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Viji Vishwanath May 2021
Love sleep
That helps to forget all pain..

Sleep heals
That teaches to go forward
                        and move on...

Love heals
  That make us live again..

Heal gives peace
  That balances all emotions...

Emotional heal
That gives courage to rise again..
A cheerful smile,
         maintains a happy life;
       That bounce back all cheers....

A balancing sleep,
      That balances ups and downs of You..
Sleep balances ups and downs of you.
Sydney Nov 2020
Cheers to the love we're holding
Cheers to everlasting love
Cheers to the new generation
Cheers to a new day
Cheers to new friends
Cheers to our children
Cheers to old friends
Cheers to the dead ones
Cheers to the angels
Cheers to the demons
Cheers to the sun and moon
And cheers for you and me.
Cheers, my friend
colette alexia Jun 2020
Here's to you potential and all of your prospects
The future you don't want me to be a part of
It's a lot harder
Getting started
I'm letting go of so much more than you it seems
Letting go of a million possibilities
The dreams I had for you and me
Lu Wilson Jun 2020
Thursday you've finally arrived
Work is over and I'm ready to imbibe

You've become my favorite day of week
Most of my jobs done and giving Saturday a wink

Late enough in the week to relax a little more
While Friday's shadow lurks closely under the door

Early enough to fantasize about Sunday
Yet still so far away from Monday

Pour me a glass, or two or three
Unplug my brain and help me let it be

Since I only have one more day of work
Will one more hour really hurt?

So sweet Thursday you may not be part of the weekend
But since the quarantine, it's upon you I've come to depend
Cheers to Thursday - the under rated day of the week
Maunas Mehta Jan 2020
From many years
Thier was cheers,
You become one of Us,
We know its was hard to Adjust ,
Your sparkly eyes have inspired many lives
That voice that makes us rejoice,
You Forgave, when we misbehave,
You cared when We were scared,
Protected when, We least expected
We are all blank, As how to thank....
Oh Swami Bapa our eyes are leaking
As we are speaking,
As all we have is Love...
We Love you Swami Bapa, Love you very much.
George Krokos Nov 2019
I listen to the wind
as it blows past my ears
to sense that it whispers
from afar some new cheers
that I've been expecting
for a while to receive
and to tell me plainly
without words to deceive,

I humbly bow my head
in a true spirit of
gratitude which conveys
a deep feeling of love
for the One who does seem
to be always close by
no matter where we be
dissolving fears that try.

I somehow know that all
will be well at the end
of one's life journey which
has been lived to contend
with those things that decry
people's efforts to live
honestly by the truth
and are able to give.

I consider the past
that we have all been through
and has brought us here now
for the present time view
which leads to the future
showing us many paths
we cannot all follow
but have their aftermaths.

I look inside my mind
at the darkness to see
the light of my spirit
that comes at times to me
recognising the state
of my soul reflecting
on the outer life lived
but which needs directing.

I am very grateful
to the unseen power
that is a source of help
in hard times to shower
benevolence and grace
when futility reigns
and hopelessness is what
for some life here pertains.

I embrace all of life
with the wonders it has
and ours for the seeking
though they must be seen as
belonging to us all
without attachment to
a selfish attitude
when they're found by a few.
Written late in 2018.
Cheers to my fellow poets
The truer voices battling the diseases
that plague society
Creating false personalities
They aim to create
An end to the system and the ones who started such
where hope and true love's movement ceases
The breath and life back into the victims
of the fear and the dread
That causes the jealous and greedy
To warrant punishment to cut of
Creativities' head.
The Kings of the "Secret order"
Sit proudly
Upon their thrones
It will not be long
Until these dominoes fall
So shall their "castle of cards"
Grave yards full
Of those they have chosen as "their fallen"
Returning "targeted Carma"
Eating their faked and "Plastic" altered flesh
To their barren and true soul's bones.
LN Apr 2019
Once again I'll see you
Staring deep in my eyes
Telling me to love myself,
To Speak myself.

Once again I'll fight
All the haters
That curse at you.

Once again I'll be the
Voice cheering for you.

Once again I'll be
One of those thousand
Hearts that beat for you.

And once again
You'll not know
Who I am.
You don't know me, but i do

I'm a fangirl
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने उसको क्या पता —२
सराबका जलानेका अदा उसको क्या पता
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने उसको क्या  पता
मेहखाना हे ए मेहखाना —२

प्यासेको मेहखानेका दिसा कोइ न बताए
लहेरे पारसे  चाँद दिखा उसको न बताए  
अधेरो बाद साम हुइ  उसको कोइ न बताए
महेखाना हे ए महेखाना —२

पिनेका मजा आकर मुझसे  न पुछो
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा मुझसे न पुछो
कहनेको क्या हे बाकी, अब तुुमभी कुछ कहो
महेखानेमे गिरनेका मजा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखाना हे ए  महेखाना —२
टक्राकर पिनेका आलम, आगया नसा —२
लर खराते घुमनेका सुरु हो  रहा  सिलसिला
पानीमे भिगनेका मजा जाने  उसको क्या पत्ता
सराबका जलानेका अदा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखानेमे गीरनेका मजा उसको क्या पत्ता
महेखाना हे ए  महेखाना —३
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: Intoxication
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