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Ikvaran kaur May 15
It's a substantial word,
Carrying so many emotions and sentiments within a person's soul.
If handled with care it can give wonders of the world,
But if handled carelessly it can destroy a person within all.
It is something that demands attention from both the sides,
In other words it asks effort from person for itself to satisfy.
It can drown a person in it without letting them know,
And can also destroy a person if taken out from this confined pond.
It is something that may confuse you people alot,
If it's bad it will never be good,
And if it's good it can be bad or good.
Now it's up to you as you know it's worth,
Don't let them drown you
And don't let them get away from you.
marga Mar 28
"everything happens for a reason"
is a line i'd rather not hear from now on.

reasons i wish i knew why,
what in my life it tries to imply.

i don't want to sit around and wonder,
what i could have done much better.
— here's to the things we wished we knew why it happened.
M e l l o Sep 2019
there are nights
like this
when i kept on
staring the cracks
at the ceiling
and wonder how
on earth
we keep
all the bullets
fired at us
just because
we love the
the trigger
I dont know why. I guess I'm not that bulletproofed. Potd. Sept. 23
M e l l o Sep 2019
someday these words
I write
can make up all those
bloodshot eyes
sleep nights
Sept. 13
M e l l o Sep 2019
my silent
no fear
M e l l o Aug 2019
I got the taste of what they called regret
I said as we walked around town
he was curious and asked me
What does it taste like then?
I think of you today.
M e l l o Aug 2019
down playing
is a game
I'm pretty sure
I'll be at
the first place
Been doing that for a long time.
Eloisa Jul 2019
Fragments of mem’ries
trapped inside this worry loop
distance cutting me
Though my heart’s still stitched with love
please mend my chaotic mind
Tattered sentiments
ripped from my bewildered soul
knitted  into words
Scraps of me to you I send
please untie my tangled thoughts
Zell Apr 2019
Fingers to wipe the tears
Flowing from my river of fears,
A warmth of a tight embrace
As i struggle to win this race.

I long for a single soul
To help me cover each hole
That constantly drained me
Til i could no longer be

I haven't seen a hint of light
Not even a rescue in sight
The pain struck like a dagger
That i've even forgotten anger 

I beg for someone to hear
Someone brave to come near
To see what is within
Buried in this devilish skin

I wish someone could understand
How i got this bloodstained hand
I wish someone would dare
To clean my wounds with care

A single voice to speak,
A gentle touch of a hand,
Ears ready to listen,
A heart to weep with me.
© 2019 D.A. Barreras
Seanathon Apr 2019
I knew that I was not a bird
I knew it when I fell and I
A wingless thing
An ageless life
Angelless on this ended line
Known to me no bird was I
Long before I couldn't fly
Flightless Sentiments
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