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Zell Apr 4
Fingers to wipe the tears
Flowing from my river of fears,
A warmth of a tight embrace
As i struggle to win this race.

I long for a single soul
To help me cover each hole
That constantly drained me
Til i could no longer be

I haven't seen a hint of light
Not even a rescue in sight
The pain struck like a dagger
That i've even forgotten anger 

I beg for someone to hear
Someone brave to come near
To see what is within
Buried in this devilish skin

I wish someone could understand
How i got this bloodstained hand
I wish someone would dare
To clean my wounds with care

A single voice to speak,
A gentle touch of a hand,
Ears ready to listen,
A heart to weep with me.
© 2019 D.A. Barreras
Seanathon Apr 3
I knew that I was not a bird
I knew it when I fell and I
A wingless thing
An ageless life
Angelless on this ended line
Known to me no bird was I
Long before I couldn't fly
Flightless Sentiments
Eloisa Feb 8
Words float inside my head
as I drift deep in an endless pass
Emotions flow in melodic waves
as I plunge into a lyrical sea
Paper soaked in sentiments
And troubled thoughts swamped my page
Misery surges and I’m submerged
I’m drowning!
I’m drowning!
IncholPoem Jan 11
  may   hurt  your
dreamy   sentiments.

For  that why
  you   not  close  yourself.

Just  for an

Some  body  may

                  follow    on  social
                   to   blame  your

For that  why  not
you  should  try
to  bloc  that  person.
Sovit Pokhrel Dec 2018
If only i could, I would !
I wish !
I wish i could,
If i could,
I know i would,
If only,
You'd let me.

I wish i could,
Let you let me,
Make you feel the way i feel,
Hold you, caress you, and
Show you to the world,
The world, i want us to be.
If only !
You'd let me.

Every breathe, every moment,
And Everything that i own,
I'd give up !
I wish!
I wish i could,
be with you !
If only,
You'd let me.

Give you everything that you deserve,
Treat you like a queen,
If only i could,
If only !
You'd let me.

Love you with all i've got,
My soul, my mind, my heart.
If i could, I know i would !
if only,
You'd let me.
How i wish for that someone to enter through the door i've been holding for so long.
Yanamari Sep 2018
How high can I fly
Before I fall?

A question, from my lips
You'll never recall.
For in whatever you may call
My life
I had always been drowning
Every smile
Laced with misery
Every connection
Developed from my energy
Every word
Every word
Full of honesty

You know
The reason why
You see me there
And yet
I am always not there
Is because
With every interaction
That I make
There is nothing that is shared
Only held
And then abandoned.

How high can I fly
Before I fall?

The question is easily answered.
I am already drowning
Drowning in everywhere I am
And everywhere I am not.
The real question is,
How long
And when,
Til I land?
Maegan deme Sep 2018
I don't want to grow up in a Podunk hick-billy town,
but I don't want to be part of the white bread, corn cooking crowd.
I want to be respectable,
a spectacle.
someone that's out there, hiding in her dreams.
I don't want to generalize my sentiments.
but i don't want say i'm still free.
i don't want to stay on my rails,
but i don't want to make my own trails.
i want to be dependable,
all sensible.
recollectable from all of everyone's memory's
Glen Castillo Jul 2018
Saan ka man nananahan sa kasalukuyan
Nais ko sanang sabihin sa'yo
Na dito sa aking mundo ay lumuluha ang langit

Pahaba ang patak ng ulan
Na parang sinulid

At nangangarap na naman akong
Sana'y mga patak na lang tayo ng ulan
Aagos tayong magkasabay
At magka bigkis ang mga kamay

At nangangarap na naman akong
Sana'y makawala na tayo  dito
Sa magkabilang hangganan ng bahaghari

Pinapangarap mo rin kaya ako
D'yan sa iyong mundo?

© 2018 Glen Castillo
All Rights Reserved.
Alma gemela is a spanish word for ''soulmate''
Afia Jul 2018
A fierce growl shattered the vampire's coffin
The wood cracks and the monster is awake
Hurry! Dig a pit for the creature to hide
Burn it before the sunrise
Oh do not let the world encounter this chaos
No one should see the vile mien
of a ferocious blood ******* entity
That thrusts its teeth deep into the delicate skin
and schemes for barbaric damages.
The naive creature stands with utter dainty
A revolting smirk sleeps on its face
Pale skin and a bloodshot gaze
An evil snicker revealed the fangs
See how the eyes move with hostility
Like a venom injected in the name of brutality
Sharp nails and clenched fists
Searching for a throat to slit.
The air now breathes a vengeful sigh
Like a wild beast craves to die
Dark shadows lurk behind the curtains
Silent whispers yodel about a burden
The creature stone eyed, stares back
I breathe quietly under the horrid impact
It is coming my way
I can feel the intruding fear of a feeble prey in my veins
Finally, as if the monster made its mind
It opened the mouth in a solemn cry
A shrill voice so piercing, it shattered my facade
I fell on the ground like a broken glass
It was no monster or a Dracula that howled
Ah yes, my own reflection scared my soul
Years of self hate and agony prevailed
And I have been ******* on my veins in despair
My corrupt heart no longer beats
Darkness dwells in its core; so deep
Now watch the results of constant infight
I am nothing more than a mere parasite
A ray of sun touching me toes,
The toxic  memories fading with the tick tock
Once again, I repair my coffin
And slither into a sound slumber on the symphony
Of a robin.
There's a monster inside all of us and unconsciously some of us allow it to feed on our most sensitive emotions. Yes. It is painful.
Amanda Mar 2018
Unspoken words flow throughout my mind
Love I yearned to share but did not have the way
Sentiments swirling back and forth
I am haunted by things I did not say
You will regret the words you didn't say more than the ones you did
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