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_whenever it feels so tiring, when it seems the world is smashing down after a cloudburst, of course even through all the *******._

Let courage uphold. The ability to sustain negative effects is bravery. honesty and integrity, loyalty delivers from slavery.

When we can't get moving, we get growing.
ALEX Apr 2019
you were not the first,
        but my beating heart cloudburst.
you were not the one,
        but you still shined like the sun.
 maybe it's time to give it up,
        the last sip from my death cup.
yours is my hardest try
        and yours is my hardest cry.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
sky wears a shimmer,
as black clouds stop dance for now;
run up for cloudburst!
K Balachandran Aug 2017
showers set the tune,
torrents drum on the high roof;
cloud burst change the tack.
Robert C Howard Jul 2015
Two billion years ago
the river we call Colorado
opened a **** in the Kaibab Plateau

sculpting sandstone, granite, and limestone spectra
on the rugged canyon walls -
reflecting the seering Arizona sun.

Millennial torrents scoured the surface.
Juniper and Aspen, torn from the expanding banks,
****** into the river's red-stained vortex.

All the while the restless Colorado,
obedient to gravity's law,
scoured its bed a mile below the rim.
The last dinosaur perished - choked by volcanic soot.

Pangaea rumbled, groaned and split
and an eye-blink ago our African parents
stood to take their first faltering steps.

Their progeny crossed the Bering bridge
roaming south to build stone shelters
tucked against these canyon walls.

Did the Havasupai huddle in fright
of the jagged firelight searing the skies -
pounding the air across the hollows?

And emerging at storm’s end
did they gaze at the rainbow mist
spread over the buttes and valleys?

After dusk, with fires withering to embers,
did they rest supine,
heads pillowed on their arms,
pondering the jewel case universe above?

*November, 2006
Included in Unity Tree, published by Create Space available from in both book and Kindle formats.;=1447340098&sr;=8-1&keywords;=Unity+Tree
Tell yourself to breathe
as the stratosphere is falling,
imagining verses tumbling
midst downpours' dissension,
sans sentimentality's
         loquacious language,
and the land is left barren
    as verbosity disintegrates
and emotions wholly perish
    'neath fickle cloudbursts
               of poetry's extinction

— The End —