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Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
day in, day out,
all the same
playing games

sometimes I look
at these **** walls
and in a way,
I hope they fall

but then I take
a look outside
and it just makes me
wanna cry

it's so **** cold
I'd freeze to death
so here I sit
and waste my breath

I feel so useless,
so **** lazy
I can't get out
i'm going crazy
I look outside
pray for relief
but the weatherman
says "wait a week"

but it has been
a couple days
don't think I can
go on this way

I have to break out
from my mind
or I won't make it to tonight
everyone and everything is getting to me, and I don't want to do ****. Just wanna hibernate, but my stupid, scumbag brain won't let me sleep
I carry Aberystwyth
in the threads of my coat,
in the scuffs on my boots;
the sea salt, sand swept
into the fibres.

And now I stand here
in Jardin du Luxembourg,
thinking about the bench
by the well,

I sat on looking out to sea,
watching the starlings dance,
while considering the possibility
of perhaps, one-day, maybe
living in Paris.
Written March 2017.
Ram B Dec 2015
a flame sparks
fuses into lavender
beauty diffuses
smoke, scent,
Freedom, joy, love
earth, wind
but lavender.
Estranged in summer rains'

       landscaped  dissolution

       evincing season's discontent

      neath sun's suffocating alienation;

used to rhyme with warmth

             and effulgent delectation,

   emotional realms fizzled in a

              heated  halfhearted sizzle

            of down-pour's restless manifestations
Blame it on the rain...
RoKu Jun 2013
Who can stay away from the Ultimate energy
If he is always surrounding life like air
He is the continuous "positive happenings" that molding
our paths...
Who can stay away from him
If the light as one of his manifestations
never forgets and gives up to brighten the morning...
Calling every creature
to celebrate the new beginning...

My soul said:
"I will definitely give up my thoughts about the magic wand..."
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
Before you
or feel

think about it
for yourself,
make sure it's real.

Because nine times of out ten, chances are you'll catch your mind
in a game of pretend. The only difference is there's no fun in the end.
Just a lonely game for one, *so why begin?
Your mind plays tricks on you

— The End —