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Paul Butters Mar 4
You can’t beat that musical beat,
From tinkling triangles
To blaring horns.
A quick ditty
Or grand symphony.

Music can mould mountains,
Oceans and plains.
Make you feel any emotion
Or atmosphere.

When songs and poems marry,
Their offspring are awesome:
“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality…”
Mercury magic.

Those rhythms run like chugging trains.
They fight pitch battles
Within our brains.

Drums keep beating,
Guitars whine.
Ever repeating
All through time.

Chuck Berry with his rock and roll,
Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul.
Elvis truly was the King,
Want some crooning?
Play some Bing.

Beatles, Queen or Stones,
Who really cares?
Roll over Beethoven
Bach or Lennon
On your dancing squares.

I know that rap can give you the blues,
But there’s so much music
You’ve got plenty to choose.

Musical memories adorn our minds,
Warm associations
Of nostalgic times.

Paul Butters

© PB 4\3\2019. Last stanza added 6\3\19.
Let the band begin to play...
Francie Lynch Dec 2018
My use of personal pronouns
Puts me in my poem;
I can roll a rock with Sisyphus,
Be in a ceiling flame in Rome.

I can bring you back to life,
Sharing tales and tea;
Sitting there before my fire,
For all eternity.

I go marauding with Attila,
Walk with Neil Armstrong,
Fly high with Amelia,
Be a Beatle with my song.

My pronouns give me presence
In my lover's residence;
I'm just a specter she can't see;
A spirit roaming outside of me.

I can jot an I with you,
I could pen an our;
But that's just ink on my notebook,
Not as sweet as sour.

I can use my pronouns
To put you in my verse;
And then I lay my pen down,
I'm cursed, but none the worse.
You're just poetry to me.
"I, Me, Mine" is the title of a superb song by George Harrison.
Chris Dec 2018
Songs change as time goes by. People smile then begin to cry. But if songs change the life we live then surly there's more passion to give. I feel like I've lost my love, when more music lies just above. The music we seek hides in our dreams strewn together in too many seams. My love of music is my greatest vice and my only bit of life's advice. Music plows through our hearts, branching from a childish start. If music gives our lives such spice then why can't it always be so nice? The message left for you to keep is not one that's too deep, if you want music to flow then you must plant the seeds that grow. The artists we need will take the lead in life they'll jive but in death we'll cry.
Those I tagged are just the beginning of the many talented groups or individual that made music what it is now. Love it or hate it it's shaped us all in one way or another. This is my way of thanking those people for making me who I am.
Paperback writer.
Paperback writer.
Are you truely proud of all that prose ?
Perhaps you only produced it for the money
Exactly it was just to pay for the kids school
Reactivating the demands of publishers
Because they thought you’d something to say
And since then you have really struggled
Can that inspiration perpetuate day on day ?
Know now the block that many writers face.

Writing’s on’t wall my friend I’m bound to say
Read other writers work. Admits it is amazing
I read your latest book , it was ******* anyway.
Though you would utter “I am just a poet”
Even poets can hold a biased view today.
Rich rewards not guaranteed to be the way.
Written by Philip
November 6th 2018.
Paperback writers block. Publishers
Love love me do. (An Acrostic)
Love love me do.
Oh you know I love you.
Victory over reality you know
Ever faithful friend of my own

Love love me do.
Oh for Gods sake I love you.
Verbal pillow talk just ain’t enough.
Ever faithful friend of my God.

Me ? Well assume I am most God-fearing
Every book in the King James Bible read.

Dutifully I will love and revere my Darling wife
Oh if you please love me do.Without Condition
Written by Philip.
November 5th 2018.
Love Bible King James. Wife revere Beatles Lyrics
With a little help from my friends
With a little help from my friends
I may survive for for the rest of my life.  
This is the time that one reaches maturity
Having little or no chance of another love

As my last relationship was so very loving

Little did I expect to win that life lottery
It made my life so completely wonderful
To live with my sweet girl for full six years
Transforming my good life into a fantasy
Living and dreaming and planning the future
Every day treating it as it would be our last.

Happiness can vanish with the wind.
Ethereal Angels descended and took you away
Little notice was given it happens that way.
People are helpful and friends rally around

Friends love to repay the good deeds done
Reciprocate favours you’ve done in the past
Oh now with a little help from my good friends
My freezer is filled with choice foods o the day

Monthly cooking we do on a regular basis
Yet more help to set up a new poet office

Friends at the Surf club where I meet and chat
Relaxed by a pool n hot tub,I never did that
I get by with a little help from my friends
Even though I have all this. It’s just for show.
No I’d swap it tomorrow if it would bring to life
Darling how I miss you. I am lonely as ****.
So come back from heaven n look after ME.
Written by Philip.
November 5th 2018.
The sixth anniversary of meeting my wife.
I saw her standing there.
I saw her standing there.

She looked at me and I  Well I could then see
An Angel in the guise of a pure Madonna
Well that’s when I told her my wife she’d be

Having learned to live alone I was for her.
Every day for weeks I begged her to be free
Rich poetry I gave not taking no for an answer

So many weeks of calls she’s was wise see
The way I looked was way beyond compare
And she would never look at any another
Not since she saw me standing there.
Did I say that we lived many miles apart ?
I at the time had no place of fine abode
No rooms to call my own to impress her so
God knows , I must  to put my act together

The solution was a nice sea view apartment
Having made the nest she put me to the test
Empowering me to be her true n faithful lover
Reciting poetry I found my life it turned around
Each time I saw my darling standing there.
Written by Philip November 5th 2018.
A true story of how I met my wife Barbara
ethan gaskill Nov 2018
ask me why
i wanna be your man-
tell me why
eight days a week,
i need you
in my life.
she said she said
she's leaving home-
all you need is love,
i will
oh! darling
let it be...
sometimes someone else's words can express the thought better than your own. each of the twelve lines in this poem is a beatles song, in chronological order based on the albums they appear on. enjoy
moon child Oct 2018
So many little
Things have
New purpose
New meaning

Nothing's gonna change my world

But I might.
moon child Oct 2018
Jai guru deva om

The Universe
Has a funny way
Of bringing things
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