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rgz Dec 2019
Alluring tongue
like a warm summer's day
slapping me in the face
voice of an angel
syntax of my undoing

a pulsing
glowing imprint
it won't be soothed
searing white-hot every day

I thought
I could let it burn out
and it would eventually fade
I should have known better
scars are made this way
no exceptions or expectations
TD Jul 2019
Can I be a little impetuous please?
I’ll show off my petticoats
and striped stockings.
The world a dance floor
crazy, wonderful
I’ll twirl barefoot
on its sullen brow and lucid eyes.
And when I’m finished
my curtsey will be the envy
of the sky.
And the world a lovely shade of pink.
T'was a diamond
    amidst stardust
  struck of gypsy's
    celestial adoration,
  crashed and sizzled
 'neath earthly intentions,
ultimate shimmers
     escalated upon
       fiercely impetuous seas,
each dappling
    luminescent wave
saturated of
splendiferous galaxies,
   bathed in heavens'
      stellar effulgence,
mesmerizing wanderlust's
    magnificent indulgences

— The End —