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La Girasol Feb 14
I hold an impossible mirror above my head, just out of reach.

The audience can't see it, only me.
They clap and laugh and grin while I do my routine.

Meanwhile something hangs overhead.

So I'll do the dance, I'll put on the show, I'll do what they want.

But I scream within,
for mirror shards are no fickle sin.

"More! More!" they chant.

So I hold up the mirror instead.

But they know no difference.
For the mirror,
is what they've always been fed.
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
Simple honesty,
Consistent transparency,
That is what you give me.
Everything happening so organically.
Clear as day
Sharper than a knife
Thiner than hay
Fields of grey
Sun rays,
Righteous day

Painful truths
Unavoidable decay
Black and white dismay
Broken, make way Make way
Hiding in lies
Abiding in the times
Make way, make way

Starlight shines white
Tonight the truth is bright
Realists fight
Make way, make way
Poorly chosen, alright
Fight, fight for the light
Dog Years Jul 2018
So tired, she thought it best
to wear her heart on her sleeves
and get things off her chest

Ignored a notion misconceived
that living like an open book
would only make her more naive

She said if they simply take another look
they'll see a clear transparency
and maybe, just maybe, let me off the hook
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
i am
a collection of
chaos and calmness
some may call it a mess
but what i see is depth
in the transparency
my soul has
Nimbus Mar 2018
Longing to escape his clutches
A subtle begging for aggressive touches

A breeze is building

Something soft
She sees the risk but wonders the cost

Constant hunger needs constant filling
This yearning insider her wont stop spilling

Torment lined with silver
A blooming darkness deep within her

A glint of light appears afar

Beauty and tragedy
A dying star

The wind is coming

She can feel my scars
A pain that can't be seen

Cracked lips fill with sensual screams

The freedom she seeks
Adaptive and flowing

The storm is here

The wind stops blowing
I can see her, despite her attempts to hide.
lib Dec 2017
too many people
have asked me
what's wrong

how transparent am i?

and so i lie again
saying everything's fine
with a counterfeit smile
and eyes begging
for a cure
a cure to a seemingly incurable disease
a disease i like to call

i don't know
how to respond
to what's wrong
when everything
seems like the
truest yet
most painful
teammates, friends, classmates, coaches, teachers.
what do they have in common? seemingly nothing, but each of them has asked me whats wrong lately. honestly, i'm not sure what's right.
Alberto Aug 2017
I had never seen eyes that were glaciers
The act upon you as those icy giants do
Slowly as it moves, you realize
Crept up on you, surrounding you
Leg trapped, it is a patient freeze
Consumes, crushes, kills
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