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Norman Crane Apr 28
listen to them wingmongers
circling round
squawking about how
there be tiny cities on the ground
moss barble asphalt
laid down
betwixt twig-mud megatowers
architecture of invisible sound
leaves decomposing, ants scurrying
spider weaving her web,
connecting flowers like power
lines buzzing beetles hurrying
all the way down the naturebound
off-ramps to the nine burrows
past the dead squirrel,
through the downpour
of fungal spores more
self-sustainable than any city of yours,
screech the wingmongers,
and from dirt level
i understand their song
these tiny cities will be
long past
when our civilization's long gone
They say hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned
Well we have scorned this mother of ours
Like no child of hers before
We have stripped her body bare
and ****** her **** dry
We’ve tried to beat her to submission
and ignored her anguished cries

And even if humanity
attempts escape into the sky
There is NO way to escape
the father’s ever watchful eye
In outer space
away from mother
is a lonely place to die

And mars is not the place to be
For a resource hungry race
That couldn’t recognise true wealth
If it slapped them in the face
We are now blessed with abundance
But even that seems not enough
Infinite growth, on finite planet
Is a monumental bluff

And if we do not learn to share
and embrace equality
The primal world will bear the brunt
Of our ways of gluttony
The white man might be spared the death
That comes quick and without warning
But while everything around us swiftly dies
We’ll feel the heat and even rich men will start squirming
As they powerlessly face
their imminent demise

We are approaching our extinction
and aware of it
Yet those who wield the sceptre
Would rather not admit
and would prefer to line their pockets
while our house is lined in flames
They’ll have to learn that there are violent ends
to their violent games

Dominating the indigenous
the women and the weak
will only further seal our fate
which at this rate is looking bleak

If we don’t act before we know
we’ll reach the point of no return
In that case there will be no future
for which we all so deeply yearn
Now is the only time for action
To prevent the chain reaction

Perhaps this earth life was a test
Laid before the human race
To determine our deserving
Of even reaching outer space
We have potential to ascend
As a peace civilisation
But if it’s hell in which we strand
it is of our own creation

Though we have the rocket power
If our direction stays distorted
From this womb that is our earth
We’ll be the ones being aborted
For nature and the human kind
Were irreparably misaligned

Yet I believe we have a chance
to heal this earth
If we realise our nature
In ourselves, our inner worth
In my heart I feel I’m part
Of this nature regeneration
To rebel against extinction
And protect all of creation
I believe that’s what is right
This is the peace for which I fight

This is a poem to shake up people still sleeping on the fate of our planet!
L Feb 13
Boy Oracle
Speaks Truth. Almost
Not What You Want to Hear
What You Need to Hear
Listening To Him Is Like
Scratching an Itch
One to Watch the Universe
Decay With
they are fading fast
my partners in rhyme
the sound of silence
the perfect crime
caressing voices once loud and bold
drift o'er the oceans
while storms unfold
words split like beams on a sinking ship
crustation on the seabed
what a sad strange trip
it's been
borrowed a few lines
Skye Dec 2020
I am
Not a global calamity,
Not a murderer,
Not a monster.

I am
Not some plague,
Or pathogen
That duplicates
To cause destruction.

I do not
Strip freedom from people
Seperate families and countries
Cause economic recession,
Anxiety and depression,
Lock people in their own homes.

I am just another organism,
killing to stay alive.
And when all of humanity is no more,
Remember, that it was you who called on war
First; It was always
The humans, and then everything else.
George Krokos Nov 2020
The world seems to be
still in the grips of something
called Covid19

People are dying
and there are new restrictions
everywhere imposed

Like mass extinction
of the dinosaurs it seems
that went before us

Though they disappeared
when a meteor hit Earth
by an Act of God

As they were too crude
to express all God's divine
creative nature

We may disappear
due to a virus unleashed
by Unbelievers

Is God using them
to do the same thing with us?
scripture reference

The Asian country
this pandemic started in
is responsible

Are they trying to
take over the world by their
cunning persistence?

We must be aware
there are so many of them
long time preparing

Like a locust plague
which will swoop down to feast on
unprotected crops

They may go without
any warning to invade
a nearby country

With all the iron
ore they've been buying lately
used in construction

Cities and weapons of war
secret agenda

We must be all fools
if we let this go without
careful scrutiny

If the USA
leaves the region they're guarding
all hell may break loose

For what reason did
they go there in the first place
have we forgotten?

Super Powers are
known for balance of power
in war and in peace

Some Presidents should
reconsider leaving for
region won't be safe

It seems obvious
this is what the Asian threat
has been aiming for

With the pandemic
taking its toll in the world
futile resistance

Too many problems
at home to worry about
what happens elsewhere

United Nations
now all in disunity
due to the virus

That Asian country
had a major stake in WHO
to keep things quiet

People were not told
and ignorance played its part
now look what's happened

They stopped most local
travel but allowed people
to leave their country

Infected with the
corona virus people
were unaware of

For economic
and strategic advantage
to assert itself

Because of the fact
many countries had been made
dependent on them

With their cheap exports
of manufactured goods but
few original

It's needless to say
they're good with computers in
hacking and spying

The world's on its knees
and looking for a vaccine
time is running out

Don't be too alarmed
there is a cure and vaccine
being developed

In the meantime take
necessary precautions
to fight the virus

Otherwise you may
succumb to the infection
not advisable
Written in October 2020. Reads like a conspiracy theory and takes a deeper look into COVID-19 following on from an earlier poem with the same title written in Senryu verses.
ShininGale Oct 2020
Someone told me "𝕓𝕖 π•œπ•šπ•Ÿπ•• π•₯𝕠 π•ͺ𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕀𝕖𝕝𝕗".
But what if being kind to yourself is being unkind to others?
what if a little care to yourself is too much selfishness to them?
I know, I know you'll tell me to not care...but how can I not?
when the whole world is just too human. It confuses me.

I use to not care at all, and be the free spirited person I was.
That changed when I tried to be less human. I told myself...
"being less human is making mankind better than it is".
For humans are no different from disasters... you don't know how much it'll cost, you just hope for a less aggravate outcome.

But for now, I am still far from being less human...
because I care, I care about who's who and what will.

No worries, I'll get there... "the ones who cannot abandoned the past won't be able to make a difference" yes I heard you...
Maybe I watched to much movies and series about the world, or did I? or maybe I heard too much today and tried making sense out of it. We had a seminar today about coping up with online class, and here am I...creating something that will cope myself up:>>>

from me to everyone, enjoy the world while it last.  well, even titans had their time, us humans should enjoy and be grateful. HAHA sorry, things just got in mind with too much series HAHAHA but thank you... *smile*
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
Lured us to the forest floor
No stone left unturned
With hollow throats we yearned
Yet no critter, no creature stirred
Extinction thus had the final word
The Earth is losing animal species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate, and as many as 30 to 50 percent of the planet's species may be extinct by 2050, the Center for Biological Diversity describes. The natural rate is around one to five species lost each year.
Aadil Aug 2020
The clocks are ringing twelve,
Prissy people comin' through,
Doddering in the darkness,
Diggin' out them graves,ahaa!

The moon is fading out,
Bobbydazzlers showin' up,
Cadavers burning out,
Subhumans stroamin' around.

Some robbing vagabonds,
Regicides in the throne,
Snary proposals,
And prankin' psychopaths.

The kingdom fade away,
Plausible lies arise,
Credence in subjection,
Its time for extinction!
Oh! Its time for extinction.
Its the end of an era; the end of a race. And for sure the judgement will occur...
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