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tmartin Jun 2020
a heart:
i see i have made plenty of poets
but not so very good

a ****:
i see i have made plenty of poetry
but not so very good
tmartin May 2020
like a cat
i’m waiting for my owner
in my case, more gropes.
i am vain
i regularly conjure up poetry on my skin
do not give me yours.
i will recite every word to my last paper breath
so i can kid myself that paper is power.
my hands, are a canvas
canvas for anyone's ***** thoughts and ***** details
for if enough titles are painted on my body then perhaps
i will learn the complex trick
at trick of gaining depth.
and maybe the world will look as full.
as full and real as i
attest about it
read about it
dream about it
vision about it in books,
or dance with in music,
and maybe perhaps my edges will stop being ripped;
or my corners cut
or maybe my pages will not be burned and tossed aside.
sometimes, i am this tiny
sometimes, i am this entangled
sometimes, i am this bonded
vulnerable, and judged by many
but also sometimes i am full of wonder

but right now, i am this.

|  i am paper and no wonder i like words |
Excerpts from [Desperate Acts by tma_rtin]
tmartin May 2020
we laugh until we cry
and cry until we laugh.
we love until we break
and break until we Love.
we learn until we brag
and brag until we learn.
we fall until we fly
and fly until we fall.
we crawl until we walk
and walk till we crawl.

| life is a play and here we are |
tmartin Feb 2020
escape with yourself
your demons
and carry with- your gods
Excerpts from Pillows & Records “Memories of an old friend” by tma_rtin
Wes Noneya Feb 2017
Sweet slumbering, sublime surmise
Dreams one source of oblivion, a rendition of her submission
Imagined kisses taking her slowly, staring into those eyes
Fast asleep, breathing sweetly, lost in purgatory or perdition?

A tear falls in the night, forgotten and forlorn
A secret relic of sorrow and joy in simplistic form
Glorious, but gone, long before morn
A moment of clarity, you stir to say goodnight, I weather the storm

Of emotion, the joy and the tinge of pain
As another night fades away and denies
Your touch, the taste of us is sought but I shall not gain
A trap in the dream telling me lies

Daylight brings the flame of life
Mirror full of lost secrets and the end of yet another night
Of delight and desire, burning strife
Such is the dis-glamour of our union and desire, strong is the bite

Bitter but oh so sweet the broken
Trampled, mangled, torn asunder, it's a long road to tend
That angel who slumbers, still in rest, what rages unspoken...
Within' makes me shudder... but mine is to mend

Marks upon her heart and soul
Lingers long, heals slow
Heavy is the toll
Great the distance, greater the longing; dealing with all I don’t know

I could ramble on and on in poem and prose
****, seductive or tender and soft, the words I might find
Only the bottom of her heart and soul, knows
What limitless bounds, memories and pain that cling and bind

Fate and fortune to my will
That at journeys end "we" go beyond her history
Seeking all that we can, beauty beyond my measure, dreams to fulfill
For a moment or an eternity, oh that mystery

Lost in moments as I sit and reflect on the words, barely aware
Have I finished or simply begun
A prologue, composed at 14 after midnight’s kiss, sitting in my chair
Past, present, future - matters at hand; one by one

Line by line it takes form
I find function for each word, making a case
Nothing of the norm
Each word has it's place, like tender kisses on that lovely face

What words, what fate, what shall I do
I find myself working, crafting, smithin', my reason sound asleep
I wish I was lying next to you
If I lay my head upon that pillow, my soul might weep

In joy, watching the gentle rise of thy chest
Lying next to thee, how divine
Bodies, hearts and souls at rest
Words to open the story well, hints in each line

~Wes Noneya
Lay Me In Your Stead
Upon That Bed
Of Nails
On misty recalled mornings
  'pon a haze of vindication's wake
  you can still hear their whispers
    echoing through distressed treetops,
they were lovingly planted midst
         meadow's wildflower embrace
    gazing into the depths of surmise,
         planning their rendezvous to forever*

when her husband abruptly surprised them
      with a double blunderbuss shotgun blast,
            right between their cheating hearts

   ~ *if you listen intently, their spirits
               linger still amid bluff's bluster

— The End —