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Let me lick your cinnamon freckles
and map them with my tongue.
If I could strip you of your body
I'd leave this feature, just this one.

Perhaps that might sound creepy,
I fetishize your spots.
But dear oh dear forgive me
I could gobble them right up.

If poetry must be pretty
I will take this moment to compare
them to stars, grains of sand- whatever
sends the shover back up your spine.

But these thoughts are not pretty
they are hungry
and your skin makes my mind
S A L I V A T E.
Andrew Layman Apr 22
The light from under your bedroom door
It bleeds golden streams
Spilling out onto the floor
Making a bridge of light

We're both connected.
You and me.

Your room is so close by.
Can I come in?
It's locked.
And I've tried knocking.

I can hear you crying through the door.
Is it me?
Why don't you let me in?
I can help you.

You have your secrets
I'll keep mine.

I'll come back later.

I'm back.
Compose yourself.

There's nothing to fear
It's only the house settling.

I'm only down the hallway

Getting closer now

The boards creak

I hear your heart beat faster

Don't be afraid

It's only me.

And I've always been here

Since the day you moved in

Waiting for someone like you

To share the house with me.
UNSETTLING, Copyright © 2020 Andrew Layman,
All Rights Reserved.
Simra Sadaf Jun 2018
your negligence
churns my lungs,
you were an uninvited
mess of malevolence,
how does one overcome
such unnerving experience?
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
My cap hides papers in its bill.
I find a new message each day.
They always give neat information.
How it knows these things I cannot say.

It told me why the stars twinkle.
It told me how most caps are sown.
Yesterday it told me you hate me.
So I guess I should leave you alone.

My thinking cap just informed me:
That you beat it, so it would die.
Why would you do that? I hate you too!
You can't fool me! My cap wouldn't lie!
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
They just keep gnawing on my bones
They're glassy eyed they look like drons
With a persistent chewing grinding away
It goes on all night and day
Teeth scraping on bone the sounds unnerving
They think my bones they are deserving
They just keep gnawing, and bitting through
But this is nothing very new
Teeth on bone, crunch crunch, crunch
Gnawing on me again for lunch
Your love is like skydiving,
   an unnerving thought,
breathless & intoxicating
  elevations beyond exhilarating,
  as it transforms life's panorama
    nothing seemed ever the same,
         after the thrill of the fall

— The End —