soup
Like Esau famished from the hunt
Turning to his artful brother
And offering him the forefront

Our crowned jewel in all her tattered
Finery cleaved to the heart
The fabled city forsook
By once trusted hands tearing her apart

Set out the coffins
Sing for us an elegy
In the surf of this funeral march
Be sure to separate corpses from algae
From the Fabrizio Frosini & Poets Unite Worldwide anthology, "A Disconsolate Planet: Poems on Climate Emergency."

Poem by Carlo C. Gomez.
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