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Jason Feb 2021
See them
Not seein you
You don't see
You not seein
© 02/09/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
M E Ronan Jun 2020
No thoughts to make you real,
nails clenching on my notions,
screaming without ears to hear,
perception of memories put forward
creation of scenarios torn,
oh to stop,
make myself physical,
contained within today,
to look once more,
no reasons beyond context,
you had to create a somber scene,
unsteady emotions drive hasten movements,
reasoning occurring in my racing mind,
you sank deeper into my thoughts,
fragmented comments make fuller picture,
pensive minds adhere these.
rarae aves May 2020
How we see
what we see..
Nina Dec 2019
When i was young
My grandmother would always scold me
For wearing shorts
Or anything that's revealing my skin
She told me,
That there were demons who loves seeing girl's bareskin.
I was scared when i was little
But as i grew older
I learned that the demons
Were men with uncontrollable ****** urges
That take advantage of any girl they see

There's no such thing as demons
It is all human
William A Poppen Oct 2019
God is comfortable with diversity
God sees straight
As well as crooked
Black as well as blue

God recognizes
And appreciates each of us
Who walk on earth

Think of another world
Where judging others
Rules the day

What does it look like,
Look around you
It looks like today’s world

Might perceptions change
Where people see each others
With total wholeness
Respecting others
While dropping away
The compulsion
To categorize

Might perceptions change
Might people view others
With wide-eyes
Accepting crooked and straight
Black as well as blue
And become comfortable with diversity
*from Richard Rohr, Just This
copykitten Sep 2019
I know not enough words to weave you a beautiful story. The extraordinary sceneries, the overflowing emotions; I can describe neither. And you'd put me in a great deal of trouble and frustration if you ever ask me to describe life, for any words I speak will never equal to this – this undescribable journey. I long to tell you all the little things I notice everyday, how beautiful the scene outside my two by three window today. You, who constantly complain about the daily stresses you experience; I want you to notice the things I see. Why are you so blind to the lilies outside your window, brushing against it in an attempt to say hello? What about the sound of rain, have you never stopped to listen? You told everyone that you hated life, but don't you understand that life loves you, despite every insult you've ever thrown at her? If you ever ask me about life, I'll tell you so many more things. I'll be life's spokesperson, since you seem to be deaf to her cries. Perhaps you'll understand if I try to say these things out loud. But alas, I've never got a chance to do so, because you've never asked about life. But I suppose that one should ask my name first before one could ask about things like life.
chitragupta Mar 2019
Colour me in your mind
Am I vermillion red
or prussian blue?
Maybe a mix of the two?
Or just a hue
Of simple forest green
No wait, aquamarine
like an underwater scene
Deep and darkness within
Yet maybe you enjoy shades
that are bright
and they look so
under the sunlight
But true colours show
only under the grayest skies
to the most observant eyes
You only get to know a person truly when they are at their darkest moments.
Oh, happy Holi from a Norman Gortsby ;)
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