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dabble Apr 2019
Hey moon
It's me again
Yeah still crying
It's your son again

He's near you shining brightly
I'm down here crying quietly
Yeah he is the star I fell in love with

To you moon, I favor tonight
Just ask him if he's good
And I'll be alright
I'll send you my love
Reflect it on him
For tonight let him sleep
Knowing I'll be there for him....
Fell in love with ***
Euphie Jan 2019
If I had a thousand wishes,
I would only ask for you.
Enzo Dec 2018
Star searching and star gazing
The behemoths in the sky
The glimmer of a frozen moment in your eyes
Darkness in the absence of color
Seeing nothing but faint shines
We look for and we stare above the clouds
Finding naught but the stars written in your eyes
I found the stars in your eyes
mils Oct 2018
I'm running out
in this point in time
Being walked over
Talked over
I am not a mime
Lady luck, make me a route
Out of this pit, help me climb
Skyye Yoder Jan 2018
I will give thee my love,
And cause no strife.
I call to mind the last time
That I paid the price.
The price of a man who knew not what love is
Or could be.
A man who never fell for me.

So I find no peace in the air I breathe.
To loseth or holdeth I will be up to thee,
Yet the Stardust in thine eyes,
Enchant thy heart to make you mine.

Darling, thou make ye trees sing,
In Autumn and spring,
perhaps every season in between

So let thee turn to “we”,
and travel to new extremes.
Whilst our fires
Create new desires - yearning for passion
And intimacy.
As long as thou not feen,
Keeping simplicity clean,
Thou shalt not worry
For thy am in no hurry.

So as thy take thy leave,
It came to be
                     Thy heart has fell
                                                For thee.
Justice, I like you.
The Vault Jul 2017
I am not perfect
I can be sweet
And I can be serious
I fall apart easily
In hopes that someone can fix me
I fall in love too deep
And I hope someday you can fall in with me.
I am not perfect
I have my flaws
Many flaws
I laugh with my heart even if it is too much
I trip and fall all the time
Hoping you can catch me
I am not perfect
But thanks for believing I am.
Ali Qureshi Mar 2017
No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love

I will not fall for
such a poorly constructed

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

The beauty she holds
might just be attracting
a whole lot of people, not me

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

A few people just fell,
couldn't keep their eyes
off of her face

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

Ever admiring and complimenting
her looks, her glamour.
None left untouched.

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

All I admire about a person:
the heart; the soul.
As she has it all, so

Yes you have read it correctly
Yes, I'm in love!

**© Ali Qureshi
Denying to have fallen for another of those divas,
and failing.
Jules Dec 2016
and *******,
but it’s so strange, y'see,
me always trailing behind you
in some sort of half-awe, all-daze
watching you breathe and grin and do
me in always some kinda wonder,
at every **** thing that you are.

strange that you don’t seem to be bothered
let me come near
drift on the edges of your shine
(there must be an eclipse out of you and i,
just somewhere here)

and so there is me, always just somewhere there
unable to catch up
but also me thinking,
just being there would be enough.
the entire universe could not compare
Ma Cherie May 2016
Glittery Flickering Diamond Eyes Sparking up in the Blackened sky...                                     All Rights Reserved * 2016 Cherie Nolan
Well this just seemed to come out of nowhere!
MOTV Dec 2015
do I dare?
To stare.
Take a

O that star.
Night time.
I do see.
A light in the sky.
That do exist.

Lapse out of consciousness.
Sway me to gaze
into space.
A fate that await?
Or am I late?

Upon I night gazing a star.
Falling for its shine.
A vast complexity.
Sublime, for it, talk to my mind eye.
Oh aware of how far it is.
I dare to dream a dream to hold.

Upon the star I lose hours.
Untold song a song.
of how the star lives on.

Times a journey.
Will my quest lead me?
Array amongst a vast.
Maze of black and shining a white light.
Much bigger than any Titan might.

The rays of illuminated have me trance-like.
Aware we are so far I must turn away, realize there is another time another day.
I await the star to face.

Through galactic conversation, a voyage to a star falling that came about.
Encrypted might aura like it shines so I might in my delight.
Touch the star that is great with might.
Upon the star I see tonight.
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