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Erin Riley May 19
Why have
I always
felt the need
to be someone
else’s property
when I was
planted on
this earth to
grow wild.
Austin Reed Mar 26
It’s lonesome
Watching life through pictures
Wishing you had a moment back
Longing for a new venture

It’s lonesome
Feeling the way you do
To shy to tell
Yearning for their touch

It’s lonesome
Sleeping in
For there’s no plans
Just your bed
A fractured silent state
where fear thrives amongst thieves.
Ignore your neighbour's knocking
and humanity's hum ultimately become louder.
What's duality's plea if transparency is key.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
La Girasol Feb 2019
I hold an impossible mirror above my head, just out of reach.

The audience can't see it, only me.
They clap and laugh and grin while I do my routine.

Meanwhile something hangs overhead.

So I'll do the dance, I'll put on the show, I'll do what they want.

But I scream within,
for mirror shards are no fickle sin.

"More! More!" they chant.

So I hold up the mirror instead.

But they know no difference.
For the mirror,
is what they've always been fed.
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
Simple honesty,
Consistent transparency,
That is what you give me.
Everything happening so organically.
Zachary G Nov 2018
Clear as day
Sharper than a knife
Thiner than hay
Fields of grey
Sun rays,
Righteous day

Painful truths
Unavoidable decay
Black and white dismay
Broken, make way Make way
Hiding in lies
Abiding in the times
Make way, make way

Starlight shines white
Tonight the truth is bright
Realists fight
Make way, make way
Poorly chosen, alright
Fight, fight for the light
Dog Years Jul 2018
So tired, she thought it best
to wear her heart on her sleeves
and get things off her chest

Ignored a notion misconceived
that living like an open book
would only make her more naive

She said if they simply take another look
they'll see a clear transparency
and maybe, just maybe, let me off the hook
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