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CMXIClement May 2020
I am a piece of paper.

I have been cut down, and put through a mill.

I have been tossed by the winds, yet tethered to every word written upon me.

Words written in black ink, spelling in all capitals that I'm useless, and unlovable.  That I am in the way, and that when I am out of the way I am forgotten.

Words written in blood, saying that I have no reason to go on. I will never be accepted; that I am not enough.  

Words written in invisible ink saying that I will never be seen.

My paragraphs are blotted out, crossed through and rearranged by careless editors.

My crisp texture, and white color gives way to muddy boot prints.

I am rife with tears and crinkles at the hands of careless of writers.

I have been cut down, and put through a mill.

The truth is though...

I am a piece of paper.

I have many uses.

I can be your origami, a love note, or an airplane.

I can be an interesting article, or a beautiful story.

There, among the chicken-scratch and scar tissue, I have room to write my own words.

With caret marks I correct every word I
ever let define me.

My story isn't written on me.  The changes made to the words written on me are my story.

One thing this piece of paper has learned, is that you should never give people the power to write in
permanent maker what should only be written in pencil.

And you cannot control the whipping wind you whirl in, but you can be a page worth a second look.

We are all worth a revision.
Kada Oct 2018
Break downs happen before a break through.

There's always a rainbow after a rainy day!<3
Eleanor Sinclair Aug 2018
In moments of weakness I’m like a hermit

In moments of strength the lion emerges
xmxrgxncy May 2017
You flatter yourself by thinking those harsh words were about you.
You don't mean enough to me for me to set aside time to write about you, let alone think about you.
D L Smith Nov 2016
Hold your breath.

Count to Ten.

When you've done it.

Take it all in.

There is more to this.

More to your world and my own.

There is a beautiful sky.

Even though the clouds hang low.

With every death there is life.

With every sadness there is joy.

Just take a breath.

Feel everything around you.

Its purpose, your purpose.

Everything has a sliver of goodness.

A taste of what better days will bring.

Close your eyes, count to ten, time to get up, your day begins.

D. L. Smith 11/15/2016
Airisgone Jul 2015
I am not an actress worthy of the screen,
I am but a normal human.
And I know,
I too am mortal

My pain, and sadness you refuse to understand
So, I pretend.
I smile, laugh and it kills me
You who fail to understand me

They tell me to try
And I do,
yet every time when all is going well
You look at me with eyes of disgust

Shame me if you must
Shame me if you will
But know one thing
I will eventually move on

You will not be my chains
I refuse you to be what holds me down
I will cast you away from me
My dear depression
I will win over you.
That is my will
Ensnared in
the crystallization
   of  web's
intimidating deception,
superficial spider
met its
duplicitous match,
whence the improvised
contortionist morphed
         forth from its chrysalis,
              spun midst grandeur
               in triumphant
                            survival of flight's
                                       sheer inception
Ivy Rose Mar 2014
I missed the taste of you.
And the way your lips pressed to mine so lovingly and filled to the brim with affection.

I missed the way you watched my movements.
As if I was a rare animal in the wild, which both fascinated and inspired you.

I missed the way your hands felt.
And the way they curled into mine, fitting as if they were destined to be there.

I missed the way you made me laugh.
The most honest smiles I have ever made were in your presence.

And I knew we'd make it.

My perfect constellation.
My greatest adventure.

My love.

And even in the midst of those who say "NO" and "NEVER", we find ourselves surrounded by love and determination. A little home built for our hearts. And a triumph like no other.

(i. r)

— The End —