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This sleep has sunk to catacombs
Where dreams are dreaming of themselves,
And where they slump to deeper shelves
A dim and voiceless banshee roams.  
Interlopers jostle memory,
And pressing on his signet ring,
Take on the seal of realer things.  
Truth’s rejected for hyperbole.  
Delusions stack in strata, drowned,
Lives never lived, in parallel,
That puzzle sleepers who can’t tell
Where waking lies, so lies confound.
Kyle Jun 27
Refuge from loneliness.
Thought it was love,
But that was just kindness.
I should not have hoped,
To have those delusions.
I should not have confessed,
And just kept it as a lonely love.
Aryan Notani Apr 30
Delusions, Delusions, Delusions...

An exotic perfume out of her fleshy lips
Glistening teeth with a slight fringe of light yellow
Hair messy but perfectly done
Eyes, a bit far off but as true as the moon
The smile as beautiful as a rose in a thousand nettles.

The greatest treasure for mankind is a perfect soulmate and nothing else...
NAL Jan 22
Paranoia runs through my veins everywhere I go.
I don't feel alone when I'm at home alone;
I feel watched and stalked as I roam the streets alone;
I constantly feel dread and think of the worst,
you can tell me your loyalty to me but I'll question your words.
You can reassure me and occupy me,
but I'll always come back to how I was-
plagued by the paranoia of the unknown.
Calla Fuqua Dec 2020
I wish my tactile hallucinations would give me a massage,
A warm hug from my non-existent mother,
A kiss from my long distance boyfriend.

A twisted fairytale

My hallucinations
They know what I fear most
And they want me to be afraid
They feed off my terror
They get off on my sick brain
They know what torments me.
Arachnophobia’s favorite game to play
The spiders
Come out of
My skin
They’ve been waiting patiently
When I’m most vulnerable
When I’m isolated
When I’m helpless

I wish my tactile hallucinations would
**** me
I am not actually suicidal
Leah Carr Nov 2020
The fear tore at my insides
Like the merciless storm raging outside
The truth sank in
Like the knife soon to pierce my chest
They were coming
I stood at death's door
But no longer by choice
Three people
Who I thought were my friends
Stood behind me
They've tied my hands
They've injured me
I don't want to die
But I can't fight them anymore
I'm powerless
It's over.
This is a poem I wrote a few months ago when I was very mentally unwell and completely believed that my friends and family were going to **** me. It doesn't even begin to describe the pain and terror I was going through at that time.
Kerli Tulva Sep 2020
You plant the seed
of a light delusion
you plan to read
to make conclusions.

The seed is growing
you water the plant
delusions are bowing
in tortured mind's enchant.

Day by day they grow
strengthen their grip
you go along the flow
of delusion's craftsmanship.
Zoe Rain Sep 2020
Dawn breaks open new revelations like geodes in my mind
and they sparkle with amazement at this previously unearthed way of thinking
deep seated in deep caves of thought processes
unchanged over a lifetime
I finally found the light
and it’s funny that I was the one hiding it all this time
back seat divers
breathing second hand oxygen
delirious from the fumes
one can only assume
cade Sep 2020
i am supposed to bow
and close my eyes

whene he calls for me
i am meant to hand over my body

when the delusions come
i am to give him my hands
and let him use my lips
he controls my arms
and put puppet strings on my hips

when he rests
in his cave deep inside me
i am writing his stories
and has come before
and what comes after me
it is my job

the child of prophecy
Kashish Aug 2020
Bleeding in pain from the inside
Scintillating in bliss from the outside
What weird way of living this is?
When will I come out of this abyss?
Come out and stare back into it
By being authentic and not a hypocrite.
When will I step out of delusions of deity?
Love thyself, and not abide by crippling anxiety.
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