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Mary Frances Oct 2018
He thought everything was alright
since he never heard her sobs.
So he went on with his life after
a halfhearted apology.
And she went back to bed
filling her favorite pillows
with her silent sorrows.
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
I do love you a lot
A lot more than what your capable of imagining or perceiving
But it doesn't mean
That i would beg you
To love me in return
If you do not want to
I can cross countless limits
Fight a thousand furious battles
And endure the pain of ghastly looking lacerating wounds for you
But my self worth is more important to me
Than you think
I wont lose it for your half hearted love
I deserve more than that
I hope you'll realize it someday
Diána Bósa Nov 2017
In this midheaven of demigods.
beneath this semidetached shelter
of semi-manufactured souls.
apart from the half-hearted's dimidiate
the bright-half departs
for dovetailing all of our halves.
Josephine Mary Apr 2016
He is a half-hearted magician,
He shows his magic by day,
and will make you his prey.

His actions are enchanting,
His words are mesmerizing.
He can be your knight in shining armor,
He can also make your heart flutter.

He is a half-hearted magician.
He can break hearts.
He can create nightmares.
He can curse your heart not to love again.

A bittersweet spell.
Estranged in summer rains'

       landscaped  dissolution

       evincing season's discontent

      neath sun's suffocating alienation;

used to rhyme with warmth

             and effulgent delectation,

   emotional realms fizzled in a

              heated  halfhearted sizzle

            of down-pour's restless manifestations
Blame it on the rain...
J M Surgent Dec 2014
What makes you feel better
Than long walks at night,
A lung's breath of cold air,
Inklings of dreams and aspirations
With a halfhearted plan to get there.
Le Lotus Oct 2014
Don't ask me for
things you don't appreciate,
And when I leave
don't beg me to come back.

— The End —