William A Poppen Dec 2016

It’s spring 
on the shore
near Isle of Palms
their toes dig deep 
in wet sand 

until shards of shells 
fashion a strip 
that challenges their soles
as they tiptoe forward

A faint-hearted rainbow
bridges sea to sky above 
while they walk 
along the wind blown shore

She sees the arch of colors as an omen 
that love fades
like the bronze backs of teenagers 
turn pale in autumn’s shadows

He regards the
vague glow
as a pristine promise
that their love will grow.

He attempts to link 
fingers as a sign of endearment.
She smiles, swings her hands in rhythm
and quickens her pace before him

Krystal Lèleck Nov 2016

Dot the i.
Cross the t.
If a bitch
Is what
I need
To be
A bitch
Is what
You’ll see.

People might blog about just about ANYTHING
They cultivate
A strange sense
Of Personal Freedom.
Of course,
Most Theologians would tell you
That we humans aren't really in complete CONTROL
Of our Fate.
This is why the famous Serenity Prayer states:
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."
One recent Tumblr Blog I saw
Looks as if it emerged
From a "Red Light District".
I don't think I would really like to go there.
It looks like a World of Samsara to me.
Taking a virtual tour is okay.
Different Drives
Motivate different people.
If one looks at a Blog on a Red Light District,
It's obviously that people there aren't motivated
Strictly by money
Or even sex.
A Red Light District has a certain type of SUBCULTURE.
Some people are more comfortable there
Than anywhere else,
And there is a certain Artistic Aesthetic to it,
Whether one cares for that Artistic Aesthetic or not.
Depends on how one perceives things,
I suppose?

solEmn oaSis Jan 2016

" Hear ye, hea..

but, wait a second!

What is this hear say
that there is no forever

Don't they really know
it does really exist
how about you? Yes you!

you who's reading this one moment in time,
what is your stand?
or maybe can we just sit
and talk awhile  this precious one

let me put it this way
for instance, you are the smart sender
and i am the silent receiver
do you think that whatever you say
i am about to ignore or pick it up as an essay

If there is a lie in the
middle of the word believe.
Just like lovers often do, they've gone
to broke-up because there is an over
at the rear of the word lover.
even those friends with best of reminiscence...

became unwanted all of sudden
where is now their companion?
Sadly, they had been finished
because the word friend has its end!
Now i will tell you something
it was started with one thing
not just anything but everything...

can't really last forever, yes there is nothing!
Yet in every rule there is an exemption
just like the natural law, 24 hours a day
night  changes into a morning glory
full moon into a quarter moon
from a star unto falling star
the spark having a kindling
from translucent to transparent

from sunrise to sunset
for what comes up must come down
being temporary to permanent
from permanent to change
and when the cold and darkness are absent
then the said "light and heat"
are the sanctuary and the existence of forever
So the word FOREVER it self do change
No hint just like our life span!

Never can tell by anyone and couldn't be scan
those unpredictable infinities and beyond.
that was the existence of forever would be!
And so i shouldn't be over.
but i must end the lie that there is no forever
in fact, i would like to be apart of you!
You that i consider like my wind blows
Wind blows changing hues
Hues delighting our feelings
Feelings saying that we have the same bloods
Bloods overflowing into the root word of so called families
Family that no matter what happens it has... i, l, y,
i, l, y, which means i love you, yes i do!
Yes i do! but if you don't,, let me continue my disjointed introduction
" Hear ye, Hear ye! viva forever!!, viva forever!!! "

forever (10w)
Changes are the living proofs of the existence of forever!

With each day you simply strived to be the best version of you,
There was always someone waiting to suggest an upgrade to something or someone you clearly weren't...
Constantly seeking to find a better you that would accommodate those that were overwhelmed by an inferiority complex,
Each time they so much as breathed the same air as you.
The modifications that lead you to feel like you're not even half the greatness that you continue to exhibit,
Simply because you were never "a perfect fit" to the puzzle they had tried to piece together...

Broken souls have a tendency of breaking those of others,
Leading them into the deception that they know best how to mend the pieces you seem to be lacking in their eyes...
But it is only through their eyes that you seem that way,
So why would you want to alter anything about yourself because of a visual you cannot even capture with your own lens?

Part 1 of the story that shall be unfolded by 'time'...

There is a beauty in everyone
that is usually altered
by the brush
that society usually
chooses to
paint them with.

Harmony Nov 2015

Speak up is what poets do
Speed up attention  
To a matter of Concern
With all honesty

Unknown ears open
To reflect in accord
Along with the poet
On atrocities weighing down
On a human heart

Poet is restless until
All perceptions are penned
Only to feel empty and alone
With his own thoughts

Solitude fills the cup
Of the parched Sonnetist
Once again to compose
Percetptions of his mind

Speak up is what poets do
Speed up attention  
To a matter of Concern
With all honesty

Unknown ears open
To reflect in accord
Along with the poet
of atrocities weighing down
on a human heart

ALJones Jul 2015

Mindless texts
Posts ending with emojis and hashtags
Billions of words randomly tweeted out
Ideas and conceptions
Time and space attaching themselves to certain perceptions
Relevancy belongs to truth being spoken through reality and fantasy

Amitav Radiance Jun 2015

We have complicated the meaning of simplicity

poetessa diabolica Jun 2015

Conjugated amid liberated duality,
     surreptitious catharsis of
        poetic revelations' flip side,
          the underbelly of sentience
  potentially validating perceptions'
          indefinitely extended,
figuratively speaking beyond
      literally unleashed metaphors
             play it backwards, if you dare

daed si luaP  ;)
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