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Creator Sun Sep 22
If you're reading this,
Which you shouldn't be,
I just wanted to say,
You don't need me.

You don't need me.
I don't need to be here.
I'll just drag you down,
With my flaws and I-
I'll cause you to drown.

In loneliness.
With me.
I don't want you to suffer.
I don't want to suffer.
With you.

Is it normal to feel like
Someone else's shadow?
Is it normal to feel like a ghost
An ethereal spirit, disconnected.

I'm lost.
At a loss of words,
lost in this game called life.
And I don't even know why
I'm pulling out this knife.

To hurt myself.
Ghosts can't bleed, can they?
Ghosts don't feel, do they?
Ghosts shouldn't matter, should they?
I'm not making sense, am I?
A continuation of the previous poem, I'm not sure if I like this. It turned out different then expected. Oh well.
Joseph Rice Sep 19
Torrential downpours of raw
Regret swirls with loss into
Whirlpools of rage, desire, and hopelessness.

Smiles guile miles between isles
of disconnected people.
Eyes see ******* butts ***** and big *****….
Missing hearts….
Missing the empty arms of long alone longing.
Reasons and reasons, seasons and seasons.
The flow continues and we cannot stop for what's missed.
Wrote this on a rainy day.
Hollow Steve Sep 5
depise m3.
Always clinging onto
It wasn't my fault.
The stresses stresses on
And nothing like it
Could ever begone.
It tears me.
You ever rip apart
The flesh of metaphoric
Ofcourse not.
It belongs subjective.
Parallel and defiant.  
It belongs to no one.
This continues onward.
It discontinues.
asha Aug 27
my hands tingle.
these hands don’t feel mine.
they don’t look like mine.
they resemble that of some scary witch,
nails long & sharp.
they don’t look mine.
this is not my skin.
my skin is lighter,
my skin is frail.
whos body is this?
how did i get trapped here.
i see myself in the mirror,
& i don’t recognize this girl staring back at me,
with such deep, dark, yet hollow eyes.
a doll, vacant but beautiful.
not what i would call beautiful…
but i guess she’s alright.
i feel sorry for her,
so empty.
i want to reach out & hold her,
tell her she will be alright.
as if she can hear me,
her eyes well silently
& tears drip slowly.
but still, that empty stare…
where have you gone?
i hear music playing,
but the sound is blurry
& the shapes around her are mumbled.
my arms feel weak,
as if i can’t lift them.
my eyelids are heavy,
as if i can’t keep them open.
where am i?
who am i?
is that vacant girl me?
that can’t be,
it can’t be….
Lil Moon Moon Jul 26
There's this heavy feeling,
An unbearable lightness of being,
Like I'm mindlessly floating,
With no sense of belonging.

The world moves and changes,
And I'm left behind to wander for ages,
The memories mock and jests,
What once was makes me wish time regress.

I tried to hold on and belong,
But my connections don't last long,
I know I've done nothing wrong,
Still they left and didn't bring me along.

Now there's dread that lurks at bay,
And so I easily float away,
But for once, I wish I could stay,
God, I don't wanna stay this way.

So I'm just a drifter drifting,
Never staying, always searching.
Don't mind me, keep on living,
You'll forget me in the morning.

I'm just a drifter drifting,
Never staying, always searching,
But God I'm worn and tired of just surviving,
For once, I wanna try living.

I'm just a drifter drifting,
Never fitting, always lacking,
Please someone see me in passing,
Hold me there and say, just for once,

Come and Stay...
Alexis Jan 4
gathered  t o  g e  t h e r
don’t you feel the  c o n   n e c t  i o   n?
side by side so  c l   o s  e
close in proximity but not so much else these days
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
Today I cried. I stood still for a moment too long. And with my breaking point knocking, heavy on my door. I laid my heavy body down. Sunk deep into the ground. And here is the thing. Tomorrow, when the moon of yesterday is done watching over, after she has sung me to sleep with the lullabies I find it her moonshine, I will wake up. Stand, with a little less pressure on my shoulders. I cried out the hurt and endless wonders, released the tension in my body.

Today I cried. And here is the thing. I am always just waiting, tick tock, I am waiting. For my friend, my breaking point, to come knocking once more. Tapping on my bedroom window. Standing over me. Making my breath come shallow, blurring vision and losing color, softly squeezing my heart until I am nothing. I am smothered. Until her shadow, drowns my sorrow and the tears come flooding. And I find comfort in the darkness. Lonely sometimes brings such comfort. Misery a feeling I wish to wallow in.

Today I cried. And here is the thing. I will smile. Joke around, my friend came by last night, we just had a long talk. I simply am tired. I am not vulnerable.

And here is the thing. This is a never ending cycle. And somedays, with salt sticking to my cheeks, body disconnected from the world, I don't mind this feeling. I simply feel tired.
Alexis Sep 2018
i’m watching me be here
just be; floating
i’m watching me watching
and i feel nothing

my body is cold
but my head is hot
melting my brain
pouring through my mossy eyes

what am i doing here
she doesn’t look like me
a carcass brimful
nothing of mine

divided mind from body
frozen in blurry vision
a universe away
i mourn for peace
i wrote this in my statistics class while i was dissociating during a panic attack.
Thom Jamieson Jul 2018
"Over here"...
but nothing.
The scene continues
unabated by my presence.
Plastic smiles and lustful eyes
bountiful but not for me..never me.
In the mirror' s unforgiving gaze
I am unrecognizable
Replaced with a crude rendering
of my previous likeness
fashioned by children
with lumpy imperfect clay.
Silence replaces loving laughter
that used to follow my witty banter.
Silence and stares.  Sympathetic stares
tinged with smugness and fear.
"Over here...over here..."
still nothing.
I recently received a message from a composer named joe drzewiecki who was interested in putting this poem to music.  Here are the results.  I didnt know my words could sound so good. Thank you joe drzewiecki, I am flattered.
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