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david mitchell Jul 2022
scattershot strikes as a shattered damocloid
sending warning ripples through clouds
glimpses of sundered villages atop cumuli
not a gasp among the crowd
sup website user
i lift my shoulders and hunch my back
don't look at me don't look at me don't look at me
walking faster, heart racing, i feel the presence getting closer
leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone
i break into a futile sprint

it's not as though i can speak
tell it to leave my sight
tell it i have nothing left for it to take
hope it believes me
while i shove the final page of my story deeper into my pocket

i know better than to lie to this thing
my legs are growing heavy as i try to outpace it
but it's no use
an experienced hunter, the creature waits for me to exhaust myself running from it, then moves in for the ****
at least there, i have the last laugh-
i have already died from fear
neth jones Nov 2021
our species is long ploughed over
whittling wind and byproduct mass
war wounds on the landscape proved fertile
other parts
we made long term barren

high above our remains
a creature that calls the homing pigeon its ancestor
and an ancient self maintained drone
continue a long standing feud
Tony Tweedy Nov 2021
A thousands spires that whirl and dervish,
high upon the scorching currents in the air.
Across the empty desiccated wastelands,
so long parched without waters soft repair.

Like gyrating embodied souls rotating,
to lay scar deeply carved upon the land,
driving clouds of rock like pelting hail,
headlong until all is shattered into sand.

Flashes of lightening and thunders call,
clouds cast in iron, observers of the scene,
testament in muted light from up on high,
sole recall of still waters that once had been.

Desolate open and forsaken landscape,
where only wind gives motion to the world.
Leaden clouds of rain without a falling,
static charged clouds constantly re-curled.

How long ago it was that life had left,
its own scars and marks upon the soil.
until through life's' own achievements,
a once beautiful world was left to broil.

In that not so distant time when remnants
of the miracle that was life is erased and gone.
not one thing that we have ever seen or know,
nor memory of who we once were shall live on.
You dont really have to believe the science...
Its real.... its time to do something.
Choose not to if you like... you cant escape by hiding from this... nor can your kids or grandkids.
Nigdaw Aug 2021
I throw more words
into the emptiness of the ether
like a whale calling for home
an unheard song
one day forced
into extinction
Norman Crane Apr 2021
listen to them wingmongers
circling round
squawking about how
there be tiny cities on the ground
moss barble asphalt
laid down
betwixt twig-mud megatowers
architecture of invisible sound
leaves decomposing, ants scurrying
spider weaving her web,
connecting flowers like power
lines buzzing beetles hurrying
all the way down the naturebound
off-ramps to the nine burrows
past the dead squirrel,
through the downpour
of fungal spores more
self-sustainable than any city of yours,
screech the wingmongers,
and from dirt level
i understand their song
these tiny cities will be
long past
when our civilization's long gone
They say hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned
Well we have scorned this mother of ours
Like no child of hers before
We have stripped her body bare
and ****** her **** dry
We’ve tried to beat her to submission
and ignored her anguished cries

And even if humanity
attempts escape into the sky
There is NO way to escape
the father’s ever watchful eye
In outer space
away from mother
is a lonely place to die

And mars is not the place to be
For a resource hungry race
That couldn’t recognise true wealth
If it slapped them in the face
We are now blessed with abundance
But even that seems not enough
Infinite growth, on finite planet
Is a monumental bluff

And if we do not learn to share
and embrace equality
The primal world will bear the brunt
Of our ways of gluttony
The white man might be spared the death
That comes quick and without warning
But while everything around us swiftly dies
We’ll feel the heat and even rich men will start squirming
As they powerlessly face
their imminent demise

We are approaching our extinction
and aware of it
Yet those who wield the sceptre
Would rather not admit
and would prefer to line their pockets
while our house is lined in flames
They’ll have to learn that there are violent ends
to their violent games

Dominating the indigenous
the women and the weak
will only further seal our fate
which at this rate is looking bleak

If we don’t act before we know
we’ll reach the point of no return
In that case there will be no future
for which we all so deeply yearn
Now is the only time for action
To prevent the chain reaction

Perhaps this earth life was a test
Laid before the human race
To determine our deserving
Of even reaching outer space
We have potential to ascend
As a peace civilisation
But if it’s hell in which we strand
it is of our own creation

Though we have the rocket power
If our direction stays distorted
From this womb that is our earth
We’ll be the ones being aborted
For nature and the human kind
Were irreparably misaligned

Yet I believe we have a chance
to heal this earth
If we realise our nature
In ourselves, our inner worth
In my heart I feel I’m part
Of this nature regeneration
To rebel against extinction
And protect all of creation
I believe that’s what is right
This is the peace for which I fight

This is a poem to shake up people still sleeping on the fate of our planet!
L Feb 2021
Boy Oracle
Speaks Truth. Almost
Not What You Want to Hear
What You Need to Hear
Listening To Him Is Like
Scratching an Itch
One to Watch the Universe
Decay With
they are fading fast
my partners in rhyme
the sound of silence
the perfect crime
caressing voices once loud and bold
drift o'er the oceans
while storms unfold
words split like beams on a sinking ship
crustation on the seabed
what a sad strange trip
it's been
borrowed a few lines
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