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rgz Apr 28
It was the realest thing I ever felt.
Now I'm awake
Cheers to my fellow poets
The truer voices battling the diseases
that plague society
Creating false personalities
They aim to create
An end to the system and the ones who started such
where hope and true love's movement ceases
The breath and life back into the victims
of the fear and the dread
That causes the jealous and greedy
To warrant punishment to cut of
Creativities' head.
The Kings of the "Secret order"
Sit proudly
Upon their thrones
It will not be long
Until these dominoes fall
So shall their "castle of cards"
Grave yards full
Of those they have chosen as "their fallen"
Returning "targeted Carma"
Eating their faked and "Plastic" altered flesh
To their barren and true soul's bones.
Once again I'll see you
Staring deep in my eyes
Telling me to love myself,
To Speak myself.

Once again I'll fight
All the haters
That curse at you.

Once again I'll be the
Voice cheering for you.

Once again I'll be
One of those thousand
Hearts that beat for you.

And once again
You'll not know
Who I am.
You don't know me, but i do

I'm a fangirl
Sumairu Mar 30
Hello Jim, what woes and sorrows will you drown today. I cheer to your listening ear, for my problems are many and my words are slurred and winded, but my ol' friend you are long-suffering .

Nevertheless, I know my secrets will be washed away in your alcoholic oceans of the forgotten thoughts, and all will be well when I succumb to a foolish stupor and stumble where I trek.

Cheers to you, allowing me to see my reflection when I deplete you. A constant memento of what a good comrade you have been through and through.
Raise your whiskey glass
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने उसको क्या पता —२
सराबका जलानेका अदा उसको क्या पता
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने उसको क्या  पता
मेहखाना हे ए मेहखाना —२

प्यासेको मेहखानेका दिसा कोइ न बताए
लहेरे पारसे  चाँद दिखा उसको न बताए  
अधेरो बाद साम हुइ  उसको कोइ न बताए
महेखाना हे ए महेखाना —२

पिनेका मजा आकर मुझसे  न पुछो
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा मुझसे न पुछो
कहनेको क्या हे बाकी, अब तुुमभी कुछ कहो
महेखानेमे गिरनेका मजा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखाना हे ए  महेखाना —२
टक्राकर पिनेका आलम, आगया नसा —२
लर खराते घुमनेका सुरु हो  रहा  सिलसिला
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने  उसको क्या पत्ता
सराबका जलानेका अदा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखानेमे गीरनेका मजा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखाना हे ए  महेखाना —३
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Intoxication
Max Mar 1
Are we long overdue?

Because no more do I see any potential in you...
Get swifty
In every get together
We recall, the old us

Some start with cheers
Some light, the fire
Some signal, the same old
Secret gestures
Some try, the nostalgic
Old familiar rhyme
Some tell account
Of their gray hair
And how wrinkles
Change with time
Some find a good reason
To smile

Some smile in support
Memories of
Once upon a time
Genre: Observational
Theme: Colleague || Get Together
katryna Oct 2018
Sounds and Headbang.

How can we stop the time?

stella and blue moon this time.
mixed in one glass.




that's all I need.
that's all you want.

that's all I need,
you is all I need.

How can I stop them?
You’re officemates,
You’re soon to be so-called "wife"

How can I keep you from them?

This is all we had,
Saguijo is our crib,
our enchanting place for a couple of hours.

your hand,
slide to mine.

your lips touch mine,
we walk on the street as we own it
we talk under the moon,
waiting for the sun to rise and shine.

but it never happen,
you just escort me to our last stop,

bid your last goodbye.
your last kiss for this week.

wishing for the next round,
next, "see you"
next back to routine,

from ex-lover to mistress but wait.

no *** this time.


to the so-called wife.
Tyler Smiley Sep 2018
Pieces of myself that I gave away
came back to me shattered
in every which way.

Something is changing and
I don’t know what,
but I don’t feel the same.

So many thoughts I’ve never said,
I’m beyond tired of holding my breath.
The things I’ve been feeling deep within,
I don’t ever want to feel again.

The water is rising in my lungs,
and I am drowning from the inside out.
I can’t ever seem to find solid ground
but I always make sure to keep kicking,

constantly searching for the coast.
So pour a glass, make a toast.
Because here’s to recovery,
the thing I’ve searched for the most.
Dev Aug 2018
Here's to you, Here's to me
May us all drink two, maybe three

Here's to beer, Here's to wine
Long as your here, we should all be fine
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