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Maria Mitea May 14
At the first encounter, I thought
That he stole my mother’s tablecloth,
And called it Great,
While she turned the flour into bread.

I thought.
What if they were lovers?
And shared the same tablecloth,
While my father was sweating in his fields,
And my mother was sipping wine from her grapes,
And the poet wrote songs of despair, as he could not have her.

I shake away my childish thoughts and doubt even more.

What if they were traders?

trading the tigers, the bread,
the tyrants, the grim teeth,
the wine fields and hard eyes,
the lamb, the onions,
the hunger and the thirst,
the hours of eating the strawberries
and the blossoms on the great tablecloth.

Oh, I am childish, and  jealous, and curious,
And can not stop the thought of stolen tablecloth.

What if when sad and lonely he put a spell on my mother?
And used her as a tablecloth for those who never eat,
And those who never loved, for those who never cried,
And those who never turned the flour into bread.
For those who never let their hearts be Neruda's great tablecloth.
Pablo Neruda was a Chilian writer that wrote  "The Great Tablecloth" poem. I have had this poem in my heart for a long time. It feels great to have it written in English. :)
Every Day You Play
by Pablo Neruda
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Every day you play with Infinity’s rays.
Exquisite visitor, you arrive with the flowers and the water.
You are vastly more than this immaculate head I clasp tightly
like a cornucopia, every day, between my hands ...

Keywords/Tags: Neruda, translation, Spanish, day, play, infinity, infinity's, rays, exquisite, visitor, flowers, water, head, clasp, hands
Love Sonnet XVII
by Pablo Neruda
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I do not love you like coral or topaz,
or the blazing hearth’s incandescent white flame:
I love you as obscure things are loved in the dark,
secretly, in shadows, unnamed.

I love you like shrubs that refuse to bloom
while pregnant with the radiance of mysterious flowers;
now thanks to your love an earthy fragrance
lives dimly in my body’s odors.

I love you without knowing how, when, why or where;
I love you forthrightly, without complications or care:
I love you this way because I know no other.

Here, where “I” no longer exists, nor “you” ...
so close that your hand on my chest is my own,
so close that your eyes close gently on my dreams.

Keywords/Tags: Neruda, translation, Spanish, love, sonnet, rose, topaz, coral, dark, shadow, obscure, secret, fragrance, hand, chest, eyes, close, dreams
I love you only because I love you
by Pablo Neruda
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I love you only because I love you;
I am torn between loving and not loving you,
Between apathy and desire.
My heart vacillates between ice and fire.

I love you only because you’re the one I love;
I hate you deeply, but hatred
Bends me all the more toward you, so that the measure of my variableness
Is that I do not see you, but love you blindly.

Perhaps January’s frigid light will consume my heart with its cruel rays,
robbing me of any hope of peace.

In this tragic plot, I am the one who dies,
Love’s only victim,
And I will die of love because I love you,
Because I love you, my Love, in fire and blood.

Keywords/Tags: Neruda, translation, Spanish, apathy, desire, ice, fire, blood, hate, hatred, blind, frigid, light, hope, peace, tragic, plot, Love's, victim
Thomas W Case Feb 26
I here music in
my head when I
look into her
It's like a
soundtrack to love.
A cross between
Van Morrison and
a Gregorian chant.
When I touch her wet
cotton candy lips,
I here the
oceans and lions roar.
The waves crash to
shore in my heart,
and I listen to the
mermaids song.
And in the end,
her footsteps,
and her heart beat,
and her apple blossom voice
are forever my
soundtrack to love.
Every love needs a soundtrack.
Thomas W Case Feb 21
Our life lives inside
My walnut haired angel;
my freckled dreamer.
She's swollen and sensual;
beautiful beyond spring.
Far above the ocean's light.
I want to take her to
a meadow and make
love to her with the
breeze and sparrows watching.
I want to taste the
sticky sweet dew on her
thighs, and wake up next
to her for the rest
of my life.
Love is Grand
Justo Yanez Oct 2019
En una isla,
Un hombre dio a luz tres hermosas aves de su cabeza.
Triste y muriendo él les dijo esto:

Eres hijos de una madre inmigrante, hijas de agonía.
Deja que las montañas y los árboles escuchan su canción.

¡Deja que los ríos te lavan y las arenas te enmascaran!
Colorea tus plumas vibrantes con el sufrimiento y la guerra de su gente
Y dejar que los mares se refunfuñan con sus canciones.

Usted está sin pies y orientación—¡Utilice sus plumas ahora!
Deje que la luna baile por su cuenta!

¡Cantar la canción! ¡Cantar canciones y cantar una canción!
Despertar a los muertos de sus tumbas
Y obligar los vivos bailar de bajo la corona de las estrellas y sol.

¡Canta pájaros ya que ustedes están sin pies!
Jemima Mitra Sep 2019
Amber flames lick moonlight off your forehead
Upon your beating chest I lay my bed
Your fire warms the jade stones trapped in your eyes
You swallow dark grey skies with your sunrise

And sometimes you will unleash your turquoise
In small dripping jewels I will lick the noise
To dry your face and speak against the storm.
Soon enough you return to feeling warm.

Red dwarf darling, you will blister my heart
Constellations on your back from the start
Have seduced and held hostage my fingers

This love that we share is one that lingers
A supernova shining for a while
Erupting through with your crooked teeth smile.
Ritz Writes Jun 2019
Insanity awaits flooding into our soul as you read the goosbumps on my skin like an old man reads braille.
Sweet revolution on your tongue
Losing the urge to run.
Futile to resist, your touch ignites the passion.
Let uncover each other's emotion
Carpe Diem!
Meet me where our mind and heart collides;
Escape into a momentary bliss
Let's make a stretch into infinity.
" I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees. " ~ Pablo Neruda ❀
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